Pop music video analysis By M.Raja & Rezma


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Pop music video analysis By M.Raja & Rezma

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS ON POP Music Video: Let Me Love You Artist : NeYo Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crrOl0egI00
  2. 2. LINKS BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUALS The lyrics of „Let me love you‟ strongly indicate a romantic and sexual theme. These lyrics are then aided by visuals in order to allow the audience to have an in depth view on what NeYo wants his audience to interpret from his lyrics. For example at one point he sings “Let me love you” and the scene cuts to an erotic bed seen in which NeYo and a female are seen getting sexually intimate. The link between this particular lyric quote and visual are very straight forward to the point. NeYo is trying to show that he sexually desires the female he is singing about. So in this instance, NeYo interprets „love‟ to be sex. Lyric: „Until you learn‟ Action: points to ears Symbolism: she should listen to him
  3. 3. LINKS BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS when the DJ with a deck appears, the tempo of the song dramatically increases and an upbeat tempo is introduced to the music track. The scene becomes brighter with flashing lights and dancers are introduced. This gives a party feel and is entertaining to watch, especially to the targeted audience because this type of theme is common amongst teenagers
  4. 4. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS A common convention of Pop music is sexual behavior and romantic scenes. Because most pop music are about love and relationships, artists tend to emphasis their feelings by actually showing such sex/love scenes. In this instance, NeYo is making love, this also creates an image for himself, his fans will see him as a lover and the girls will be attracted to him. As this song is a generic hybrid of synthpop and Europop, there are some clear generic conventions of synthpop that are apparent in the music video. For example, synthpop is well known for having and electrical beat in which is usually formulated specifically for dance routines. In this music video there are numerous dance sequences in which NeYo is shown dancing to his song.
  5. 5. NOTION OF LOOKING AND VOYEURISM The top two pictures show voyeurism. NeYo is dancing with his reflection in the water. The other picture is of the camera looking at the girl. So through out the whole musical track, NeYo is shown to be constantly reflecting on himself. This may have been done to portray how he wants to come across as an artist, i.e. he always wants to improve his skills. Moreover, the girl may represent an ideology. She might be an object that every guy and especially NeYo is hoping to get, she may be also something of a dream or something that‟s too great, hence why she is wearing white and is walking on a vast beach. She looks back to tempt the male audience. The objectification of women in this video is very clear.. For example in shot 1, the chain around the female that is being pulled on by NeYo could be used to show that NeYo has dominance over the female. The chain also gives the impression of the female being owned by NeYo as it looks like the type of chain you would use on a pit bull when you are walking it – therefore the symbolism of this could be that NeYo wants to be able to control her sexually. (Nosh carry on ) The other picture of the women in seductive clothing in a provocative stance and NeYo sitting with his legs open gives the assumption that NeYo has the power.SHOT 1 SHOT 2
  6. 6. INTERTEXTUALITY One key intertextuality that is noticeable are the dance moves that NeYo uses. NeYo‟s dance moves are very similar in this particular music video. For example both have their feet extended outwards and both have similar hats on which they are both placing their hands on whilst dancing. Michael Jackson is well known for his epic dance moves and his high status in the music and dance industry. By using similar dance moves NeYo may be trying to symbolise that he is the next big thing and is high in his league in the music industry.Michael Jackson NeYo
  7. 7. By Rezma Jusna & Moshin Raja THE END