Nazim evaluation attract audience


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Nazim evaluation attract audience

  1. 1. How did youattract/addressyour audience?
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  3. 3. My two minute film opening is an urban, British social realism genre movieas it is similar to ‘Attack The Block’ which was released in 2011. Attack TheBlock is an urban genre movie that depicts the lively hood of teenagers inLondon. Moreover, the highest percentage of all the age groups was 48% in(15 to 24). This show that 48% of the audience are from 15-24.
  4. 4. How did you attract your audience?I have attracted my audience in many ways for examplethrough:• Dialogue•Costume• Music• Similar lifestyles of other Movies e.g. Kidulthood, Attackthe block• Story Line• Urban area setting
  5. 5. Dialogue of the characters Dialogue is important in all movies. Our Target audience is teenagers and young adults from 15-24 living in London, we chose an appropriate language for these age groups, as this movie is based in East London and is an Urban/British social realism Genre, The Dialogue used by characters is slang. The Dialogue style attracts the audience as most young people within East London speak this way. In reality, teenagers want to watch something that is similar to their lifestyles, and by speaking ‘slang’ it makes the movie look realistic, and makes them feel like the film is real and this engages the audience.
  6. 6. Young teenagers can relate to slang and I have used slang in my film openingthrough Raihan (actor). Raihan speaks to his friends when they come to pick himup from prison. This may attract my audience in watching this film as one of theReasons I went to watch ‘Anuvahood’ in the cinemas is because they have slangwords and portray the British youth culture. I was interested in this type of filmbecause I, as a youth living in London can relates to this type of movie.
  7. 7. Costume of the charactersThe clothing that is worn by the actors in ‘Wide Awake’ is street wear generallyworn by the average teenagers living in East London, you can identify what anteenager wears and the clothing and understand the ideology underpinning thetext. For example, Raihan wears tracksuit and a hoody which signifies that he is aStreet boy and hangs around the streets, and another character is Moshin whowears a suit which is Mysterious and looks rich and seems powerful. Youths aspireto this, because they want to be wealthy and Moshin is like a ‘Boss’ because hewas like Raihan before and now has changed in to a wealthy man.Other clothings are tracksuits, trainers, jeans and jackets which typically youthswear. This will attract the audience because it’ll make the audience see the realismof the movie through the clothing of the actors.
  8. 8. This is a picture from the film ‘Anuvahood’ which was also based in London.There was a lot of audience who watched that film who where the age from 15-25. Due to the costume which the actor Adam Deacon wore (tracksuit bottomsand Track top) and the way he spoke (slang) attracts the audience of that agegroup. As previously i went to watch this film because it was an film thatinterests because it makes me feel like they are like me. This is why I havemade my character Raihan wear Track suit bottoms and a jacket which makeshim look like a young teenager, and it will attract audience who are teenagers.
  9. 9. Music of the MovieThe music that I have used for my movie opening falls into the genre ofgrime, attracting the target audience as it has fast beats which the youthare into. It also builds up tension which the youths may find is anadventure in East London and may want to watch it. The music createsan atmosphere which brings a real sense of London and makes theaudience feel like they are living the movie.The Music seems like something curious is going to happen and makesthe audience keep wanting to carry on watching the Movie to find outwhat happens next.
  10. 10. Attack The Block‘Attack the block’ has got similar conventions for example, thecostumes such as Hoods, Tracksuits and the Slang and its set inUrban London, so this is why I think that I will have similar audience to‘Attack the block’. They use the same dialect as the dialect that weused in our movie opening which is slang. Attack the block hasaudience which the age groups are from 15-24 as its got youngteenagers who are acting in the Film and makes the audience maywant to watch it. This is why I think I will have more audience from therange 15-24 because the Actors which are young teenagers and itsabout Urban crime and this is what Young teenagers like watching forexample, wealth, and crime issues. The Film ‘Attack the Block’ has more Males watching it rather than Females as females may not want to watch ‘Violent’ words or not may not want to watch crime.
  11. 11. Narrative of the MovieThe Narrative of this Movie is that Raihan comes out of Prison after beingsentenced for 6years for being framed and came out thinking to change hislife, but before he can get into a new life, he gets a phone call to meet aBoss who knows who has framed Raihan and he has all the information.This attracts and addresss our audience because its about Crime and theaudience like watching like this stuff because it could happen in reality andmakes it seem realistic.
  12. 12. SettingThe setting for this movie is in East London which is an Urban area whichis similar to other Urban films such as Kidulthood, Adulthood, AnotherHood and Also Attack the Block. This may interest audience becausethey’ll think that its in London and may want to know what is happening.Other people who don’t live in London and who may live outside of Londonmay want to watch a film which is based in London and this may attract theaudience. One of scene that I recorded was on the Millennium Bridge, thisgave a great depictions of London and made a mysterious scene becauseone of the characters was in Dockland and one character near RiverThames. This makes it interesting as the settings are different
  13. 13. Titles/EditingI had to chose an effective Title for my Movie because the audience that I thoughtin mind was from 15 to 25 and it had to have an serious look to the film because itwas an Film which there was going to have crime and make the titles go along withthe music and have a tense look. The Title that I have used had a ‘Lighting effect’which goes with my name of the film ‘Wide Awake’ as being awake which is brightso I gave a bright title. The Black signifies something bad is about to happen in themovie, so this is why I have used that colour and made it look mysterious and tensebecause straight after the title the scene of Raihan getting arrested comes so this iswhy it will attract the audience.