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Magz adverts&covers


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Magz adverts&covers

  1. 1. Magazine Adverts & Covers By Kamrul
  2. 2. Magazine Adverts This is an example of a magazine advert I found on Google images. The adverts purpose is to create awareness and to sell. All magazine adverts have many common features. Common features: • Artists face & name • Date of release • Picture of album cover • Website link
  3. 3. Artist name: The name is also written in bold writing to catch peoples attention. Some artists have a unique personalised name, in the form of a logo. This is so that people can recognise the font/style. CD Album cover: Adverts show the Cd album cover so that people can identify it in the shops when they go to purchase the song. Artists face: A big picture of the artist is commonly used, this is to help people recognise who the person is. Also it can be used to attract people. Website address: Adverts use the artists website address so that people can go to it for more information about the song
  4. 4. Magazine Adverts Although we are not creating a magazine cover, it will help us a lot through researching existing magazine covers. This is because firstly there aren’t a lot of magazine adverts out there anymore since everything is digitalised nowadays. Also, there are many similar features used for both adverts and covers. The next few slides should explain why.
  5. 5. Country Looking at this Country magazine, I have learnt that they use the colour orange as mentioned in our CD Cover research. Also, the artist is wearing a cowboy hat and is holding an acoustic guitar. This gives a country feel and people can identify the genre by looking at the conventions of country. Just like a magazine advert, the title is in big and bold writing. The picture also stands out and the text work around the picture harmoniously.
  6. 6. Pop Pop magazine are more to do with star construction. Here we can see Rihanna in a provocative and revealing stance, Pop exposes a lot of nudity and beauty to the audiences. The purpose is to quickly gain the readers attention hence why bright colours are used. The Title is in big bold writing but does not block the picture.