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  1. 1. How did you use media technology in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages
  2. 2. ResearchBefore starting the construction process it was important to research our genre in order to understand the conventions stereotypes that are associated with it .This is a vital process as it also helps us to construct a visual idea of our scenario.
  3. 3. Google allowed me to understand the genre ,how it developed over time and the conventions that have been associated with them. I was able to understand the history, where it originated from, popular music videos within the genre. I was also able to find images of artist for ancillary tasks, look at examples of magazine adverts and Digi pack.
  4. 4. YouTube - Most important technology, it allowed us to look at existing work. YouTube is a very big community where all genres of music can be easily found . I was also able to look at Photoshop tutorials as I struggled with my limited knowledge on it . My skills developed and I was able to air brush my artist in order to make her skin look flawless. We used YouTube to post our final product . It is good selling platform. I used YouTube for various research such as to look at range of different shots and how to use the camera to a more advanced level. YouTube allowed me to analyse other pop music videos and identify features that are common that help audience identify genre of the music video.
  5. 5. Dafont – This website allowed me to look and search for a variety of fonts, this website was useful as it good had original ideas and a variety of styles to choose from. This program was very useful as it allowed me to see the text visually in the several fonts before installing it ,this process saved time .however finding the correct style was difficult as the genre is very specific.
  6. 6. Another media technology that was useful for communicating ideas between me and my partner was our mobile devices. Smartphones have many features like camera, calendar, calls, WhatsApp. These devices have become part of our daily. I felt that my mobile was very useful during research, planning and construction of my music video. I was able to use my phone to search for real media products on the go and in places where I had no access to a computer. Having such a small devise with many apps allowed me to upload and update my work on webs ,share ideas with my group member, organise filming times and keep in contact throughout the process of making the final product ,social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp was of great use for this .
  7. 7. Planning
  8. 8. We used YouTube to imbed our audience feedback. Many people use YouTube, many people can access it. We also used YouTube to present our story board. During the planning stage of our product we used YouTube to find tutorials i.e. how to airbrush skin.
  9. 9. Before we created out final product We used Photoshop to experiment. So we could visually see how to positions the artist on the Digi pack and also which backgrounds worked best.
  10. 10. PowerPoint was useful as it allowed me to present work creatively. PowerPoint has many features such as animations , effects and transition. I was able to put together mood boards and animations in order to compare the similarities and difference. Doing this allowed me to visually see how t create a pop artist.
  11. 11. Construction
  12. 12. Green screen - We could use our imagination an add background of our choice during construction.
  13. 13. Final cut I used final cut to create the music video. Final cut is popular software. It allowed me to insert clips rearrange them and edit them.
  14. 14. Photoshop I used Photoshop to construct the final ancillary tasks, digi pack and magazine advert. Photoshop has many features which allows you to construct.
  15. 15. Camera allowed us to take a range of pictures for our ancillary tasks. Tripod- to get still shots, steady shots that look professional.
  16. 16. Evaluation
  17. 17. Word document /PowerPoint-present research in different formats. We also used Microsoft word to type up consent forms for our actors. We typed and printed out lyrics on word so that we could give it to our artist.
  18. 18. Slide share/Prezi- multiple ways of presenting work. Allows you to organise how to want it view. Looks professional. Easy for others to locate and view.
  19. 19. Mac helped with all of the construction Photoshop-advanced technology that helped me create the Digi pack and magazine advert. Air brush spot blemish, get rid of unwanted background, add text, flawless skin, and brighten lips and many more features. Final cut pro- we edited our music video on this,. Very useful. These programmes allowed us to cut, trim, add effects and transitions to our work. Matched lip synching with actual song. I used final cut to present my evaluation question because I felt that the skills I learnt from creating my music video would make it easy from me to present it this way
  20. 20. Comic life I used a software called comic life, this allowed to present my work in a comical manner. Its a new software so I was able to gain new skills by exploring the features and learn how to add images, text in different fonts and how to make images look comical.