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Programming language


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Under this slides full detailed information about programming languages is provided

Published in: Technology
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Programming language

  1. 1. Programming languages are those language which are used to developed different types of software's which may system software and application software. A language is system of communication like our natural language(English and Nepali) which have used to communicate each other. Similarly programming languages are those languages which used to communicate with computer by giving set of instruction . For example C , Java , C++ and C#. The programming languages are divided in to 5 types they are  High-level Language. Machine Level Language. Assemble Language. 4GL Natural Language.
  2. 2. Programming language  High Level Language: High Level Language: are problem oriented language. Most programs are written in high level language which are quite similar to English languages that’s why they are easier then machine level language. This programming language is used to develop different softwares. For example C,C++,JAVE etc.
  3. 3. Advantages  Simple English is used for programming coding.  Machine independent.  The knowledge of computer architecture is not required.  It requires less time for program coding.  Program can be debugging easily because the code is written in simple English language .
  4. 4. Disadvantage  This language is not easily understand by computer hardware so we need to translate this language in to machine code. By the help of compiler.  The program execution is slower then machine language.  The conversion time is slower then Assemble language.
  5. 5. Machine level language  Machine level language is a set of instruction or codes which are directly understand by computer with out help of translator. It is combination of 0 and 1. Advantages  It is Witten in machine code(0 and 1) so no need to translate. It is faster then other language.
  6. 6. Disadvantage It is difficulty to understand and develop the program by using this language. The knowledge of computer architecture is required. Debugging is difficult.
  7. 7. Assemble language  Assemble language is also known as low level language. Which uses the mnemonics code as a instruction. The language which uses the mnemonics codes and symbol to develop any program is called Assemble language. This language uses some mnemonics codes they are ADD for addition, SUB for subtraction and MUL for multiplication , LDA for load accumulator etc.
  8. 8. Advantage  .Less time to consumed respect to machine code. Coding is faster then machine code because mnemonics codes are use.  Debugging is easier then machine code. Disadvantage Machine oriented language. The knowledge of computer hardware is required. This language is not understand by hardware so we need to translator like assembler
  9. 9. 4GL  It stands for fourth generation language which is to develop the different types of data base and database management system. And this language is also used to get the information from files and folders. For example SQL , Oracle etc. Advantage Software develop using 4GL is user friendly. It is very easy to develop program because no need to remember all the command which are use in this language.
  10. 10. Disadvantage  Program run slower because it is heavy in size.  It is required longer time to convert to machine code instruction.  The powerful translator is required.
  11. 11. Natural language  Natural language: This language is mostly use to communicate with computer system and other information systems . This language is most easy for user to give the instruction to the computer like English , Nepali etc.
  12. 12. Disk defragment  It is a technique or process which is used to arrange the data element and memory location which are stored or allocate the different locations . It is used to arrange these memory location in proper way.  Disk Cleaner: It is a software packaged which is used to remove the temporarily files on . It deal locate unnecessary items which are store in memory or disk.