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Under this slides full detailed information about Internet is provided.

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  1. 1. Internet is the world largest computer network, which is link many different types of computer all over the world. it is network of networks , which share common mechanism for addressing (identifying)computers and common set of communication protocols for communication between the computers. In the simple word the network of network which can link one computer to another computer is called internet. The internet started as a government project in the 1960 which is called ARPNET(advance research project agency) which was used in defense research organization
  2. 2. Uses of internet  Communication  Software sharing  Posting of information  Chat  Online journals  Videoconference  E-Commerce
  3. 3. Information technology has become a must for organization, business houses. Computer with internet facility is the main component of an information technology network. Internet consist of world wide collection of interconnected networks. World wide web (WWW) is one of the most popular services that we get from internet. Web is a basic page of website which is developed by using markup language such as HTML. It stands for Hyper text markup language. It is a web based programming language which is used to develop web based applications , which are easily run on the internet.
  4. 4. HTML HTML is a markup language which is used to create websites. It was invented by Tim Berners Lee in around 1989to 1990. To develop any web page we need to tags in HTML. The tags are predefine instructions in the HTML. They are often known as keywords. Like <html>……</html> every tag has open tag as well as closing tags . It contain two types of tags . They are  opening tag: This tag contain only opening tag but it don't contain closing tag. For example: <br> Closing tag: this tag contain opening tag as well as closing tag. for example <p>….</p> for example?????
  5. 5. E-Learning If the teaching and learning is conducted by electronically is called supports all forms of electronically supported materials. information and communication technology serve as specific media to implement in the field of teaching and learning process. e-learning is essentially the computer and network enabled transform of skill and knowledge throughout the world.E-Learning refers to using electronic application and process to learn. This learning include computer based learning ,web based learning and CD/DVD ROMs etc. like Distance learning, online university,internet based training etc.
  6. 6. E-mail E-mail stands for electronic mail, it is a sending receive message by computers. This system allow we to send letters and files containing data of all types from our computer any other computer with internet and email address. We can send and receive image video from one location to another location by the help of email, to send and receive mail we need a unique address which is known as email id like birendrabhatt is user id and is domain id.
  7. 7. Switching Switching is a technique for traveling data and information from sender devices to the receiver devices. It is a way of linking different sender and receiver devices. It is divided in to two types.  Circuit switching: circuit switching is a technique that connect the sender and receiver by a single path for the duration of conversation. For example uses address number s to establish path that connect sender number to receiver numbers The best example is telephone line.
  8. 8. Switching  Message switching: message switching doesn’t establish a dedicated path between station for an entire conversation . This technique is basically used in store and forward message.
  9. 9. Domain name  A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers connected to the internet. The domain system is a database system that translate a computer fully qualified domain name into an IP address. For example .com, .org, .np, .uk, .gov etc  URL: it stands for uniform resource locater , it is a string of character that identifies a particular internet resource.URL represent a standard addressing scheme for internet resource. For example : http://
  10. 10. Internet service and Technology  Web browser  Web site  Web page  Home page  Web server  ISP  E-check  E-payment  IP Address
  11. 11. Internet service and Technology  Web browser: Web browser is a web based application which is used to browser the internet. Web browser access the internet and WWW , it is basically used to access and view the web page and web sites which is available on the internet. For example Google chrome , opera mini etc.  Web page: web page is single page of web site , it contain information about particular organization and object.  Web site: web site is a collection of web page which contain all the information about particular organization or object. for example which contain all the information about public service council of Nepal and www., which contain all the information about far western university of Nepal.
  12. 12. Internet service and Technology  Home page: The home page is the first page of web Which contain the main headings of particular web sites.  Web server: web server is a palace where different web sites are located. It means it is a collection of web sites on the internet. Like  Search engine: search engine is also a web based application where we can search all the information about particular things.
  13. 13. Internet service and Technology  DNS: it stands for domain name server or services . Domain name is a internet service which translate domain name in to corresponding IP address because domain name are alphabetic they are easy to remember. The internet is totally dependent on IP address. Every time we use a domain name there fore a DNS must be translate that domain name in to corresponding IP address. For example must be translate in to 192.168,1,1.  ISP: It stand for internet service provider , it is company which provide internet service to the customer for example NTC,NCELL,UTL .
  14. 14. Internet service and Technology  E check : E chick is a check which is processed electronically. It means that check can access with in a country.  WWW: it stands for world wide web it is one of the newest popular hypertext based internet tool. It allow user to access and display document graphics which is stored on any server in the internet. it was invented by TIM BERNERSLEE in 9 of march 1989 but in become popular after 1993.  URL: it stands for uniform resource locator. It is a standard address , which is used to find the address of web page which is located on internet. .http://