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  1. 1. Swapnil Naik The Director of Tourism SAFETY FIRST WITH GOA24x7 supported by The Department of Tourism, GoaGoa finally has what it needed to be a perfect tourist is supported by The Department of Tourism, Goa and it aims at making every tourist’s trip to Goa more pleasurable byfocusing on safety. Goa24x7 is a multi-channel platform, which will have online and offline services, which includes a state-of-the-artcall centre with all the information that a tourist will need. The unique feature of Goa24x7 is its data collection, which is done manuallyto ensure that information provided to the tourist, is up-to-date. Goa24x7 collects data on all tourist operators and ensures that theinformation provided is complete, validated and published.Goa 24x7 is a click away and if you don’t have an internet connection, it is just a call away! That’s right, all you have to do is dial onephone number to get any information. Other mediums of Goa24x7 include mobile applications, email, social media and an office whichwill always be ready to answer any queries of a tourist.Speaking on the launch, Swapnil Naik, Director, Goa tourism said “This is a very good initiative and we are happy to support an effortthat has the sole aim of benefiting tourists and making their travel safer and better.”Each and every tourist operator and venue will be visited by the staff and subjected to site visits. Operators who are illicit or do notmeet standards will not be published. All this information is uploaded to a central database and available to everyone. Tourists visitingany of these tourist operators can give reviews and vote on their experience which will improve services in Goa.Goa Tourism Director Swapnil Naik added, “We wanted to start something like this but when we realised that a set of professionalshave done their groundwork with the same vision as we had, we decided to support them to take our vision to people who visit thisbeautiful state”.Goa24x7 is what every tourist visiting Goa needed but it also benefits tour operators and other vendors since it gives them an online presence that is unmatched. With millions of tourists visiting every year, Goa cannot afford to neglect their safety. Many of them are repeat tourists, and their continued business and feedback is essential to this industry. With ‘safety first’, tourism in Goa is all set to increase with Goa24x7.
  2. 2. A Common Marketing platform for touristsand merchants:-A one-stop destination for tourists information- trusted and reliable- An accredited channel for merchants to attractmore tourists
  3. 3. www.GOA24x7.comOur comprehensive Goa tourism portal6455555Our 24-hour toll-free numberTravel Goa24x7A monthly travel magazineOfficeA dedicated office in Baga
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM-Mala fide tourist services are endangering Goa’sreputation as a superb tourist destination-Mala fide tour operators lead to negative touristexperiences-Complaints, overcharging, unpleasant situations,security issues and more….-Negative tourist experiences lead to bad publicity-especially on the internet
  7. 7. GOA24x7 CAN HELP MAKE GOA BETTERFOR TOURISTS The Long-Term Benefits of this Public Service: 1. Accredited merchants = positive tourist experiences 2. Positive tourist experiences = increased tourist traffic AND more revenue 3. Great publicity for Goa as an enjoyable, safe and tourist-friendly destination
  8. 8. GOA24x7 CAN HELP MAKE GOA BETTERFOR TOURISTSHow our Proposed Public Service Will Help: Only genuine tourist service providers will be Permitted to partner with us Goa24x7 will check and validate merchant credentials on an annual basis
  9. 9. ASSISTANCE REQUIRED FOR PUBLIC SERVICE Implementation of regulations that make the following mandatory: 1. Accreditation of merchants by Goa24x7 2. Payment of an annual fee in return for accreditation and listing promotion Note: Merchants may continue without Goa24x7 accreditation Non-accreditation will be mentioned in their listing on our portal.
  10. 10. WEBSITE:
  11. 11. Log on to: for further informationConditions Apply*
  12. 12. TERMS & CONDITIONS•The Contact and payments details submitted by you in your lottery entry registrations forms are correct, true andcomplete. We May, at our own discretion, and only when necessary, disclose some of the details submitted to us on thisform to third parties, for the purpose of verification and authentication of those details. Please see our privacy policy formore information.•This lottery is valid only if the registered establishment is legal. You (Owner) accept sole responsibility for determiningwhether your establishment is legally registered.•Once your entry has been received and processed, you will receive an official entry confirmation by email /post- showingthe exact details, given at the time of registration, registration date etc... After the draw is out, you will receive draw resultsand any prize notifications by email, post as well as a phone call.•Goa24x7 guarantees its best efforts to enter your POI, into the lottery, within your registration period. However, in theevent your POI have not been entered in the draw due to causes beyond its control (such as false information), Goa24x7will not be liable for any prize you should have won.This Agreement is effective immediately upon submission of your registration form, and will continue until Goa24x7receives written notice from you to terminate your Registration.• Goa24x7 reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, to view the updated T&C please visit us at :www.GOA24x7.comAll Contents Copyright ©2011 All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. OUR SPONSORS
  14. 14. Membership BASIC SILVER GOLD PLATINUM 1 month रु 500 रु 1.000 रु 2.000 रु 10.000MEMBERSHIP 3 months: Oct - Dec 2011 रु 1.500 रु 3.000 रु 6.000 रु 30.000 6 months: Oct - Mar 2012 रु 3.000 रु 5.000 रु 10.000 रु 50.000 9 months: Oct - Jun 2012 रु 4.500 रु 8.000 रु 15.000 रु 75.000 12 months: Oct - Sep 2012 रु 6.000 रु 10.000 रु 20.000 रु 90.000 SPECIAL 12 MONTHS PROMOTION रु 5.000 रु 8.000 रु 12.000 रु 75.000 TILL 30-NOVEMBER 2011 DISCOUNT VALUE! 17% 20% 40% 17% Accreditation by Goa Tourism Helpline (GTH) & season certificate Online Listing with review Webpage with fotos Call Center Services Website Ad (1 month) Deals & Events (2 months) Website Ad (3 months) Magazine Feature & Ad 1 issue(1/4 page) Newsletter promotion (2 issues) Hot Deals and Events (3 months) Social media (FB & Twitter) promotion Magazine Ad for 6 issues (1/4 page) Online events promotion (3 max.) E-mail & SMS tagging
  15. 15. Tito’s Lane, Saunta Vaddo, Baga, Calangute, Bardez, Goa, India-403516 (0832) 6450000 / 6455555 register@goa24x7.comw