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Smile Saver - Dr. Raj Kumar


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Smile Saver - Dr. Raj Kumar

  1. 1. promotion promotion promotion Smile Saver As a preferred Invisalign provider for the UK, and with over 15 years’ experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Raj Kumar is committed to making his patients smile. Here, he tells Brand New You how he got where he is today, and why it means so much to him... R aj Kumar’s aspirations in the world of dentistry started with an egg: ‘At primary school my friend showed me the inside of an egg. I drew it and became hooked on the anatomy of living things,’ he says. After qualifying at Guys Dental Hospital in 1989, he joined a Birmingham dental practice and moved quickly through the ranks to become a partner in 1993. Not content with this, in 1995 he set up The Tooth Clinic in Mayfair, as well as completing a two- year course in cosmetic dentistry. And he soon discovered that this was where his interest truly lay. ‘Cosmetic dentistry makes people smile,’ he explains. ‘With a great smile a person feels empowered, strong and confident; ready to take on the world. It’s a fact that no one ever brags about how wonderful their amalgam filling looks!’ With his interest in aesthetics taking hold, Raj started to explore the options QA The person open to him, keen to be the best he behind the professional could be within his field, and to offer his patients the most up-to-the-minute and effective treatments. In 1996 he set up a centre for tooth whitening, to WHO IS YOUR HERO? ‘My wide acclaim, and in 2000 he opened father Lehmber; he came to the Forma Dental Care in Harley Street, UK with a degree and £5. He where he practises today. worked at all kinds of jobs to When the invisible brace system put five children through school. Invisalign hit the UK, Raj was amongst He taught himself computer Raj’s vital statistics the first to train in it: ‘I cut down teeth programming 30 years ago. He for veneers for over 15 years... with was way ahead of his time. I AREAS OF EXPERTISE Invisalign I can correct a smile without have taken that on and always > 3D dentistry (Invisalign, Simplant), facial aesthetics (wrinkle- having to do that. I enjoy being able to been one of the first to strive for relaxing injections and dermal fillers) preserve teeth.’ He is now a preferred better things in dentistry.’ provider for Invisalign, with 90% of BOARD CERTIFICATION his practice devoted to Invisalign and WHAT DO YOU DO TO > Member of the Association of Dental Implantologists, Member of 3D dentistry, whereby he scans a RELAX? ‘I like to create DJ International Congress of Dental Implantologists plaster cast of the patient’s mouth and mixes in my garage and watch creates a 3D model on which he can films with my two daughters.’ MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS virtually straighten teeth. He also uses > BDSLDSRCS Guys Hospital Simplant, a software system allowing WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE him to virtually place implants in a 3D PLACE TO BE? ‘Anywhere SURGERY LOCATION model of the patient’s jaw. underwater scuba diving.’ > 86 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HP. Telephone 0800 015 0569Feature Ruth Kerrison Raj gains the greatest satisfaction from improving patient confidence WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO IN MORE INFORMATION and wellbeing: ‘I have seen patients LIFE? ‘Have belief in yourself; > ■ lose weight, change partners, jobs, know what you are doing is hairstyles... all from a visit to the dentist!’ right and be compassionate.’ brand new you october 2008 97