No Metal Braces Testimonials


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Here are what Dr. Raj Kumar's Patients have to say about him and his treatments.

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No Metal Braces Testimonials

  1. 1. Here are what Dr. Raj Kumar’s Patients have to say about him
  2. 2. Invisalign TestimonialFrom a young age I have always dreamed of lovely straight teeth, but alas I did nothave. I had a tooth that over-lapped and was crooked right in the front of my mouth.In my late teens I had a boyfriend (who is now my husband) told me his brother wasa Dental Surgeon and that he would be able to help. When meeting up he had to sortout my teeth to get them up to scratch before he was able to attack the problem ofthe protruding tooth. (Up till now I had only had the school dentist) The gap was verynarrow he could not replace the only way was to have a straight tooth still over-lapping, so this is what I went for, still not happy though.Years went pass the tooth started to give me trouble and now it had to come outpermanently, you can imagine how I felt – horrified!My brother-in-law suggested Invisalign, as this was not his field of work herecommended me to Dr Raj Kumar, this was all new to me, but when I met up withDr Kumar, he was so nice in explaining everything to me, showing me what wouldhappen to me, he could see that I was very nervous, he really put my mind at rest.After coming back a second time I decided to go ahead. My brother-in-law took thetooth out, no looking back now! Dr Kumar was so gentle he was always giving meconfidence that every thing will be alright, but all I could see was this gap and couldnot see the end result.One year later the gap was closed, I still had to wear the invisaligns for a short periodafterwards, now my teeth are perfect no gap all straight a childhood dream cometrue at the ripe old age of 60years.I can say a Big Thank You to Dr Kumar in looking after me with such care andattention. J. Gradus Smile Makeovers | Teeth Straightening Without Braces | Harley Street Dentist
  3. 3. Invisalign TestimonialFrom the beginning of my teenage years I had big issues with my smile. My bottom teeth were extremlycrowded and my top teeth were slightly crooked. Basically I had a horrible smile which meant that every time Ihad a photograph taken, I was always smiling with my mouth shut tight and would hold my hand over mymouth when I laughed.I was so hung up on the crookedness of my teeth, that I wouldnt even bite into an apple in public, as the bitemarks left in the skin would make me feel ashamed.I found out about Forma 86 through my partner, who had had his teeth done there. He had the most amazingsmile so I couldnt wait to visit Raj and get some advice on the solutions to my smile.Initially it was recommended that I would have my teeth filed down and six porcelain veneers fitted to the topand bottom teeth. I was really pleased that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but the treatment wasvery expensive and something that I could not afford at that time.I think about a year passed before I returned to Forma and Raj excitedly told me about Invisilign. I couldntbelieve it when Raj showed me the clear braces and how there would be no wires on show, just a retainerwhich was completely clear and really made your smile look shiney.I couldnt wait to start the treatment and as it was so much more affordable than veneers, I was able to havethe moulds made up and was quickly back at Harley Street having my aligners fitted. When Raj showed mehow straight my teeth would be after around 12 months of wearing progressive sets of alligners, I was in tears.At last my smile would be one to be proud of.The whole experence was relatively pain free and even when the aligners were a bit uncomfortable, I justthought about the end result and how amazing it was to get there without the metal braces that so manyother people have to wear.Before I knew it, I was at the end of my treatment and had a pearly white smile which everyone comments on.I am still dazzled by it and check out my new bite marks whenever I eat. I never thought I would have a lovelysmile and now it is one of my best assets! I cant thank Raj enough. N Rogers Smile Makeovers | Teeth Straightening Without Braces | Harley Street Dentist
  4. 4. Invisalign TestimonialTo the team at Forma,For years I have admired and been slightly envious of people with straight teeth. When theinvitations to weddings began to arise, I decided I wanted something to be done. My sisterswedding is planned for the end of the year and being the first time I was going to be a bridesmaid,I wanted to have a perfect smile. Further to the fact, that I would be a future bride myself oneday.The aim was to have straight teeth in 9 months time, just in time for my sisters wedding at theend of the year. By March I had made a decision to go ahead with the treatment and bookedmyself in for an initial appointment with Dr. Kumar at his Harley Street practice. The consultationcovered my reasoning behind wanting to change my teeth and the options and methods I hadavailable to me including Invisalign. After careful consideration, Invisalign seemed the mostappropriate option for myself.The next few visits involved getting x-rays and moulds made of my teeth to send to America to beanalysed. Few weeks later, my treatment plan arrived. My plan involved 9 months of aligners,which were to be changed every 2 weeks. One of the aspects that sold me on this treatment wasbeing able to take the aligner out if needs be, but I discovered this was almost never as thealigners were virtually invisible.The last 4-5 months have flown and I don’t even notice I’m wearing the aligners any more.Theprocess has been convenient and relatively painless. Invisalign has exceeded my expectations. Ithas been exciting to see my smile change before my eyes and I am well on the way to having aperfect smile. Abhy S Smile Makeovers | Teeth Straightening Without Braces | Harley Street Dentist
  5. 5. Porcelain Veneers TestimonialDear Raj, please feel free to use following personal testimony in future.I had spent most of my thirties fretting and worrying about the decline in appearance of myteeth, part of this was due to antibiotic staining from childhood. I used to gather informationabout teeth straightening, tooth whitening, crowns and veneers but always in the back of mymind was the nagging doubt that this was only something celebrities have done and anyway Iwouldnt be able to afford it.I had the FORMA brochure for about a year and decided to take a risk and book aconsultation. From the very first meeting my dentist and his assistant made me feel welcomeand invited, and any self-consciousness disappeared. This then allowed me to speak openlyabout what I wanted and created an open dialogue rather than me being spoken to by aprofessional.The easy open and inviting atmosphere is so natural at FORMA but you are left in no doubtsthat a professional is catering to your needs. To conclude I laid back and watched a DVDwhilst my teeth were transformed with porcelain veneers, the result was very pleasing. I am aprofessional male in my forties and for the first time I can smile openly and interact withfellow colleagues and friends in a relaxed manner.Thank You FORMA. T Beckles Cosmetic Dentistry London, Dental Implant Specialist - Dr. Raj Kumar
  6. 6. Invisalign TestimonialMy name is Lisa Im a nurse/therapist, living in London since 2000. As a child I remember makingnumerous trips to the dentist with my mum for fillings andextractions due to teeth growing in unusualdirections. As I approached my teens and noticed a lot of my friends were wearing bracesI thought itunusual that my teeth were worse than a lot of theirs andI couldntcomprehend why my dentist hadnever mentioned me having them, soI approachedmy mum and dentist about it.In Ireland free dental care is provided to those under the age of 16yrs, however due to the high volumeof severe casesI wastoldI didnt qualify for freedental care becausemy teeth were notbad enough.Unfortunately my parents couldnt afford such an expensive treatment thereforeI went through mytender teens hiding my teeth when smiling and avoiding as manyphotographs as possible. Friends andcolleagues never commented on my teeth but thats becauseI always tried my best to hide them.As an adultI now have the ability to pay for private treatment. Metal braces were never really an optionasI was paranoidenough about my teeth without having so called train tracks on display.Ive thoughtabout veneers as a quick fix and gaining that extra confidence sooner rather than later, however,I didntlike the idea of destroying my own teeth whenI could preserve whatwas already there andhealthy!WhenI first heard about Invisalign I thought it was too good to be true; an invisible brace thatstraightened your teeth and no-one could see it. I researched it and thought brilliant, i want it!Ive always been sceptical about dentists and thought money only matters so when I went to HarleyStreet, the street where money is madeI thought this guy is going to try andpersuade me to getveneers. I was surprised to find that Dr Kumar was against veneers and totally supported the fact thatIwanted to preserve my own teeth.Initially the Invisalign did cause slight tooth andheadache, but with any brace theres pressuresurrounding your teeth,this provestheyre moving and thats a good sign! Each week I insert my newbraceas my teeth are starting to take shape, it gets easier each time.I actually get excited when theweek is up and I can see they are moving! Lisa M Cosmetic Dentistry London, Dental Implant Specialist - Dr. Raj Kumar
  7. 7. Invisalign TestimonialDear Dr Kumar,For many years I have seen numerous consultants and specialists seeking help to straightenopen bite teeth. I was advised by those consultants the only remedy would be to relign myjaw. I would have to wear braces for 2 years and there would be an obvious difference in myappearance.Until I read about the wonders of Forma.This life changing advert Forma86 clear braces guranteed to straighten teeth. I made anappointment immediately. The Consultant Raj explained the procedure and demonstratedhow my teeth would look, after wearing braces for 12 months using 3D visual display. It wasamazing, unbelieveable but true. I have been in this programme now for 7mths and thechanges are fantastic. The gap has reduced drastically and I have much more confidence andsmile all the time. The secret with Forma brace is its so clear no one notices. I wouldrecommend that if you have a open bite gap like I had and want straight teeth you shouldvisit Forma86 website before you make a decision.I promise you wont be disappointed. Sharon Mc Invisalign London | Teeth Straightening London | Broken Tooth Treatment
  8. 8. Invisalign TestimonialAfter a nasty fall, I suffered considerable damage to my front two teeth, one ofwhich the nerve had died and the other had to be extensively repaired. Anothertwo of my teeth had moved and after a year I was desperate for a perfect smile. Ivisited many dentists most of whom offered to do veneers or crowns which meantthat my teeth had to be chiselled down even further.I had an initial consultation with Dr Kumar who explained to me the differentoptions I had for straightening my teeth, best of all being Invisalign. The treatmentwould last a total of 7 months, changing the aligners every two weeks. After thecourse was finished, Dr Kumar reviewed my smile again and as the teeth had notmoved to the desired position, I was offered a further four sets of aligners. Theterrific aspect about having aligners was that I could take them out whenever I hadto and nobody noticed I was wearing them, even if they knew!I am glad that I chose to consider Invisalign as I did not have to go through thepain, the long duration of time and the unsightly appearance of having metalbraces. Priya S Invisalign London | Teeth Straightening London | Broken Tooth Treatment
  9. 9. Invisalign TestimonialAs I grew older my teeth became more of a problem to me, it got to the pointwhere I would rarely smile showing my teeth. I had quite a prominent gapbetween two of my top teeth, which made me very self-conscious. I looked intogetting braces and veneers; however, I didnt want to wear metal braces at my ageand after seeing many dentists they all refused to do veneers as I had very strongteeth. I heard about Invisalign and made an appointment to see Raj at Forma.Once I met Raj I felt completely at ease and excited about the possibility of havingstraight teeth for the first time in my life. The first week was a little uncomfortablebut after that I forgot I was wearing them and nobody ever noticed. I have nowfinished the treatment and after 18 months I cant believe the difference! I havelovely straight teeth and feel it was worth every penny.I would highly recommend anyone to use Invisalign.Thanks Raj! H Anderson Invisalign London | Teeth Straightening London | Broken Tooth Treatment
  10. 10. Invisalign TestimonialDear Dr Raj KumarI would like to thank you for recommendingInvisalign as a methodfor straightening my teeth. Its something that I have wanted to dofor many years but was put off by the thought that the only optionwas towear unsightlymetal braces. You said they would be invisibleand they were, as nobody noticed me wearing them throughoutthe course of treatment.Not only was the treatment a success it was also painless andprofessionally managed.I will be recommending thismethod of teeth correctionin the futureto friends and family.thanks once again Martin R Dental Implant Specialist | Dental Treatment London | Dr Raj Kumar
  11. 11. Invisalign TestimonialTop qualitiesGreat Results, Expert, Good Value“I used to have big issues with my smile. Then I found outabout FORMA86 and Dr RAJ KUMAR who recommended meINVISALIGN- the clear braces with no wires. And that was thebest decison I have made so far. And the results? They speakfor themselves :) Dr Raj Kumar is a great specialist, extremelyknowledgable and very focused on getting his patients themost amazing smiles.” Joanna M Dental Implant Specialist | Dental Treatment London | Dr Raj Kumar
  12. 12. Invisalign TestimonialGreat Results, Expert, On Time“Raj did a great job. My teeth had been crooked for a verylong time, and in 10 months, with Invisalign, they are nowstraight and white. Raj did an excellent job, from start tofinish, and always provided good advice. His treament wasalways professional, and punctual. I would recommend him,without reservation.” David D Cosmetic Dentistry London | Invisalign London | Overbite Correction
  13. 13. Invisalign TestimonialGreat Results, Expert, High Integrity“Raj has been handling my Invisalign treatment, of which I amnow nearing the end, and so far I am extremely impressedwith the results. He is knowledgable, professional, and anexpert in his field. I would highly recommend him andInvisalign to anyone.” Mark Y Cosmetic Dentistry London | Invisalign London | Overbite Correction
  14. 14. Invisalign Testimonial“I Know Dr Raj for about a year, and he is a great and honestindividual, and a true professional. I am having a treatmentusing visiglin, and it is fantastic, I can see the results and itsonly been 9 months. Dr raj is always available for any help andadvice, and I would recommend his service to everyone.Thank you!” Ahsen K Cosmetic Dentistry London | Invisalign London | Overbite Correction