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Why We Do Invisalign for the Whole Mouth?


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Why We Do Invisalign for the Whole Mouth?

  1. 1. Why We do Invisalign for the Whole Mouth?Dr Kumar believes in moving the back teeth to relieve anterior crowding.This takes longer but you avoid unnecessary stripping of the enamel between the front teeth.We do not carry out Invisalign Anterior or Lite as this involves enamel stripping at an early stage.The lower the cost of the treatment, the less the teeth are moved to create space and this leads to tooth damage.Here is an example of a patient treated by another dentist. Gross amounts of enamel have been removed frombetween the front teeth, when really the back teeth should have been moved first:The small lower teeth have been trimmed by 0.5mm on each side but there is little access to do so.So what do stripped down teeth look like? And would you want this?Teeth with missing corners. Patient was unaware and had to seek correction with Dr Kumar.