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Consumer behavior presentation

  1. 1. ‘Consumer Behavior Presentation’ Titled ‘Punarjaman’ of Indian Postal Services By Group- Freeminds Inc.
  2. 2. Roadmap Objectives: MASTER STAMP ‘Project Punarjanam’ by ‘Freeminds Inc’ To Bring back the age old will Primarily cover: culture of Letter Writing  An Attempt to bring back the culture of letter To Reposition Letters as a writing in a segment divided by demographics exiting new means of i.e. Youth of Urban, Semi Urban and then communication Rural in different Phases. Punarjanam of  Repositioning of ‘letters’ as exiting new means Indian Postel Attempt to cover larger pie of communication. Services of Currier Business  Explore new possibilities in order to extend the services that could be provided to Bring revolutionary changes customers choosing to communicate by by innovative services letters.  An attempt to develop capabilities in ‘Currier Make new customers as and Consignment Delivery Business in order well as bring back old to attain competitive advantage over Private customers for India Post Players.  Bring in new dimensions in services rendered in ‘currier and consignment delivery business.  An attempt to increase consumer base of* FootnoteSource: Source Indian Postal Services. 2
  3. 3. RoadmapNostalgia: Going back to the times when there used to be a charm for letter writing. MASTER STAMP It used to be a part of people’s routine activities. Both the letters and their charm has been extinct today, in spite of letter-writing being taught in schools. Letter writing has completely been abandoned lately and Email, mobile, messaging has taken its place. Even in rural areas people Back are using mobiles in place of letters. to the good Postal services were originated with the necessity of communicating old written messages. In the past also, one could exchange messages in writing. But, then there used to be the practice of some individuals known times as ‘runners’ being engaged to go from place to place to deliver the messages. Even trained pigeons were used to carry letters from one place to another. The postal system, which we have today, became effective with the spread of roadways and railways as means of transport. In India, until 1837, the postal service was used solely for sending official mail. After 1837, the postal services were made available to the public.* FootnoteSource: Source 3
  4. 4. RoadmapThe Goodness and The Joy: When you sit down to compose a letter, you really have to think about what you’re going to say, formulate your sentences before you start writing. There’s no delete key. There’s no going back andMASTER STAMP fixing mistakes, which keeps it sincere and lovely. Because receiving a personal letter is so rare these days, it can feel like a gift. Handwritten letters are especially prized for the receiver. The Joy Taking a break away from obsolete world of mechanical writing and Of writing a letter is like a little bit of a vacation with a pen and paper. Writing Writing makes for better thinking. Speaking makes a quick mind, reading makes a full mind, and writing makes a precise mind. The act of writing—narrowing your thoughts and double-checking them and getting them to say exactly what you want—is a wonderful intellectual exercise, and letter writing promotes that.” According to Royal Mail research, nine out of 10 people say they love receiving handwritten letters in the post, but most feel too overawed by the process of sending one to start up a correspondence. The best part of writing letters is waiting with anxiety. Also these letters can be read by curling up in any favourite corner of the house creating a mood for yourself, whereas emails are read on the computer screen* Footnote amidst a lot of interruption most of the times.Source: Source 4
  5. 5. RoadmapThe Goodness and The Joy: Writing a letter tells the recipient that you took some precious time out of your life to write to them, which gives them a feeling that you have included them into your life essentially. MASTER STAMP Letters last longer and they can be read again and again and they are more than just words. The A letter is a clear record of any incidents and there is no chance that it Goodness can be accidentally deleted. of A letter is something in which you do not express your instantaneous receiving a anger and make the other person feel hurt or rejected, you carefully letter . choose what to write and so it becomes emotionally safer. Acknowledging a letter or other invitations can strengthen the relationships. A letter can bring a smile and lot of energy to someone’s life. A letter does not have to be in any specific format, you can ignore grammatical errors, and write whatever you feel like writing to that person. They can be written for any occasion like, birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, for getting well soon, thanking someone, invitations, announcements, congratulations, etc.* FootnoteSource: Source 5
  6. 6. RoadmapCurrent Scenario: Founding blocks of ‘Project Punarjanam’ o Most widely and deeply penetrated distribution network. o Unmatched Reach to even interiors of Rural India, along with Urban and Semi Our Reach MASTER STAMP Urban areas. o India has the largest Postal network in the world with 1,55,669 Post Offices of Our Network which 89% are in rural areas. o Thus the network has registered a seven fold growth over the last five decades, after independence. o On an average, a post office serves an area of 21.09 sq. km. & population of 6,585. o Through these offices it ensures daily delivery of dak at the doorstep of every Our Services customer all over the country, collection of letters through letterboxes, and also sale of stamps and stationery through village postmen at the doorstep of customers in rural areas. o Post Offices in Urban and Rural areas provide a range of basic postal services to the customers, including banking and insurance services. o Post office is viewed as the most dependable means of written communication. It is also used by the common man as the most reliable means of sending money through money orders to persons staying at far off Our Strengths places. It is also the most commonly used means for delivery of articles of value. o Postal services are administered by Government of India throughout the country and the charges for all these services are minimal, which the common* Footnote man can afford.Source: Source 6
  7. 7. RoadmapProducts/Services to be reincarnated:‘Project Punarjanam’ The focus of The ‘Project Punarjanam’ is to reincarnate two primary functions of Indian Post: MASTER STAMP  As The Letters in its various forms are undoubtedly in its decline stage, It is indeed a challenge to bring it back to the mainstream. As the targeted segment is ‘Youth of Dak or Letters in the Nation’ who have either forgotten or not yet experienced the charm of its various Forms. exchanging letters, bringing letters to their lifestyle is indeed a challenge to accomplished.  Challenges to the task are: Quick and easy substitutes to letters in context of written communication available in I.T. enabled 21st century. Unawareness among new generation about intricacies of letter writing and letter delivery mechanism, which in general opinion, considered as inconvenient and time- taking. Competitors: Email, Fax, Telephonic SMS.  Although, Currier and Consignment delivery services of Indian Post Office Currier and is not in decline stage, it is consistently loosing its share and popularity to Consignment Private Players, who as believed, offers more sophisticated and promised delivery services. service.  Problems here as observed are Brand Image of Private Players, Lack of Trust in Public for government bodies and Operating philosophy of Indian Post that includes strict operating hours, working methodologies of officers which at times seems harassing consumers, and Location of Post* Footnote Offices that are inconvenient as compared to private players.Source: Source 7
  8. 8. Roadmap ‘Project Punarjanam’ : HOW? • GXUHCQWIQ MASTER STAMP • xbbajkxnakxja • XNSCLAJCSCJAS Repositioning xakxjaoxax xxnakalxla Punarjanam of • ZBAjxnAKLXJA Dak/Letters • XNAKLXJAL;XKAX; xnaxnakxja X axnakxlkax xaxnakxja • N AMXNAXAKLMA* FootnoteSource: Source
  9. 9. Roadmap ‘Project Punarjanam’ • xnakxaxax MASTER STAMP • Xnalxlax[a • Xnkxm l;x nxkxaxk Retail Xkaxl;x; q Applications Punarjanam of Curriers and • Xmlxlascas consignments • Xnakxalx;ax Paying Social business xnakxnaxak Security x Schemes xnxkaxla • Xmaxml;axla* FootnoteSource: Source
  10. 10. Roadmap Jxspxks[pc Xnakxjalxka[ MASTER STAMP* FootnoteSource: Source 10
  11. 11. Roadmap MASTER STAMP Thank You * Footnote Source: SourceConfidential to DoP. For Internal Discussion Only. 11