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Edu link summary

  1. 1. Web based college management solutionBrings together students, teachers, parents and management to a common platform Helps simplify day to day operations of Educational Institutions
  2. 2. eduLinkSalient Features of the eduLink • Management gets a single window to information of all operations of the institute • Helps teachers and students to better organize their daily / weekly activities • Thorough analysis of critical data via various reports for better productivity
  3. 3. eduLinkSalient Features of the eduLink • Configuration of the timetable of classes / sections according to the availability and skill set of teachers • Comprehensively analyze the performance of students, classes, teachers, and the institute • Parents can keep better track of their wards performance and progress • Alerts management controls exceptions in the institute.
  4. 4. eduLink• Admission• Entrance Exam• Student Management• Attendance• Employee Management• Hostel Management• Library Management• eLibrary / casestudies• Curriculum Planner• Timetable• Examination / Online Exam / Result• Fee Management• Placements• Alumni• Recruitment Management
  5. 5. Architecture Course Management Facility Management Integration Management User Administration Module Module Module Module Customer Internet Management Module Walk-in Accounting Module Attendance Graduation Module Module HumanApplicant Firewall Resource Authorised Examination Application Database Staff Server Module Server Course / Scheduling Lecturer Backup Backup Module Evaluation Server Solution Student Discipline Profile Module Internet Module Admission Module • Teachers Library • Parents/Corporate Module • Students Student Payment Management Module Resource Booking Student Card 1-way / 2- IVR Fax Engine Printer way SMS PDA
  6. 6. eduLinkDetailed Features of the eduLinkModule Description This module spans from registration of a student candidate to assigning of entrance to tracking of results and finally admission. This module helps institute in defining theirAdmission Process own parameters and its results. Online registrations, tracking tests and progress, it keeps the education institute in control of the admission process. Facility for online MCQ based exam along with integration Entrance Exam with Sify Iway and Reliance web world. Complete with registration, admit card, online exam, results
  7. 7. eduLinkDetailed Features of the eduLink Maintains the complete profile of a student including personal and academic details. One can keep a track of student performance and his/her attendance. You can also Student assign electives and assignments through this module. Management Student e-file can keep record of communications, reports, transcripts, disciplinary actions. Student and staff attendance, daily, weekly monthly and Attendance more. This module helps maintain the lifecycle of teaching and Employee non-teaching staff. Maintains the employee profile from the Management date of joining till separation and facilitates appraisal process. Keeps record of staff pay and promotion details.
  8. 8. eduLinkDetailed Features of the eduLink Timetable module helps define periodic time schedule for classes and assigns teachers based on various factors Timetable including number of students available, teacher’s competency, electives taken by students etc. It also takes care of substitution of faculty in case a teacher is unavailable. Maintain the results class wise and student wise through this module. The search facility allows parents or students or Examinations teachers/professors quick access to results of any student or class. Thus analyze examination results across various class, section and student. This module also tackles eXAM.
  9. 9. eduLinkDetailed Features of the eduLink eduLink helps maintain the fees through this module. It allows institute to define their own fee structures and fineFee Management slabs flexibly. The fee bill and receipt can be generated and printed. The module allows management to create reports for fee collection for any timeframe and outstanding amounts Placement profile, Registration of companies and CRM, Offer Placements letter repository, Search Registration of Alumni, alumni self and family profile, current Alumni status, search
  10. 10. eduLinkDetailed Features of the eduLink Recruitment It allows tracking of selection or rejection of applicant along Management with the date of registration and joining. This module allows students and faculty to access an online Casestudy case study library. Complete library module consisting of book acquisition, issue, Library return, stock position, fines etc There are standard reports available for various facets of day Reports to day operations of any educational institute
  11. 11. eduLinkStudent Portal Features • Institute Operations • Activities • Placement news • Notice Board • Circulars • Interesting Articles • Relevant Links • New Initiatives • Software to Download • Ask the Experts
  12. 12. eduLinkFeature Highlights • Data can be easily exchanged between departments • High security features with user login based Access Control List. Easy to configure who has add / edit / view rights on individual pages and tables • Easily customizable • Communication facility through email / SMS built in
  13. 13. eduLinkStudent Module • Registration • Online Profile • Attendance • Progress • Document Library and store • Facility to share presentations and documents • Results Folder • Access on e-library • Placement Profile • Placement communication
  14. 14. eduLinkFee Module • Fee structure • Bill raising • Payments • Dues • Hostel Payments
  15. 15. eduLinkExam Module • Exam creation • Question bank • Online exam • Testing engine • Results • Transcripts • Certificates
  16. 16. eduLinkEmployee Module • Staff & teacher profile • Class assignments • Appraisal • Communications • Notices
  17. 17. eduLinkCurriculum • Unit master • Narration • Lesson plan • Curriculum Log • Appraisal integration