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Raita teodor- Riciu Valentin proiect centenar


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marea unire 1918

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Raita teodor- Riciu Valentin proiect centenar

  2. 2. 100YEARSSINCE THE GREAT UNION IN 1918 • The Great Union of 1918 was the historic process in which all the Romanian-Romanian historical provinces united in 1918 in the same national state, Romania. Preliminary stages were the Small Union of 1859 of the country of Moldavia with Wallachia and the acquisition of independence after the war of 1877-1878, amid the national rebirth of the Romanians in the course of the nineteenth century.
  3. 3. • The Great Union is linked to the personalities of King Ferdinand, Queen Maria and state man Ionel Bratianu. Done de facto on December 1, 1918 with the unification of Transylvania, diplomatic recognitionrequired efforts over the next years. I.C.BRATIANU FERDINANDI IULIUMANIU REGINA MARIA
  4. 4. KINGFERDINAND • King Ferdinand I is one of the most important crowned heads on the throne of the Kingdom of Romania. His personality is closely related to the time of the Great Union, as well as to the finalization of that Great Romania in which we all dream and which we remember with emotion. A man of a vast culture, polyglot and passionate botanist, King Ferdinand was sincerely dedicated to the Romanians, under his rule being the most flourishing period of the modern Romanian state.
  5. 5. • He became the first king of all Romanians. He was the man of the agrarian reform - the "peasant king" - of the electoral one and of the actions aimed at consolidating the Romanian unitary national state. In a small country, Romania has become a medium-sized state in Europe.
  6. 6. • During its thirteen years of history, Romania has made great progress on all levels (cultural, political, economic), a truly remarkable dynamism, which demonstrably demonstrated the constructive vocation and intelligence of the Romanian people that King Ferdinand identified.
  7. 7. QUEENMARIA • Decisive personality, by his will, sincerity, vitality and joy, Queen Mary was the Queen who conquered the hearts of all Romanians. Elegant, intelligent, sentimental, with a sense of humor and, above all, full of love for his country, he always knew to be remarked, appreciated, andloved.
  8. 8. • Maria proudly wore the military uniform and was actively involved in all the actions that the 4th Rosiori Regiment (later called the 4th Regiment "Queen Maria" Regiment) carried out. Becoming a queen with the arrival of Prince Ferdinand on the throne on October 11, 1914, after the death of King Carol I, shortly after the outbreak of World War I,the Queen Mary generously devoted time and energy to the wounded soldiers and typhus patients cholera. The Queen coordinated the collaboration with the Red Cross, organized campaign hospitals and raised funds for the ambulance service. Thus, it became known as "the wounded mother" or "the queen of the soldier".
  9. 9. I.C.BRATIANU • During hisgovernment as Prime Minister, Ion I.Cratianu was the initiator of the most important modernization reforms of theRomanian state, and the great politician appreciated that there was no greater duty than the defense of the interests and dignityof the Romanianpeople.
  10. 10. • Receiving in Bucharest the delegation of the Great National Council in Transylvania, which brought the Alba Iulia Union Resolution, Ion C.C.Bratianu defined what the Romanians felt at that hour: 'We have been waiting for a thousand years, and you have come so that we will never divorce. There are moments in the life of a nation of happiness so great that it redeems whole ages of pain. '
  11. 11. • The significance of the Great Union was captured in a series of particularly beautiful narrative texts. These texts have the merit of being lived and written out of the soul. • Writer and journalist Tiron Albani, a hero of the Great Union, remembers in his memoirs the unequaled enthusiasm of 1 December 1918: • "- Have you called on us to decide whether to unite with Romania, yes orno? • With tears of joy everyone was answering "Yes". This "yes" had something superhuman, a higher expression, more comprehensive than the meaning of the two letters, for he had come out of the four million hearts represented in Alba Iulia by over 100,000 participants."
  12. 12. BIBLIOGRAFIE • 01/11/comunicat-de-presa-tvr-18-25-51 • • col/ferdinand-i-omul-din-spatele-marii-uniri •