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The business letter

  1. 1. The Business Letter How is it done? Presented by: Raissa T. Guldam BSMT - IV
  2. 2. Main Formats Full block format  all the elements of the letter are left-justified  More formal style
  3. 3. Main Formats Modified block format  some elements of the letter are shifted over to the right
  4. 4. Parts of the Letter a heading a date line an inside address a salutation a body a complimentary close a signature and when necessary, end notations
  5. 5. Heading Address phone number email address. may also include the company name 1234 South Main Street AnyTown, AK, 12345 (999) 555-5555
  6. 6. Date Line Order the date line as follows: month (spelled out to avoid confusion), day and year.e.g. February 28th, 2001
  7. 7. Inside Address The inside address consists of the following, in order: the recipients name, position, organization and business address. Mr. Pat McCann, Personnel Director ABC Inc. 12 Penny Lane Blacksburg, VA 24060
  8. 8. SalutationSalutation Situation Dear Dr. Anderson:  The Preferred options: If name is known Dear Technical  When position only is Director: known To Whom It May  Use this salutation only if Concern: you absolutely have to. This can appear impersonal and it may Dear Ladies and help to go with an Gentlemen: attention line instead. Dear Sir or Madam:
  9. 9. Body Text Begin the text of your letter two lines spaces below the salutation. The body text usually includes (1) a brief introductory section-generally five lines or fewer-that identifies you, your subject and your purpose; (2) one or more body paragraphs that contain the details of your message; (3) a conclusion that sums up the contents and encourages action. Keep body paragraphs short (usually nine lines or fewer) and design the text to make key information easily accessible (bullets, lists, headings, etc.). When setting up the body of a letter, single-space text within the body of the paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs.
  10. 10. Complimentary Closing The most common closings are "Sincerely" ,"Cordially" or "Respectfully". Place the closing two line spaces below the last line of text Choose a closing that parallels the level of formality used in your salutation. In two word closings such as "Sincerely yours", and "Yours truly", capitalize the first word only. Place a comma after the complementary closing.
  11. 11. Signature Type your full name on the four line spaces below the complimentary close. Sign your name, in ink, above the typewritten name. If applicable, include your title or position under your typed name. Sincerely, John Brown John Brown Personnel Manager
  12. 12. Solicitation Letter Dear Sir/Madam, As summertime is soon approaching, a lot of activities also comes with it. We, the Electronics Team of Barangay Talamban would like to knock your hearts to support us for our upcoming Basketball League on December 20, 2008 which will be held at Talamban Sports Complex. Your financial support will greatly help us in the acquiring our needs to fulfill this event such as our uniform. Thank you in advanced for your kindest help. Respectfully yours, Romero A. Enoc Coach Team Electronics
  13. 13. Dear Sir/Madam:Greetings!Rolly Inc. will hold its Christmas Party on December22,2001. On this particular and special day, we wouldlike to ask your kind assistance to support this activity.Any amount or good that will be given to us will behighly appreciated. Thank you very much in advanceand may the good Lord shower you more of Hisblessings in the coming years.Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!Sincerely yours,Jay CruzManager
  15. 15. ACTIVITY Group 1 Group 2  Ask solicitation for the Feeding Program for orphans on December 5, 2012 Group 3 Group 4  borrow chairs from the library for upcoming eidul adha program on October 15, 2012