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Raisio is a home town for more than 24 000 inhabitants and 1400 businesses. Raisio is situated in the Turku region in South-West Finland. Welcome!

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Vibrant Raisio

  1. 1. vibrant
  2. 2. Something new and exciting at the croSSroadS masku rusko Raisio was built over the course of centuries on an old seabed, between raisio the Church Hill and Raisionjoki River. Raisio’s location along the Great naantali Post Road was an important factor in its development. In the old days, the Great Post Road meant people, trade and interaction. In fact, to this day it turku still retains that same meaning and importance. Raisio takes great pride in its location at a crossroads: something new and exciting is happening here distances: – and business is good. Turku 8 km The blackbird is a symbol of Raisio. Naantali 10 km In the 1950s Raisio’s population was still under 5,000. Today it is 24,000. To all its inhabitants, Raisio is a hometown that offers comfort and conven- Helsinki 170 km ience. Raisio is only a stone’s throw away from Turku, yet it has an obvious Tampere 165 km small-town charm: it combines comfortable living with safety. Raisio makes Pori 135 km it easy for you to enjoy yourself. There is beautiful nature right in everyone’s Tukholma 260 km backyard, and the marina provides a gateway to the world’s most beautiful Turku airport 9 km archipelago. Port of Turku 7 km Raisio is a commercial centre for the whole of Southwest Finland (sometimes Turku railway station 6 km known as Finland Proper). The centre of the town offers a convenient range of services, and above it all is Raisio’s landmark: a network of street lights. The bypass road E18 is something of a “shopping street” around Raisio: in Commercial Center Mylly, the IKEA store and the numerous surrounding shops you can find everything you ever dreamed of.2 3
  3. 3. a lively, SucceSSful Shopping place This century has seen Raisio’s importance grow as a regional commercial centre. The Mylly shopping centre on the ring road is the biggest in Southwest Finland. At ’Our Mylly’ you will find almost a hundred shops and businesses, and two department stores, Prisma and Sokos. Mylly is also famous for the events it hosts, and in Myllyn- tori (Mylly Square) there are a video theatre and a giant aquarium for the kids. A couple of kilometres down the bypass road from Mylly is Ikea, where you can explore the various model rooms and homes in search of your dream fur- nishings – and it’s all under the same roof. While shopping, why not pop into one of the largest restaurants in the Turku area? Its meatballs are legendary. Around Mylly and Ikea is a true shopper’s paradise. In the same area there are cars for sale, housing and construction products and services, furniture, health and fitness equipment and merchandise - virtually anything you have ever dreamed of or thought you needed. One day in Raisio is probably not enough for a shopping spree! open all hours Right in the heart of the town is the commercial centre, Raisiokeskus. In the area around the main square there are 150 businesses, all promising the best possible service. In Raisiokeskus you can shop in a more intimate way and benefit from the expertise and skills of people in many walks of life. Or you can sit and watch the world go by over a cup of coffee in the marketplace. The market stalls are open here from 7 am to 2 pm. In summer there is also an evening market on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Summer is also the time for special events, such as community singing and karaoke in the marketplace.4 5
  4. 4. hometown of the elovena girl Success from wood In Raisio, wood takes many shapes. P.O. Korhonen, For a long time Raisio was an agricultural area. The wealth of the Raisio peasantry a company co-owned by Artek and Martela, manu- was known far and wide, as the region had in excess of 30 mills, which made it factures trendy wooden furniture. Raision Puusepät extremely prosperous. One mill is left: Raisio Plc today is a pioneer in plant-based, Ltd, also based in the town, specialises in furnish- ecological nutrition. Founded in 1939, the company has been, and still is, a major ings and interior design for public areas. The town’s employer in the area, and its splendid grain silos are another Raisio landmark. entrepreneurial tour de force is Sweden’s magnificent parliamentary chamber, in which the seats are the Raisio Plc is known to all Finns for its food, and because of its famous slogans, one work of P. O. Korhonen and the tables are by Raision of which concerns Benecol’s cholesterol-reducing properties. The trademark they Puusepät Ltd. are probably fondest of most of all, however, is Elovena, a permanent symbol of enjoyable and healthy eating. In addition to foods and ingredients known for their business park of the future? healthy effects, Raisio Plc also produces feed, bioenergy and malts. Raisio’s new business park, the Gate of Raisio, is the african Star can always be found in raisio located along Highway 8, just off the E18. Good road connections, an airport, and two ports are Raisio also mass-produces the world’s largest diamonds – that’s within a 10 kilometre because the Raisio-based family firm, Martinex makes the pop- radius, so the area is ular Star of Africa board game. Set up in 1986, Martinex is a just excellent in terms manufacturer and wholesaler of gifts, household goods, of logistics. toys and games. They leave Raisio for the world, along with those delightful Mauri Kunnas products and the There are many types famous Moomin figures. of construction site in the area for shops, commerce and industry in raisio offices and manufac- Businesses: 1,400 turing. Go with the Workplace self-sufficiency rate: 88% Highway 8 flow! Number of jobs: in excess of 10,000 economic structure: services 41%, trade and commerce 27%, industry 20%, construction 7%, transport 5% educational establishments: upper secondary school, adult education centre, vocational college, Timali (adult education), business school6 7
  5. 5. guitar heroeS! The film ’Crossroads’ enjoys a cult reputation in guitar circles. At the Raisio crossroads too, guitarists go through something of an ordeal, because every year the town holds a Guitar Hero contest. The preliminaries, semi-finals and other events held around Finland throughout the year lead up to the final heat, which is held at the Kerttula Sports Centre in October. There the guitar virtuosos battle it out until, hopefully, a challenger to Hendrix emerges. raisio festival and Killi market at the end of august Raisio always holds special celebrations during the last weekend of August. There is a varied programme designed to make Raisio better known, though the main event is without a doubt the Killi Market on Saturday, when the market place and streets are filled with people and events. Numerous local organisations have stands at the market and the visitor gets a very clear picture of what is going on in Raisio as far as local societies and associations are concerned. dance the night away at huvilintu There is quite an atmosphere on the dance floor. Huvilintu, at Linnuksentie 39, is a traditional dance venue, where fans of dance music flock on Satur- days in summer to listen to Finland’s top artists. Enjoy summer dancing at Huvilintu!8 9
  6. 6. an eaSy-going place to live Raisio is of a comfortable size. It has excellent, comprehensive services, but at the same time it is small enough for people to feel safe and at ease. Its small size also means that everything is close at hand - and you can get around easily by car, on a bicycle or on foot. As one local resident put it: “Raisio is a nice place to live in every way.” Raisio makes it easy for you to enjoy yourself: nature is on almost eve- ryone’s doorstep, and there are plenty of paths for walking and cycling along. The Ulpukka Swimming Centre, magnificent library and marina are popular, but, with its wide range of activities, the town caters for all tastes. Housing in Raisio divides into flats in apartment blocks, terraced and detached houses. Each year the town makes available plots for the construction of detached houses, so it is worth keeping an eye out for them. We will use our profes- sional skills to help you complete your construction project. inhabitants: 24,200 age distribution: under 15 = 18%, 16 – 64 = 65% and over 65 = 17% population density 489/km2 number of residences, 12,072: apartment blocks 48%, houses 52% tax rate 17.5% 9 elementary schools and one secondary school 12 day care centres, 4 group family day care centres, and 50 family day care centres around Raisio10 11
  7. 7. Kerttula, where volleyball iS number 1 Kerttula sports hall is the homeground of Raision Loimu volleyball team. Volleyball has been played in Raisio at league level since 1977, and with some success: Loimu is second in the Finnish Championship League mara- thon table. Up to 1,300 supporters can fit into the volleyball stadium to experience the atmosphere, excitement and sheer skill of the players. The Kerttula Sports Centre offers a wide range of sports activities. There is a playing field, a football pitch, a tennis hall, tennis courts and an illuminated jogging and ski track. Kerttula also has two ice halls, where RNK (Raisio junior ice hockey club) has gained a reputation in ringette at league level. Raisio has a wide variety of nature and hiking trails. Collectively, they are known as the ‘Killi and Nalli Trails’ and there are about 40 kilometres of them in all. They link up with the Suokulla Route, with its more than 300 kilometres of hiking trails. There is an information board at Kerttula Sports Centre showing the nature trails.12 13
  8. 8. taKe a dip at ulpuKKa Ulpukka Swimming Centre is a spa-type swimming centre, the marina is the gateway to the world’s most beautiful archipelago where people can splash around or, even better, glide gently Raisio marina is the gateway to Airisto and the world’s most beautiful through the waters. There are also a therapy pool, a children’s archipelago. It is the largest in the Turku area, with 700 berths and wading pool, and a gym. For a bit of speed try the water also services for visitors. chute. The outdoor pool is used by swimmers in summer and in winter by those who like to take a dip in the icy water. On the opposite shore is a shipyard where larger vessels, such as luxury cruise ships, are built to sail in all the seas of the world. walk raisio You can ramble along the Meriakseli trails that take you through Raisio’s urban landscapes and its surrounding coun- ulpukka Swimming centre tryside. The Raisio Route (8.4 km) goes round the centre Eeronkuja 5 and leads to views over the sea. The River Route (6 km) is a tel. (02) 434 3360 chance for walkers to experience the beautiful Raisio River Valley. The information boards can be found in Tasalanaukio Open: (Tasala Square), by the entrance to the Krookila Local History Museum, and at the Kerttula Mon - Tue, Thu - Fri 6 am – 9 pm Sports Centre. Wed 11 am – 9 pm, Sat – Sun 11 am – 6 pm Sorry, but no admittance one hour before closing time.14 15
  9. 9. Something alwayS on at the library Raisio’s splendid library is one of the most frequently used in the country. It lends films and music, in addi- tion to books, and there are always a lot of other things going on. There are story-telling sessions for children, film presentations for families and senior citizens, lectures and visits from writers, a handicrafts club and various seasonal events. The library building is also a centre for art. The lobby gal- lery has an exhibition that changes monthly and there is always something unexpected to be found in the exhibi- tion housed in the glass cabinet, such as specialist col- lections. It is also possible to borrow art from the library. raisio town library Raisio’s citizen service point is located in the library’s reading room. Eeronkuja 2, tel. (02) 434 3443 The library buildings include the stylish Martinsali Auditorium, which seats 250 people. It is a place to watch films, listen to concerts and enjoy a wide range of other cultural events. It can also be booked for private functions, open: e.g. seminars. Mon – Thu 19 am – 7 pm, Fri 10 am – 4 pm, Sat 10 am – 2 pm The library also contains the NuoLi Service Point, which has a good deal of information on sports and activities for young people. It also has computers Reading room also open Sun 11 am – 2 pm for use by the public. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays in summer martinsali auditorium Enquiries: tel. 044 797 1128 17
  10. 10. muSeum harKKo for contemporary art and prehiStory Raisio’s Museum Harkko houses a collection 2,500 works from the Eero Rantanen Foundation. (Rantanen was a privy councillor who lived from 1923 to 2002). The collection mainly focuses on Finnish, Estonian and Russian art. The collections include drawings and prints, paintings and sculptures. Apart from works from the Foundation, the art museum also puts on various temporary exhibitions featuring different aspects of con- temporary art. The Eero Rantanen memorial room houses part of the man’s huge library as well as objects and photographs. The archaeological section displays treasures from the past – Rasio’s prehis- tory in the light of the latest research. It has much to say, as the present settlement at Raisio dates back 2,000 years. On display is the copper bar that gives the whole museum (‘Harkko’ in Finnish means ‘bar’ or ‘in- got’). The bar was discovered in Ihala (a suburb of Raisio), where raisio’s museum harkko the site of the Iron Age settlement of Mulli is located. It is one of Nallinkatu 2, Tel. (02) 434 3381 the most important archaeological finds in the area. The copper bar weighs over 16 kilos and would have been enough to make hundreds of small bronze buckles, clasps and brooches. open: Summer (1.6 – 31.8) The Harkko building was designed by architect Lauri Sipilä, and Mon: closed Tue – Thu 10 am – 6 pm was completed in 1954 to function as Raisio’s Town Hall. Later Fri 10 am - 4 pm Sat - Sun 12 noon – 3 pm on, the building became the administrative centre for the grow- ing town. A new Tity Hall was finished in 1981 and the old Town winter (1.9 – 31.5) Hall was converted into a library. The Harkko building was a li- Mon: closed Tue, Thu, Fri 12 noon – 4 pm brary up until 1999. The Museum and Cultural Centre of Harkko Wed 12 noon - 7 pm opened in June 2000. The building is also used by the Raisio Sat - Sun 12 noon – 3 pm Theatre and the Raisio Children’s and Youth Theatre.18 19
  11. 11. buffet table and old arabia porcelain one of finland’s at Krookila oldeSt The farmhouse at Krookila is mentioned in documents for the first churcheS time in 1490, when it belonged to the Dean of Turku Cathedral. After that it belonged to Naantali monastery, then to the daugh- ter of Sweden’s King John III, Sofia Gyllenhielm, and the de la Gardie family, among others. Krookila has been an independent farmhouse since the early 18th century. Today you can walk around in the hundred year old courtyard. The original buildings are from the 19th century. The idyllic atmosphere is heightened by a windmill and smoke sauna, heated to order. Krookila also has a summer theatre, the lunch restaurant, JuhlaMum- The artist who designed the stained-glass altar win- mola, and the Wanhat Kupit coffee shop, dow in 2001 is pastor Hannu Konola. The motifs are where you can sit and admire vintage based on the church’s stained-glass subjects from the Arabia coffee cups, plates, saucers, old cof- 14th and 15th centuries. fee pots and many other antique pieces of crockery and gifts. Documents show that the parish of Raisio dates back to 1292. At the time, The glass-walled Chapel of Light (1992) is in an urn Raisio’s vicar, Elavus, was left 10 marks in the will of Kaarle Kustaanpoi- cemetery designed by architect Bey Heng. The floor ka (the first Governor of Finland under Swedish rule). Raisio’s ‘chronology’ is covered in evergreen ivy. The Chapel and the sur- Krookila local history museum starts that year. Raisio’s grey stone church dates back to 1305, when it is rounding area are a place for quiet and contempla- Krookilankuja 40 thought that it was first consecrated. Another suggestion, however, is that tion. the construction of the church did not start until that same year. tel. (02) 437 3493, 050 60 654 church Among the church’s ancient treasures are the gravestones discovered dur- open 6.6 -14.8, every day 11 am - 6 pm. restaurant Juhlamummola ing renovations in the 1960s. They date from the 12th to 13th century. A Otherwise by arrangement. Open Tue - Fri 11 am – 2 pm, and Sun 12 noon – 3 pm crucifix by the legendary Master of Lieto, and dating from the early 14th chapel of light century, separates the nave from the chancel. The pulpit was a gift from coffee shop Krookilan wanhat Kupit the officer Ivar Frijsenskiöld in the mid-17th century. The grandfather clock open every day 8 am – 8 pm Open: summer (1.5 - 30.9.) Tue - Sun 11 am – 4 pm and the votive ship, built by the dragoon Lenfors, are from 1786. The Mis- further information from: Rest of the year (1.10 - 30.4.) Sat – Sun 11 am – 4 pm sale Aboense (1488), a prayer book for the bishopric of Turku, and the first Parish of Raisio, tel. (02) 436 0300 Bible in Finnish (1488) are in a glass cabinet. www.raisionseurakunta.fi20 21
  12. 12. JuSt who iS martti? and what on accomodation and eating in raiSio earth are Killi and nalli? accomodation reStaurantS and cafÉS All around Raisio there are place names named after someone hotel martinhovi, Martinkatu 6, cafe ulpukka, Eeronkuja 5, tel. (02) 438 5409 called Martti and someone or something called Killi and Nalli. tel. (02) 438 2333, center Kebab&pizzeria, Purokatu 2, tel.. (02) 4317157 The explanation is simple. St. Martin is Raisio Church’s patron gasthaus henri, Kaanaantie 111, grilli-Kivelä, Raisiontori 5, tel. (02) 438 3677 tel. (02) 439 7976, hesburger, Hulvelankatu 1, tel. (02) 437 1651 saint, and Killi and Nalli are the giants that actually built the iKea raisio, Itäniityntie 15, church! Krookila local history museum tel. (02) 437 3493, St. martin Kebab pizzeria panda, Vuorenpäänkatu 1, tel. (02) 439 7520 Kotipizza, Varppeenaukio 3, tel. (02) 438 6454 St. Martin (316–397) is the patron saint of Raisio Church and is lounaskahvila Krutonki, Kauppakuja 2, tel. 0400 551 204, known as the protector of the world’s poor and needy. Legend has it that one day Martin met a beggar in rags. To help the wretched mcdonald’s, Haunistentie 15, tel. (040) 717 0633 man, Martin took his sword and cut his cloak in two, giving him one naantalin aurinkoinen, Raisiontori 5, tel. 075 325 7305 and half. St. Martin still rides on horseback in Raisio’s coat of arms. Sarkamaantie 16, tel. 075 325 7320 raision Kebab-pizzeria, Tanhukatu 2 tel. (02) 430 7626 Killi and nalli, builders of the church restaurant huhkotalo, Lukkarlantie 2, tel. (02) 438 1561, Finland’s oldest tales and myths are associated with old settlements. One is of two giants called Killi and Nalli, the builders of Raisio restaurant martinhovi, Martinkatu 6, tel. (02) 438 2333, reStaurantS and cafÉS in the mylly Church. The first known written version of the story goes back to Shopping centre 1656. restaurant meicinti, Tasalanaukio 5, tel. (02) 435 9522, According to the myth, the Raisio town folk were planning the arnolds restaurant Sofram, Tasalanaukio 12, tel. (02) 437 3385 construction of a new church and hired two mysterious builders, aschan restaurant boat bruno, Venesatama, tel. (02) 533 0508, who worked supernaturally quickly. In fact they were the giants Killi buffet & leipomokahvila and Nalli, who were after the parish’s silver. The true nature of the coffee house rio Kebab pizzeria, Nallinkatu 1, tel. (02) 430 5551 creatures in human form was revealed when they were unable to hesburger rosso raisio, Kauppakatu 2, tel. 010 764 5610, fix the cross to the church roof. “Killi, get out of the church, and leonidas chocolates & café Nalli get off the roof!” shouted the priest, and he chased away the ravintola china city victory Kebab-pizzeria, Varppeenaukio 9, tel. (02) 430 7600 trolls, who turned into birds and flew screeching up into the sky. rico bar café The sharp-eared may still hear the lullaby of the troll’s wife in the rico deli depths of Raisio’s forests: “Killi makes churches, Nalli forges nails - in rosso express moneyed Raisio.” Spice ice taco bar22 23
  13. 13. Mainostoimisto Hurraa Oy/Newprint Oy 2011 town of raisio, P.O. Box 100, 21201 Raisio, tel. +358 (0)2 434 3111, fax +358 (0)2 434 3352, raision, www.raisio.fitourist information regional tourist information tourist guidesTown Library Turku Touring Raisio and South-WesternEeronkuja 2, 21200 Raisio Aurakatu 4, 20100 Turku Coast Tourist Guidestel. +358 (0)2 434 3443 tel. +358 (0)2 262 7444 tel. +358 (0)40 837