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Bellingham Hyundai Dealer Showcases New 2013 Sonata


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The award-wining 2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T has arrived to Rairdon's Hyundai of Bellingham, this leading Bellingham Hyundai dealer is very proud to present this upgraded vehicle.

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Bellingham Hyundai Dealer Showcases New 2013 Sonata

  1. 1. Bellingham Hyundai Dealer Showcases New 2013 SonataThis Bellingham Hyundai dealer is pleased to offer in-stock the impressive newHyundai sonata 2.0T. This 2013 model will bring more residual value and upgradedfeatures that will impress those Hyundai customers all over the WA state.The mid-size competition is higher than ever this year, that’s why Hyundai has make ahuge effort to improve your driving experience offering new features and adding morevalue to their vehicles. Recognizing the Sonata’s remarkable combination of high retailsales, low fleet mix and low incentive spending, ALG has rewarded the 2013 HyundaiSonata with its best-ever residual value of 60 percent, a remarkable achievement for a carin the third year of its life cycle.The exterior of the 2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T is long, light and low. The high beltlineallows for a long, sleek roofline accented by a third window. A monoform side profileincludes flowing lines highlighted by a Hyundai signature chrome accent that spans thelength of the car. Normally, this type of trim is only found around the windows.Bellingham Hyundai drivers will fin on the Sonata that this trim extends out from theheadlamps, juts up along the hood and through the beltline. The face is bold with a largepowerful chrome grille and headlamps that integrate precise details. The stance iscompleted by 16-, 17- or 18-inch multi-spoke wheels.
  2. 2. The sophisticated look continues inside, where Hyundai has created an upscale ambianc ethanks to a flow-through center console and instrument panel. These flowing surfacescomplement the exterior design and wrap around the driver and passengers.The sleek design, combined with Hyundai’s expertise in interior packaging, delivers class -leading interior comfort, functionality and practicality. A sleek roofline typicallycompromises headroom and interior volume, but at 120.2 cubic feet, the Sonata has moreinterior volume than many of its key competitors.Impressive Power for a Mid-Sized Sedan in BellinghamThe Sonata SE is an even more exciting and willing partner for drivers who prefer sportierride and handling dynamics. The sport-tuned suspension features stiffer springs and largerstabilizer bars, resulting in a 20 percent increase in roll stiffness. Low profile 18-inch tiresround out the unique chassis components of the Sonata SE.Sonata was built from the ground up with safety in mind, with a hot stamped ultra-high-strength steel body structure, advanced airbag technology and Electronic Stability Control(ESC), delivering on Hyundai’s commitment to both active and passive safety technologyleadership.Every 2013 Sonata has lifesaving ESC as standard equipment. This is important, becausethe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that ESC resultsin 35 percent fewer single-vehicle crashes and 30 percent fewer single-vehicle fatalities inpassenger cars.Overall the new 2013 Sonata 2.0T is perfect for those in search for a mid-size sedan thatdelivers power, safety and style. Visit Rairdon’s Hyundai of Bellingham and start financingyour Sonata today.About Rairdon’s Hyundai of BellinghamRairdon’s Hyundai of Bellingham will provide you with tools that will make buying a careasier. You can browse their new or used inventory, get a quote, fill out a creditapplication, value your trade or make a service appointment. So start your search at thisleading Hyundai dealer where you’ll find the selection and price you’re looking for. Contact: Rairdon’s Hyundai of Bellingham 1801 Iowa Street Bellingham, WA 98229 Phone: 877-412-7491