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Visualising Physiological Data - Quantified Self Europe 2013


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Slides from my show and tell talk on visualising physiological data in my wearable technology work, at Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference, Amsterdam.

Published in: Technology, Business
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    I have found a great site that has given me some inspiration that I believe I already had. Please excuse the whining I did in my previous post. I have do have the desire.

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  • It is my desire to even begin! And I have waited to long to ask…
    Where should I even start?
    I have, and am learning, Arduino (Uno rev3), but my desire is not to put LED's on everything! Should I start with ordering a Flora (isin't that outdated now too? I watch Adafruit, hack-a-day, Banzi, – etc, etc, etc… This whole thing feels simply too inaccessible. On the edge of quitting before I have even truly begun (for I stand at a brilliantly blinky Cliff where creation means mobility and funding), I guess It's all for the kids anyway.

    Should have started earlier I guess.
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Visualising Physiological Data - Quantified Self Europe 2013

  1. 1. Visualising Physiological DataQuantified Self Europe 2013Rain Ashford -
  2. 2. Hello!Image: Rain Ashford
  3. 3. The convergence and miniturisation of computing and communications tech meanswe’ll all be wearing our phones soon!Image: PinterestPossibly a little more discreetly!
  4. 4. The miniaturisation of technology has changed how people build & use wearable tech &electronics; they’re no longer comprised of cold, bulky sharp, boxy or ugly components thatyou might prefer to remain hiddenImage: Steve Mann
  5. 5. ..but until fairly recently wearable technology was heavy, angular, clunky or other wordly!Wearable Wireless Webcam, Steve Man, 1994Person with a head-mounted display (HMD), wired glove and joystick. Image: NASAMannGlass Welding HelmetPhillips SKIN ‘Bubble’ dress
  6. 6. Beam me up Scotty…..Sci-Fi has a lot to answer for!Images: Jean-Luc Picard as Borg Locutus by El Carlos / TriVisoHMD 2012 image by Rain AshfordImages: Star Trek Tricorder & Peter Jansen’s Tricorder Project Mk2, Lt Uhura Paramount Pictures, Jawbone headset uncredited image
  7. 7. But there’s no escaping that wearable tech was influenced by cyborgs & theirfriends!Images: Robocop DVD cover, pic by Plamdi, BSG motivational poster by thegreatgeekmanualRobotWearableCop Venn diagram, derivitive repurposed by Rain Ashford, original by GraphJam, RobocopMinis pic by infelix
  8. 8. There is also a fear of technology, machines, cyborgs, robots, etc.“Let’s just hope that they all don’t show up at once.“ AnonImage: unknown author / popular culture
  9. 9. I’m an avid self-tracker and fan ofsensors!Images: Rain Ashford
  10. 10. I use all sorts of sensors…EEG (Electroencephalography), GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), magnometer, temperature,proximity, light, movement, barometric (temp, altitude, pressure)Images: Sensors: Seeed Studio & Sparkfun, MindWave Mobile, Rain Ashford
  11. 11. I use sensors and other electronics to create interactive wearables and artImages:RainAshford
  12. 12. Soldering whilst wearing Necomimi brainwave cat earsI’m interested in… Social interaction – formal and informalevents where one is put on the spot/excruciating circumstances: networking,bars, clubs, meet ups, introductions,conferences, etc.Building multi-sensor wearables whichoutput data on the wearer’s physiologicalsigns comprised of various componentssuch as: a logging device sensors – tracking physiological signs:EEG, GSR, heart rate, accelerometer,temperature, etc. Actuators C code / algorithmsTo be… Visually reactive Sonically reactive Might record sound / display feedbackfrom user cameraImages: Rain Ashford
  13. 13. For me, the availability of sewable electronic & e-textiles has revolutionised the way I andmany artists & designers work…Images: LilyPad Arduino + accessories, Adafruit Flora pics by Rain Ashford,LilyPad Dev kit by Protosnap, Sensors: Seeed Studio & Sparkfun
  14. 14. …I enjoy incorporating the technologyinto the designImages: Rain Ashford
  15. 15. Hacking existing tech, such as Eric Boyd’s Heart Spark & combining with my own ideas andcomponents has allowed me to make pieces such as ‘You Make My <3 Flutter’: a proximitydetecting, heart rate sensing ‘techlace’Images: Rain Ashford
  16. 16. Images: Rain AshfordI’ve hacked the Heart Spark and added another heart shaped pendant that I’ve made whichIncludes a proximity detector to switch on the pulsing LEDs from my heart rate
  17. 17. Images: Rain AshfordI have plans for to expand this piece into a speed dating device to collect and combinequantitative data via temperature and posture to record and show how people’s physiologicalreactions differ from qualitative responses
  18. 18. Yr In Mah Face’ is temperature /mood sensing t-shirt - uses Celsius temperature datafrom a sensor, averages it, then visualises the results via LEDs.Images: Rain Ashford
  19. 19. ‘Yr In Mah Face’: uses an algorithm to decide and display the wearers temperature – coolcalm and collected or hot and bothered!Images: Rain Ashford
  20. 20. Baroesque Barometric SkirtImages: Rain Ashford
  21. 21. Baroesque Barometric SkirtSensors:Images: Rain Ashford Pressure Altitude Environment temp My temp°C (Celcius), Pa (Pascal) and m (meter)
  22. 22. Images: Rain AshfordDisplays environmental & physiological data °C(Celcius), Pa (Pascal) and m (meter)Baroesque Barometric Skirt
  23. 23. Necomimi brainwave cat ears..practicing manipulating concentration / meditationImages: Rain Ashford
  24. 24. NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile headsetImages: Rain Ashford
  25. 25. EEG bar-graph prototypingImages: Rain Ashford
  26. 26. EEG LED matrix prototypingImages: Rain Ashford
  27. 27. EEG LED matrix prototypingImages: Rain Ashford
  28. 28. Future uses for visualising data on the body Subtle notifications Not so subtle notifications!Including: Light, Visuals, Sound, MovementFor: Medical Communications Industrial Art Fashion Performance Sport Military LifestyleImage: Rain Ashford
  29. 29. Challenges Standards & classifications Interoperability Sustainability Security of data Battery / power Washability Marketing focus User ExperienceImage: Rain Ashford
  30. 30. Thank you for your attention!@Rainycathttp://rainycatz.wordpress.comRain Ashford 2013