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Your Guide To Building A Chicken Coop


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If you've decided to grow your own organic chicken and eggs, this guide is a must read on how to maintain and keep your chickens.

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Your Guide To Building A Chicken Coop

  1. 1. Presents Your Guide To Building A Chicken Coop The key to easy chicken coop construction is either purchase a kit, or buy a guide with easy to follow instructions.  However, just because youʼve purchased a kit doesnʼt mean that that particular design is easy to put together.  The key to easily building a chicken coop is to find a simple and functional design that will provide adequate space, ventilation, heat, and protection from the elements.  Easier said than done, huh? Well luckily for you there are resources available that provide ready made designs that are easy to build and maintain.  And they work extremely well at keeping your chickens healthy and comfortable.  Building A Chicken Coop is a complete step-by-step guide which details the easy ways which you can apply to build your own chicken coop in the comfort of your backyard.  It contains pictures and illustrations. Or if you prefer you can watch Dan Kennedyʼs Make Your Own Chicken Coop with step- by-step video instructions on how you can easily build a chicken coop in less than 3 days. Donʼt wait any longer, get started with your chicken coop today.  It doesnʼt get any easier than following the pros that have built and designed hundreds of coops.  When youʼre done come back to this site and share your story below.
  2. 2. Proper Chicken Coop Design With the surge in popularity of raising chickens,  we decided it would be good time to outline some very important factors when thinking about your chicken coop design.  These are tenants that should be at the foundation of every chicken farmer, and as long as you consider these guidelines, you should have no problem raising healthy chickens.  Remember, that you should take care of your chickens because ultimately those eggs and meat end up inside your body. At the heart of a proper chicken care is their diet and then housing.  You can always buy a chicken coop, but building your very own chicken coop is much more rewarding and budget friendly.  However, you need to consider some specific things first. Ordinances: City ordinances can be an issue for some of you, so make sure you check to find out if you are allowed to build a chicken coop in your backyard, or if there are regulations that you must be aware of.  Many towns may not allow chickens to be raised in your backyard due to zoning laws. Space: Do you understand how much space is required per chicken? The ideal space is 2 -3 square feet per chicken.  Is the area in which you intend to build big enough for this structure? If youʼre not sure of what exactly your plans are, or how many chickens you intend to house, you may want to build your coop larger then you expect to, just to avoid any future problems. Ventilation: Air circulation is a must for you, as well as your new pet poultry. For healthier chickens and more egg production, you must make sure you coop is ventilated properly.  Be sure there is proper ventilation along the top and base of the chicken coop.  You always want to balance ventilation with heating as well, especially if you live in a cold weather area. Feeding and Lighting: Two important factors in a good set of chicken coop building plans will include easy access to feed your pets, as well as lighting. Not only a light source for your access, but also an adequate amount of natural light. The above concerns can not be overlooked, so make sure you take the time too check into these specific items before beginning building our chicken coop. And with the right information and the quality design you will be sure to enjoy this chicken coop for years to come. Believe it or not, if done properly, chickens require very little supervision and
  3. 3. very little maintenance. This may sounds like a lot of things to keep in mind, luckily there are guides such as this one which provides step-by-step instructions on building chicken coops that adhere to these principles. How To Build A Chicken Coop for Cheap Most people usually keep their chickens in the backyard. However, when they need to buy a house for their chickens, they will always face the same problem, which is the high price of a chicken coop. Many people canʼt afford to pay that much money. At a crunch time like this, we all need to be as thrifty as possible. However, it doesnʼt mean that you canʼt have a chicken house in your backyard. In this article, I provide you a way to build your own chicken coop within the limited budget. For those of you looking to keep chickens in your backyard, you know that your largest expense is the chicken house.  Most of us canʼt afford to pay that much money.  At a crunch time like this, we are all looking for ways to be as thrifty as possible.  However, it doesnʼt mean that you canʼt have a chicken house in your backyard.  You can build a chicken coop within your limited budget. Donʼt believe the myth that building a chicken house by your self is hard.  It does take a lot of work, but it is not difficult.   When you are done, you will not only have the pride of knowing you built the chicken coop yourself, but also that you saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  You will save at least 50% in costs by building a chicken coop over buying a new one.  So if you are serious about saving money on a chicken coop then get a chicken coop design and build one yourself. The first things you need to consider is that number chicken that you are going to be raising in the coop.  For each chicken youʼll need at least 2-3 square feet of space.  Second, youʼll want to look for a chicken coop design that gives you detailed instructions on how to build one that is easy to clean, well-ventilated, and provides ample protection from rain and wind. Its very easy to find a chicken coop plan, there are resources all over this site to help you find one.  So donʼt let not having a design stop you.  After finding a good plan, you want to drive over to the local Home Depot, Lowes, or hardware supply store to get the required materials.  Again, a decent chicken coop guide will tell you the exact supplies youʼll need and how much to buy of each. You can also try looking around at construction sites or contractor sites to ask for any scrap wood and wire mesh.  Donʼt steal it, but if they have spare wood you may be able to get them for free.  You can also try to negotiate at your local hardware store, youʼll be surprised a the discounts you can get by just asking 3 times, “is that the best deal you can give me?”  Times are tough, and store owners are more willing to negotiate just to make a sale.
  4. 4. So to recap, find a good chicken house plan, get all the materials you need, and start building your first chicken coop. Need Chicken Coop Blueprints And Designs? Visit my website, to get great ideas and blueprints for all types of chicken house projects: from wooden mobile chicken coops to large chicken pens. Youʼll find the perfect design for your backyard or farm. There are also helpful articles on rearing chickens and harvesting eggs. Donʼt forget to check out this video on building a starter chicken coop. Just scroll down the page until you see it. ;) -