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Getting to Continuous Deployment (Webinar Slides)

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Getting to Continuous Deployment (Webinar Slides)

  1. 1. Getting to Continuous Deployment Kevin Bell Developer Evangelist Fred Stevens-Smith CEO & Co-Founder
  2. 2. #continuousdeployment Agenda ● What is CD and why do it? ● Infrastructure ● Culture ● Testing ● Q&A
  3. 3. #continuousdeployment What is Continuous Deployment? Code Development Continuous Integration Staging Production Continuous Deployment Continuous deployment is the Agile philosophy expanded to deployment. Every change that passes the automated tests is deployed to production automatically. (tl;dr: deploy code in smaller chunks, more frequently)
  4. 4. #continuousdeployment Why do Continuous Deployment? - Ship features to users more quickly - Experiment and validate assumptions more rapidly - Be more responsive to unforeseen problems - Minimize the risk of each deployment* - Keeps your agile process honest: - “But we are Agile! We use user stories and have sprints!” - Many teams have agile process without agile technology - CD requires both *But be careful about “switching on” large features
  5. 5. #continuousdeployment 3 Criteria for Successful Continuous Deployment Infrastructure What tools do you need? Culture Testing Do you have checks & balances? How comprehensive is your testing?
  6. 6. #continuousdeployment Criteria #1: Infrastructure Basics Continuous Integration (CI) Servers Version Control Unit + Integration Testing Monitoring
  7. 7. #continuousdeployment Criteria #2: Culture of Collaboration ● Trust your team ● Remove red tape in the code review process ● Involve developers closely in production operations ● Review pull requests (re: sanity checks) 83% of SaaS companies with a high CD adoption rate report that using a collaboration platform played a highly important role in achieving CD. * * 2015 Evans Research Survey of Software Development Professionals
  8. 8. #continuousdeployment Criteria #3: Test Continuously Test as early & often as possible ● Unit tests ● UI tests (automated vs. manual) Production monitoring + Rollbacks Zenefits was able to scale their customer base to 10,000+ without an in-house QA team by supplementing their testing automation suites with manual testing.
  9. 9. #continuousdeployment But wait! Other things to consider….. Zero downtime deployments Feature Flags Gradual roll-outs
  10. 10. Questions? Kevin Bell Developer Evangelist Fred Stevens-Smith CEO & Co-Founder
  11. 11. Thank you!