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Building Cloud-based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices


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With the explosive growth of mobile, testing apps across a number of different mobile devices and operating systems is essential. But managing a collection of physical devices requires extensive maintenance and can get really expensive, really quickly.

So how can you build a mobile app testing platform, without the headache of managing all those mobile devices?

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Building Cloud-based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices

  1. 1. Building Cloud-based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices
  2. 2. Introducing Today’s Speakers Trent Peterson AWS Device Farm Russell Smith Rainforest QA
  3. 3. Mobile Continues to Explode (obviously...) 1,400,000,000 Smartphones sold in 2015 $3.1 trillion Annual revenue generated by the mobile market 17,200,000,000 App downloads in Q1 2016 56% mobile Consumer traffic on leading eCommerce websites
  4. 4. Why Mobile Testing is Essential ● Quality is everything ○ Users will drop off in a heartbeat ● Lots of devices, operating systems, and platforms
  5. 5. But Mobile Testing is Hard... Tons and tons of different devices Who manages and executes the tests? Expensive
  6. 6. AWS created Device Farm 1. Genesis of Device Farm 2. Security 3. Scale 4. Reliability 5. How customers manage today
  7. 7. ...Rainforest & AWS Device Farm 1. Why Device Farm? 2. Why Rainforest? 3. How we use Device Farm at Rainforest 4. Mobile Only overview + demo 5. Whats next