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Changing Roles of Gender


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Exercise for the MBA Creative Process Leadership; Joanna Bakas

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Changing Roles of Gender

  1. 1. Identifying the changing roles of the genders. Methoden auf Umfeldebene – Business Sociology & Trend Research LVA Joanna Bakas, 05/2011
  2. 2. commercial #1: Dr. Oetker (1950´s)
  3. 3. commercial #2: Dr. Oetker (2009)
  4. 4. tv series #1: Mad Men
  5. 5. tv series #2: Sex and the City
  6. 6. CEO of HP 1999 – 2005 the rise of new role models #1: Carly Fiorina
  7. 7. in relationship with tow men the rise of new role models #2: Tilda Swinton
  8. 8. changing communication #1: Susan Sarandon "Es gibt eine Menge Leute, die noch ficken, obwohl sie über 60 sind. Gott sei Dank! Und deren Leben noch nicht vorüber ist, wenn sie 70 werden. Ich hoffe, das wird bei mir auch so sein."
  9. 9. changing communication #2: Helga Konrad „ Ganze Männer machen Halbe-Halbe.“ former Austrian minister for women
  10. 10. Key Problem <ul><li>How can companies in the Hungarian beer market best strengthen their position and which market segmentation strategy shall best be applied, given a significant drop in beer consumption over the last years? </li></ul>#THX.