That Quizzy Feeling 18


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That Quizzy Feeling 18

  1. 1. That Quizzy Feeling-18 -Ankit Sethi
  2. 2. The following is an unexpected impact made by a film(Y). During shooting, camels caused several problems on set. X was not used to riding camels and found the saddle to be uncomfortable. During a break in filming, he bought a piece of foam rubber at a market and added it to his saddle. Many of the extras copied the idea and sheets of the foam can be seen on many of the horse and camel saddles. The Bedouins nicknamed X 'Ab al-'Isfanjah“ meaning "Father of the Sponge“. The idea spread and to this day, many Bedouins add foam rubber to their saddles. Film and X?
  3. 4. This special stuff is stored in a room accessed via a hidden staircase in the game arcade of an exclusive mansion. Frank Cascio, an aide to its purveyor, is said to have allowed his brother and sister to partake of it. Though sometimes drunk in glasses or straight from the bottle, most often it was served in Diet Coke or Sprite cans. Name this drink, actually white wine, allegedly served to children by Michael Jackson.
  4. 5. Jesus Juice
  5. 6. This movie had been released as “Skyscraper Assault” in Portugal, “Sturdy Soul” in Estonian and inexplicably, “Tiger's bravery and Dragon's Might” in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Film?
  6. 8. Poster is an homage to?
  7. 10. These posters are an homage to which famous movie poster?
  8. 12. During the creation of the character of Jubilee from the X-men, her outfit was designed to be an homage to which famous superhero? Hint: Not a Marvel character.
  9. 14. The running length of the movie is 1:23:45 and lists Leonardo DaVinci under “Special Thanks”. It was the director’s first feature film, who won the Directing Award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival for it. ID film.
  10. 16. Which English film inspired this movie poster inspired?
  11. 26. Neurologist Donald Lewis reviewed the relevant literature and concluded that this person suffered from distal renal tubular acidosis. It would have made him frail and sickly, but could be treated with an antacid by the top 19th century doctors. Thus it was plausible that the unexpected financial support from his father's employer would indeed provide him a cure. What is being talked about?
  12. 27. Tiny Tim’s condition in “A Christmas Carol”
  13. 28. A cavalry officer in the 13th Hussars, he first gained fame as the defender of Mafeking in the Boer War. He was granted a peerage in 1929 and Cecil B. DeMille just before his own death was preparing to film this man's life story. His sexuality has been studied by two principal modern biographers, who have concluded that he may have taken an erotic interest in men. One of these biographers, Tim Jeal, claims that he was a "repressed homosexual“. Who?
  14. 29. Robert Baden Powell
  15. 30. Along with producer Samuel D. Pollard, he got an Oscar nomination for his 1997 documentary on the Birmingham church bombings, Four Little Girls . After such amateur efforts as Last Hustle to Brooklyn , he earned artistic recognition for a graduation project titled Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads . His real first name is Shelton, and he once told Mickey Rourke to shave and take a shower. The greatest legacy of his first major production “She's Gotta Have It” was the Mars Blackmon character, played by himself, who went on to be featured in several Nike commercials with Michael Jordan. He, of course, directed these commercials. Who?
  16. 32. He drew much of his personal philosophy and his literary technique from his godfather, Gustave Flaubert. Before he went mad, he wrote travel sketches and plays, and had some success with his novels such as A Woman's Life , Bel-Ami , and Pierre and Jean . Who?
  17. 33. Guy DeMaupassant
  18. 34. Its creation and marketing has been the subject of a doctoral dissertation. Peter Cooper, the locomotive designer, invented and patented the process in 1845, but it was over 50 years before Pearl B. Waite started marketing a commercially viable version named by his wife. A neighbor, Orator F. Woodward, bought the Waite’s out and formed the Genesee Pure Food Co. For its centennial in 1997, current owner Kraft General Foods opened a museum honoring it in Leroy, N.Y. Its 92% brand name recognition may be the highest in the U.S.
  19. 36. In 47 B.C., Julius Caesar led 3 legions and whipped Pharnaces, king of the Bosporus, in only 5 days. The brief campaign culminated with the bloody battle of Zela. Significance?
  20. 37. His father was district attorney of Los Angeles County; his maternal grandfather was mayor of L.A. An outstanding polo player, he placed 5th in the 1912 Olympics in the military pentathlon. As a result of a movie based on his life and its now-famous opening monologue in front of a gigantic American flag, which remains an iconic and oft-quoted image in film, he has come to symbolize a warrior's ferocity and aggressiveness. Who?
  21. 39. In an amazing coicidence, all the three people mention below were Army buddies who all served together in the same unit of the Signal Corps in World War II: X was the creator of the the character B published as a comic book with the same title On May 15, 2009 it was announced that B will finally make a decision that has been the hallmark of B’s stories for the past sixty years. The six-part story of B’s will begin in Issue 600 (August 2009) of his eponymous comic book. Perhaps the least likely cartoonist to team up with X in any way, Y earned fame for his macabre New Yorker cartoons most notably C. Armenian by heritage, Z is most famous for the creation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a group consisting of three singing animated chipmunks, which have been the subject of a TV series, a video game and a feature film with a sequel on the way. ID X,Y,Z, and their creations B&C.
  22. 40. X= Bob Montana Y= Charles Addams Z= Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. better known by his stage name David Seville. B= Archie C= The Addams Family
  23. 41. Their creation was formally approved by Pope Sixtus V, but in 1902 Pope Leo XIII banned their use in church music. This was not a revolutionary move, as their creation was almost universally outlawed by 1870. Because of their absence, some Baroque operas are unperformable today. They are subject to a process intended to preserve the prepubescent vocal range which give them their name. Who are they known as?
  24. 42. Castrati, a male performer with a vocal range equivalent to a female
  25. 43. Over a 6-month period, turnover of power in this land was high. First, two tyrannical regional leaders were assassinated. Then, the reclusive ruler from Omaha suddenly resigned, handing power to an animated farm object. He in turn was unable to defeat an invasion by an army of misfit girls. They were then defeated by the rightful heiress to power, a girl who was turned into a boy at birth, then turned back into a girl. What place am I talking about?
  26. 45. "Imad Aqel," is a movie that premiered last Saturday. Officially termed as "Cinema of Resistance”, it was filmed on a set built inside the former Jewish settlement of Ganei Tal. The film cost $120,000 and was written by Mahmoud al-Zahar. Majed Jendeya, the movie's German-trained director, said he hoped to screen the film at the Cannes festival in France. Apart from all of the above, what is special about this film?
  27. 46. First feature film produced by Hamas.
  28. 47. After recent confirmed reports, what first is this movie actor about to achieve?
  29. 48. First actor to play both a Marvel Comics as well as a DC Comics character on screen
  30. 49. The brand name of a new Russian tie-up with a Nigerian company to produce and sell gas was the subject of embarassment. What was the brand name?
  31. 50. Niggaz
  32. 51. Significance of these words spoken on December 17th 1972, “lets get this mother out of here” ?
  33. 52. Last words spoken on the moon