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Flash develop presentation


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Presentation of fastest AS3 code editor for windows.

Published in: Technology
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Flash develop presentation

  1. 1. FlashDeveloppresentationRaimundas Banevicius 2012.07 fastest AS3 editing tool for windows
  2. 2. About FlashDevelopPROS: ● Is is free. ● FlashDevelop is open source project. ( current version : v. 4.0.4) ● For AS3, HaXe. (many more : as2, python, xml, css, html, js, php, C#.. ) ● Big and active community. ● Support many completion and generation features ● Supports code snippets and project templates ● Highly customizable, with lot of plugins ● very simple/fast/convenient panel and window docking interface.(.net lib) ● Application is fast and lightweight (30 mb) ● For windows only. ● usable, but not that good with flex ● lacks live syntax error checking. (need to press F7) ● open source product - quality is good, but lower than perfect.
  3. 3. Project, file generatorsGenerates lot of various projects: ● Flash Ide ● AIR ● AS3 ● Flex ● AIR mobile ● HaXe ● customGenerates lot of generally used files: ● Class, Event, Interfaces...ETC. custom ● html, xml, css, can customize files generated: ● add variables (system, environment, custom... etc.. ) ● add dynamic variables(to pick value from a list, or just edit it)
  4. 4. Code completion rocks!● Automatic after typing first 2 characters. (or CTRL + SPACE)● Context hinting. (no need to start from... start!..)● Compleats and imports classes
  5. 5. Code auto Generators(CTRL+SHIFT + 1)● missing import >> import● local variable >> ○ to class ○ to function top ○ to function param● over event handler >> generate handler● over unknown name >> generate var or function● over unknown object property >> generate var or function in that object● over constant name >> generate constant● over interface >> generate interface functions● function parameter >> generate class member● over local variable >> get/set function generation● in class >> generate constructor, toString function● over function/constructor >> update function parameters● generates override functions● /** > generates asDocs (with all needed details) (has tag completion)
  6. 6. Snippets(Code block generators)● Code block insertion● Supports variables in snippets (selection, custom system variables, environment vars and so on..)● Supports dynamic variables (Select value from list or enter new one)
  7. 7. Code refactoring● variable, function rename.● extract code block as function● generate delegate function for private object properties...● surround code with...● organize/truncate imports● Class rename/move is missing. :(
  8. 8. Other features● GIT, Mercurial integration. ○ Yes... SVN too... (but who in the right mind would use it unless forced to...?)● code debugger● code formatter● profiler (minimalistic)● explores SWC/SWF files● code bookmarks● restores you work even if your PC crashes with unsaved files● Extra tools: ● Documentation generation ● Analyze source code ● Shared object reader
  9. 9. Nice plugins● Trace plugin● Duplicate plugin● Navigation Bar● TraceUtil plugin● Ant panel plugin● The miner + FlashDevelopMuch more here:
  10. 10. Nice shortcutstype snippet or code(for, if...) + TAB = triggers generation or autocompletionCTRL + SHIFT + 1 = generate stuffCTRL + SHIFT + 2 = format codeSHIFT+SPACE = trigger completionCTRL + ALT + SPACE = trigger CLASS completionSHIFT+CTRL+SPACE = show docCTRL+ B = insert snippetF3 = find next selected word (ShIFT + F3 = find previous)F4 = to to object declaration (ShIFT + F4 = go back )F7 = Check syntaxF8 = BUILDCTRL + ENTER = build and RUN
  11. 11. my settingsFlashDevelop(MENU > Tools > Program settings (search for...)): ○ View Modified Lines > true ○ Automaticly reload Modified Files > true ○ Coding Style Type > BracesOnLine ○ Brace Style > OnLine ○ Dont indent Package Items > true ● Add button to kill all FlashPlayerDebugger.exe programs:Add this to the end of ToolBar.xml file located in install dir: <separator /> <button label="Kill FlashPlayer" click="RunProcess" tag="taskkill.exe;/f /t /im FlashPlayerDebugger.exe" image="153" /> ● + Big pile of snippets, project and file templates...