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Solution selling


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Thoughts about solution selling. What makes it different from selling a product and what differentiates you in the perception of your audeince

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Solution selling

  1. 1. solution selling Simply Notes 1 32#8/5/16 solution selling moving from an idea and concept into action
  2. 2. solution selling Simply Notes 2 32#8/5/16 what this is all about 1 management knows it bestmanagement knows it best challenge of solution sellingchallenge of solution selling2 simple steps - hard to dosimple steps - hard to do5 4 be honest to yourselfbe honest to yourself 6 the actual selling...the actual selling... 3 know your audienceknow your audience
  3. 3. 3 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling Management knows it bestManagement knows it best management knows it best 1111
  4. 4. solution selling Simply Notes 4 32#8/5/16 managementknowsitbest management knows it best  in many companies that's almost a given.  once successful with a product, solving pressing problems, and once the market has adapted the solution, there is always the point in time where management decides to move up the value chain and sell solutions!?  that's typically where it goes bust! 1111
  5. 5. solution selling Simply Notes 5 32#8/5/16 managementknowsitbest why is it important to sell solutions  become less comparable with your competition  Use your solution approach as differentiator  solutions are embedded in strategies – features are not  focus on the value to your client in order to increase value to you  Revenue  Feedback  Insight  Change your standing within the client's thinking 1111
  6. 6. solution selling Simply Notes 6 32#8/5/16 managementknowsitbest what will / what has to change  your audience  from problem owner to business owner  your value proposition  from features / functions to possibilities  your sales cycles  from now to when it is the right time for your client  your revenue  From small transactions to larger strategic sales 1111
  7. 7. solution selling Simply Notes 7 32#8/5/16 managementknowsitbest from features to solutions  Turning a technical solution, which got sold by outstanding features and functions to a very specific audience, into a solution sale is challenging.  Why is it that challenging? 1111
  8. 8. 8 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling challenge of solution sellingchallenge of solution selling2222
  9. 9. solution selling Simply Notes 9 32#8/5/16 challengeofsolutionselling the focus for your selling  Easy put, it is no longer about you and your product. It is about your audiences priorities.  Not only this, it is also about your audience's perception of the problem, your technology and the business value it potentially may bring 2222 in your audiences perception
  10. 10. solution selling Simply Notes 10 32#8/5/16 challengeofsolutionselling start with your elevator pitch  Look at your elevator pitch or your standard presentation. It typically talks about  how great your solution is  how successful your company is  how much better your audience will do if they just start using your solution - and therefore buy it from you.  Right?Right? 2222
  11. 11. solution selling Simply Notes 11 32#8/5/16 challengeofsolutionselling will you be successful with your pitch  Well, you only will sell something if, by luck, your audience has to solve a tactical problem just now.  You will not be perceived as a strategic partner nor will your audience reach out to you for advice or to sync up with you on initiatives. 2222
  12. 12. solution selling Simply Notes 12 32#8/5/16 challengeofsolutionselling does your elevator pitch sell solutions  rethink the pitch, are you talking mainly about you and not about your audience?  does your pitch indicates you understand your audience's  actual situation  strategies  competition  market 2222
  13. 13. solution selling Simply Notes 13 32#8/5/16 challengeofsolutionselling become strategic  Wouldn't it put you in a different position if your pitch highlights  Your understanding of the client's situation  The market your client is in  Creates a vision for your client reflecting market drivers and his strategies to respond to the market  Get “extra points” if you know what's motivating / driving your audience 2222
  14. 14. 14 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling know your audienceknow your audience3333
  15. 15. solution selling Simply Notes 15 32#8/5/16 knowyouraudience know your audience...  ...and use this intelligence for a purpose  answer yourself 3 simple questions  what do I know about my audience's expectation and motivation to take this meeting  why do I have this meeting  what do I expect out of this meeting  be prepared to take a hit if the meeting doesn't go as expected  visualize upfront what would be the best and the worst outcome 3333
  16. 16. solution selling Simply Notes 16 32#8/5/16 knowyouraudience know your audience's motivation factors...  What are the career aspirations  What is the personal motivation like  What is your audience interested in  Job related  Personal (Hobby)  Talking 3333
  17. 17. solution selling Simply Notes 17 32#8/5/16 knowyouraudience the worst meeting outcome is... ... when your audience doesn't share insights into their strategy, actual needs and problems and limit the discussion to your product's features and functions ... that's when youyou missed your audience's points or you reached out to the wrongwrong audience 3333
  18. 18. solution selling Simply Notes 18 32#8/5/16 knowyouraudience the best meeting outcome is... ... when your audience starts envisioningenvisioning a future with their problems solvedproblems solved because of you ... that's when youyou will be successful 3333
  19. 19. 19 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling be honest to yourselfbe honest to yourself4444
  20. 20. solution selling Simply Notes 20 32#8/5/16 behonesttoyourself be honest to yourself  are you prepared to sell nothing in the first place  is solution selling about your solution  no, it's about the other ones problem and priorities  do you understand the revenue potential  Hint, it is not based on market potential nor price list!  what do you know about the clients business  it is very unlikely he is in your business, also that's what you like talking most 4444
  21. 21. solution selling Simply Notes 21 32#8/5/16 behonesttoyourself have you done your homework  Vertical information  Client related information  Share price  Press releases  Initiatives client is driving / has announced  Organizational changes  You main contacts interests  Professional  career related  Personal  family / hobbies 4444
  22. 22. 22 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling simple steps - hard to dosimple steps - hard to do5555
  23. 23. solution selling Simply Notes 23 32#8/5/16 simplesteps–hardtodo simple steps - hard to do  understand the problem through your clients eyes  not with a solution in mind!  think outside of your solution context  obvious things are hiding the real challenges  challenge / confront your contact with questions  he/ she may want to be polite not giving you the full picture but only the jigsaw piece expected to be of relevance to you. This decreases the likelihood for a sale  understand the priority of the problem for your audience  helps you forecasting 5555
  24. 24. solution selling Simply Notes 24 32#8/5/16 simplesteps–hardtodo what drives decisions  how long is he/she dealing with this problem  has the business impact been quantified  who suffers most  who will benefit most from a problem resolution  do they really care  be specific - use numbers  make assumptions to get to real numbers  Assumptions are an easy way to  determine audience is serious if they start discussing the assumptions made  get to the truth – real numbers 5555
  25. 25. solution selling Simply Notes 25 32#8/5/16 simplesteps–hardtodo what's in for your audience  how does your solution help your audience to achieve their objectives  thing longterm, knowing your audience's objectives  even if a short term solution is required to address an immediate need  you want to be strategic and not a nice to have fix  Quantify the solution benefits  What does success look like for your audience in terms of numbers  e.g. savings, reduction in support cases in % ...  map solution benefits to objectives and prioritize them 5555
  26. 26. 26 32#8/5/16 Simply Notes solution selling the actual selling...the actual selling...6666
  27. 27. solution selling Simply Notes 27 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... the actual selling...  ...starts way before you talk products and prices.  create a vision in your audience's mind  how it would be like if the problem on their mind vanished, new capabilities they struggle with become available or simply give them a competitive advantage like faster time to market or production.  Make your audience envision how their world would be like if their most pressing problem don't exist anymore 6666
  28. 28. solution selling Simply Notes 28 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... Learn from Antoine de St.Exupery(from “Le Petite Prince”) “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. ... Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." 6666
  29. 29. solution selling Simply Notes 29 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... be crisp  ever tried to condense your standard presentation down to 5 slides, or even 3?  did you succeed?  a big applause if you did! one question so? Are you sure the same message been delivered than with your standard deck?  if so, why did you do the extended version in the first place?  why did you waste someone's time going through many slides you don't need and are likely to be irrelevant to your message? 6666
  30. 30. solution selling Simply Notes 30 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... be crisp - homework  take your standard deck and extract the most valuable content to a client you have in mind so you end up with 5 slides max. the first slide must include client specific information why you are presenting and why you believe this is relevant to the client.  do this when you have time to do so  allow up to 4 hours for this task.  It is easy to compile a presentation with 40+ slides in 1 hour - copy paste does the trick -coming up with 3-5 slides only usually takes a couple of hours 6666
  31. 31. solution selling Simply Notes 31 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... tell a story  the easiest thing to do and mastered by most sales people is to tell a story  the easiest way to loose attention of an audience is to tell a story  the most difficult way getting an audience's attention is to tell a story....  ...which is relevant to them, will impact, reflect their...which is relevant to them, will impact, reflect their actual situation and makes them envision a betteractual situation and makes them envision a better futurefuture 6666
  32. 32. solution selling Simply Notes 32 32#8/5/16 theactualselling... be relevant to become relevant  be realistic what the impact of your solution is to your audience’s problem  don’t talk about your cycling pace if your audience drives formula 1 cars  talk numbers, numbers, numbers – if they are relevant to the total project size your audience is dealing with  Make sure you’ve done your homework to quantify the value of your solution  It is not about cost – it is about savings in OPEX, time, incidents and increased customer satisfaction  Become the trusted go-to person by walking your talk and be knowledgeable about your audience’s business 6666