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Empowering women in tech lessons from rails


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Bridgetalk Basel December 5th, 2012

Published in: Technology
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Empowering women in tech lessons from rails

  1. 1. Empowering Women in Tech -Lessons from Rails Girls Zurich by Stella Schieffer
  2. 2. 13% Women in ICT
  3. 3. Switzerland is slacking, why?
  4. 4. «We have a massive image problem» Abraham Bernstein, Professor for Computer Science, Universität ZürichImage-ProblemTechnical, abstract, mathematicalLife in front of the computerComputer ScientistsShy, badly dressed, eating pizza, drinking cokeFear of being the only womanFear to standout, lacking confidenceCultural prejudiceTechnical jobs are not for girls
  5. 5. Why are women an asset?Users Developers 20-30 year old men develop for 20-30 year old men
  6. 6. New Perspectives Understand customer problems, develop & implement solutionsCommunicative & interactiveColorful & creativeArtistic
  7. 7. Rails GirlsRails GirlsFirst experience in Software craftsmanship.
  8. 8. Rails GirlsHands on, minds on.Building an international network of volunteers with an opensource stack of coding curriculum to teach technology. We want togive girls confidence & a global network.
  9. 9. Rails Girls30 Girls, 10 Coaches, 2 Days
  10. 10. Rails GirlsFirst started in Helsinki 2010,Now in Berlin, Washington, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Kyoto,Rotterdam, Riga, Munich, Austin, Dublin, Prague, Dallas, Cologne...
  11. 11. Rails Girls Zurich
  12. 12. Impressions
  13. 13. Women can be excited about IT & web developmentIt needs a• Welcoming atmosphere to open up – Good Food & Drinks – Great Event Space• Active Coaches & Personal Support – Girls are shy to ask questions – Simple explanations to a flood of new techy words
  14. 14. What do girls need to continue
  15. 15. Get Involved• Active Supporters/Promoters• Coaches• Sponsors – Space for Workshops – Events: Food, Drinks...
  16. 16. Get involved! Like us, follow us, Help outRails Girls
  17. 17. Rails Girls is coming to Basel