Social tribes


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Social tribes

  1. 1. Emo is described as a subculture, a music that expresses emotions that youths can relateto. It is also a modern community.The term ‘Emo’ is regarded as Emotive hardcore which is a sub genre of hardcore punkwhich has originated in the 1980’s.Continuing in the 1990’s, emotive hardcore artists largely formed in the United States, andinfluenced the music industry as record labels then began to style in that regime of music.Emotive hardcore followers are very often represented as depressed, unaided and verymisunderstood people, which they tend to express their feelings through poetry andmusic; for example My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart states ‘Hold your heart intothis darknessWill it ever be the light to shine you out’ .The social representation of those who follow emotive hardcore via clothing--HAIR: Dark/Black layered and dyed hair, with highlights, which can range from shortcropped hair to very long hair.-CLOTHES: Slim/skinny jeans, and black t-shirts which may conform bands-SHOES: Follow certain brands such as Converse or Vans (black/white) which are latercustomised with coloured laces (preferably neon)-ACCESSORIES: Hair bows, wrist bands and head bands (which tend to be in black)following certain bands, as well as small band badges, bracelets and studded bags andbelts.The main stereotype/representation of emotive hardcore followers is that they self harm Music Appreciationthem selves due to their depression.It may also be said that the badges and t-shirts of certain bands are worn with the sign Emo is a music genre based around rock which they canthat they understand the feelings of those whom follow emotive hardcore. rock along with a bass, guitar and a violin, which they can sometimes also turn their own poetry into songs.Emotive hardcore music has also been blamed in the past for the suicide hanging of a Examples of emotive hardcore bands/artists are...teenager called Hannah Bond in which emotive hardcore music glamorized suicide inwhich was by her obsession Chemical Romance which was said to be linked to her suicide. -MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE -FALL OUT BOY -PARAMORE
  2. 2. Hip hop originated in the African American and Latino American communities of New YorkCity during the late 1970’s.The Hip Hop genre is a genre which had developed throughout the development of the HipHop culture and is known by four key stylistic elements ,which were outlined by DJ AfricaBambaataa which are:Rapping, DJing/Scratching. Sampling and Beat boxing. Hip Hop was started and basedaround the South of Brooklyn in New York during the 1970s.The term Rap is denoted by the practises of the entire sub-culture. Rappers have differentways of producing their music, some may write the lyrics, some may memorize their lyricsand some may also improvise their lyrics which is known to be freestyle rapping.Generally the un-edited songs for the Hip Hop genre is known for strong explicit andinappropriate lyrics within its convention and is usually followed down as a convention.The genre Hip Hop has also been accused in the past of encouraging knife and gun crimewhich was by Conservative Leader David Cameron in 2006. In the future this may become amore broader problem as the youth audience is more drawn into the genre in which thiscould also change the actions of the youths i.e. Hip Hop songs contain stronger lyricstowards crime and drugs which influence people into it and also peer pressure will makethis also become a higher problem.The art of rapping intricate rhymes and rapid wordplay; Internationally Hip Hophas embraced the youth audience which is one of the largest audiences today.The social representation of those who follow Hip Hop via clothing-HAIR – Is mainly influenced by artists, which tends to be short, however cab also vary tolong hairCLOTHES – Branded slim jeans (preferably denim), t-shirts of classic/vintage style, sportscoats, tracksuit sets/hoodies Examples of well known Hip Hop artistsSHOES – Known named branded shoes such as Nike, Adidas and Vans -50 CentACCESSORIES – ‘BLING’ – diamond/silver/gold jewellery which range from chains, to -Missy Elliotbracelets and belts -EminemThe Hip Hop dress style is largely influenced by the Hip Hop artists themselves of what is in and out of fashion which they have almost created their own clothing line for Kimora Lee Simmons also known as Baby Phat, Eminem known as Shady Limited Nelly known as Apple Bottom Jeans. enre/content.genre/hip_hop_730
  3. 3. Rock is a popular musical genre/style which had arisen in the US in the mid. 1950s and became themost dominant style of music in the world. In its most original form, rock usually contains 3 chords, astrong, insistent back beat and a catchy melody. Early rock was drawn in from a variety of sources,primarily the Blues, R&B, Country, Gospel, Traditional Pop, Jazz and Folk. From all of these influencesthey structure a fast, danceable and catchy song. The first few rockers Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, BuddyHolly etc. Throughout each decade, a number artists replicated the sound of the first rockers, where assome lengthened the definition and others completely ignored the constrictions of the genre.The culture of Rock is also very similar to the Punk culture which contains similar clothing styles andoverall attitudes.In the UK the movements of Traditional Jazz and Folk brought visiting blues music artists to Britain. Bythe end of 1962, the UK had several rock bands started i.e. The Beatles.By the 1970s the genre Rock had developed several sub genres such as soft rock, heavy metal, hardrock, punk rock, progressive rock and glam rock. Some other Rock sub genres which emerged in the1980s were new wave, alternative rock and hardcore punk; by the 1990s there were sub genres such asgrunge, Britpop and nu metal. Thought the decades Rock has developed a lot of sub-genres and has hada large change through its codes and conventions.The term ROCK has been used in a cover up term for many different forms such as pop music, reggaemusic, soul music and sometimes also hip hop, in which has often been contrasted through most of itshistory.Rock in the past was stereotyped slightly similar to today, but had its differences for example, they wereknown to be Bikers and would own a Motorbike, instead today they are not known as that as much,but are known to be more aggressive than more of a biker.Rock today has similar stereotypes as Goth and Emo as they are known to have dark fashions styles i.e. Well known rock artists/bands include:Several piercings, Black boots, jackets, dark make-up etc.Some examples of rock bands/rock singers are Linkin Park, Guns n Roses etc.Rockers today are commonly misunderstood with Emotive hardcore followers when it comes down to - Linkin Parkfashion and music, however have their own unique styles which differentiate their social groups. - Dragon forceThe social representation of those who follow rock via clothing- -Marilyn Manson-HAIR: A variety of niche hair cuts ranging from short to long hair - Leather jackets (preferably black), plain hoodies, branded jackets (preferably Denim), 32Band/striped T-shirts Branded shoes which are narrowed down to Converse/Vans brands or involve boots rock Spiked or Studded wristbands, pinned badges, and black or patterned scarves millennium_.28the_2000s.29A lot of rockers are commonly identified via black eye liner – a feature which differentiates their socialgroup from others.
  4. 4. The term Goth is short for Goth Rock or Gothic Rock which is a sub-genre ofpost-punk and alternative rock.Gothic music is mainly depressive music and is mainly emotive and is also aboutdeath.Gothic music originates from the over style of the sub-culture Goths and hasseveral similarities with the genres Rock, Punk and Emo as they have similarclothing styles, similar reasons in producing music etc.The subculture associates with the music Gothic rock, but also the fashion andaesthetics.The term Gothic had originated since the early 1970s which was used to describethe Velvet Underground singer, Nico. The word was later developed and wasused to describe the atmosphere of post-punk bands like Joy division.By the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gothic rock had became its own sub-genrewithin the Post-punk genre. After the increase in popularity of post punk in the1990s, the variations of the subculture Goth broadened and had started tovary.The Goth tribe was influenced by gothic literature, horror films and were liked tothe BDSM culture which is a role play of experiences of pain and tension.HAIR: Dyed black hair which tend to be longCLOTHES: Black period styled clothing borrowed from the Elizabethan, Victorian,Medieval, Renaissance times which often express religious imagery such ascrucifixes and ankhsSHOES: Black boots, and branded shoes such as Converse and Vans which tend to Known Gothic artists/bands are:be the colour black - EvanescenceACCESSORIES: Silver piercings, spiked jewellery, black eyeliner, black fingernails - The Sisters of Mercyand dark make up contrasting against a very pale skin tone -The CureThe fashion for Goths is sometimes confused with the Heavy Metal fashion. -
  5. 5. Grime is a genre of urban music which first emerged from East London in duringthe late 1990’s and the early 2000’s.Grime is the development of:-Garage-Dance hall-Hip Hop-DubstepThe social representation of those who follow Grime via clothing-HAIR: Cut short or long which is sometimes braided and usually put backCLOTHES: Bright colours branded hoodies/tracksuits, bright sport jackets(preferably branded), baggy t-shirts and baggy jeans (preferably branded such asMckenzie, Adidas and Nike)SHOES: Branded trainers (such as Nike or Adidas)ACCESSORIES: Baseball caps (branded), silver/gold jewellery e.g. Rings, chainsand braceletsMany artists/performers demonstrated and performed their skills on the UKPirate Radio, achieving underground success before becoming famous on the Examples of Grime artists are:mainstream such as the artist Chipmunk -Skepta -Wiley -Chipmunk
  6. 6. Rhythm and Blues is often abbreviated as R and B and is a genre of popular African American musicwhich had originated in the 1940s.By the 1970s R and B was a cover term for the genres Soul and Funk; R and B was also known to be apredecessor of Rock and Roll.Typical instruments used for R and B songs are Drum kits, Double Bass, Piano and many others.During the early 1950s, the style of the Pop genre contributed towards the development of Rock andRoll in which the term R and B, became used to refer to several music styles from the electric blues,gospel and soul music.The genre Ska was known to be later influenced in Jamaica by R and B.R and B today is mainly known for Singers wearing the latest fashion, having glamour/good looks, and aliving a dream life.R n B as a genre is also known for the male singers to be getting a lot of women i.e. in the followingvideo below it shows women replacing the roles of men as builders, because of the higher amount ofattraction between Taio Cruz (the singer) and the women.Several successful R and B artists are Taio Cruz, Usher, Charice and many others.R and B has had a variety in meanings which include:- Electric Blues- Gospel- Soul and Funk- SoulThe social representation of those who follow R and B via clothing:- HAIR: A variety of hairstyles which are all clean cut, however also influenced by artists- CLOTHES: Black/white/red/chocolate are classed as sophisticated colours which are worn as dresses,waist coats, slim jeans and shirts Examples of Rnb artists are:-SHOES: Men- Sleek black shoes, Women – High heeled shoes - Usher- Accessories: Diamond jewellery and simple belts - Beyonce- - Ne-Yo
  7. 7. Heavy metal is initially any loud music (as it shows in the video) which is often referred as Metaland is a sub genre of Rock which had developed during the late 1960s and the early 1970smainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Bands which were created in heavy metalusually developed a consolidated, immense sound by highly amplified distortion, extendedguitar solos, and emphatic beats resulting in overall loudness.The first few heavy metal bands (Early 1970s) were Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and DeepPurple who had attracted a mass amounts of audiences; before the end of the decade thedecade, heavy metal had been attracted worldwide and fans were known as metalheads orheadbangers.Visual appearance plays a large role in heavy metal as it is expressed through there albumsleeve art, logos stages etc. which is in addition after there sound and lyrics.Several sub-genres for Heavy Metal is Black Metal, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal andmany more.Heavy Metal overall is very similar to the Rock genre and has very similar specifications, attitudes etc. Examples of heavy metal artists:HAIR: One of the most crucial features of heavy metal fashion – down the back long hair whichperformers usually wore long, dyed, hairspray teased hair - Led ZeppelinCLOTHES: Jeans (preferably blue), t-shirts of bands, leather or jean jackets (gaudy clothing –preferably black) - SlipknotSHOES: Black boots and trainers which are narrowed to brands such as Converse and possibly - Black SabbathVansACCESSORIES: Chains, metal studs, headbands, jewellery, skulls, leather and crossesHeavy metal Artists*Recognised for their use of make up – lip stick and eyeliner*Known/familiar with physical gestures when performing i.e. Head banging
  8. 8. The genre Pop has been taken as a abbreviation from the word Popular and is oftenunderstood to be commercially recorded music, often targeted at the youth market(possibly urban) and it is also common for it to consist of short, basic/simple love songsadvancing technological deviation to produce new variations on existing themes. Popmusic has also influenced from other forms of popular music, but as a genre itis associated with Rock and Roll and its style.The Pop genre is also a large broad genre which contains a variety of sub-genres/styleswithin its form which appeals to large age range of people. The genre has been accusedof appealing to the lowest common denominator and was said to be crassly commercialand obsessed with the image over music.The known aim for the Pop genre is to appeal to the publics ear and not to educate it.Todays Pop music has never been so apart as the genre is mainly aimed towards theyoung audience (teenagers).Over time Pop has clearly developed positively and negatively as it is commonlyrepresented that pop is mainly targeting females rather than males which may beconsidered true through for example its fashion.HAIR: Represented towards females which the look is blonde, however is introducingbrunettes , but todays fashion has almost brought this fashion in the colour dye of darkred which hair is also represented to be long and wavyCLOTHES: Bright colours such as red, yellow, blue, pink and purple are reflected thought-shirts, dresses, skirts Examples of pop artists may be:SHOES: High heeled shoesAccessories: Diamond and silver based jewellery as well as colourful hair bands and -Justin Bieberbelts - Ke$haThe fashion of pop is highly influenced by pop artist for example the introduction ofdark red hair by R’n’B artist Rihanna, converging with Pop