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My School Magazine Evaluation

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School magazine evaluation

  1. 1. Syed Raihanul Haque School Magazine Evaluation Process, Changes, and Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? . The school magazine I made is developed in the way of a real media product (real school magazine), because it partly follows the convention of school magazines , by not following a solid set of codes and conventions, however contains the some conventions to make my school magazine seem realistic ,such as... + The masthead/splash (however was placed under the logo, in the middle) + The Main Image (The Logo) + The date (The issue of the magazine (the year) + Secondary Leads My School magazine did not follow the codes and conventions of a general magazine, such as… + The Colour Palette This did not follow the codes and conventions, because firstly the audience had specified Dark blue, purple, and black in which I partly followed by having a Black background, however I did not follow the rest of the theme due to making a mistake in my questionnaire and not informing/including the colours of the logo, within the questionnaire so that the audience can make a logical decision in what the house palette should be. By not also using the audiences choice, the house palette had varied within the magazine in ranging from red, green, yellow, blue and purple due to it matching the logo and also the house colours of the school in which students would recognise. This contains and advantage and a disadvantage for the magazine, because as an advantage, when it is given out, students will be familiar with the magazine, however if I was to use the outcome for the following task (music magazine), it would result as a failure due to it not following the codes and conventions.
  3. 3. Another mistake I had made was the recognition style between the school magazine and the front cover. For me, I would know which is the front cover and which is the contents page, however to the audience there is more of a possibility of confusion if they were both separate covers due to the name of the school being similar sized towards the side articles and also for the contents page contains a board of the schools name; this was another mistake, because it could confuse the audience (students, teachers, staff, etc.) in which was the cover from a further distance, however I used the board for the contents page, because it had contained a welcome sign. I also think the placement of the logo was in the wrong position as it would have been more suitable for a central main image and place the logo higher or on the top right hand corner; I also think that the name of the school could have been placed above the logo, so that it is more recognised, however the idea was based within the St Mary’s school magazine. The logo of the front cover and the ‘main’ image in the contents page are very similar, which could confuse those, if the pages were separate, however the contents page does specify itself down the left hand side..
  4. 4. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My magazine as a whole, represents the school and everyone in it (the pupils, staff, governors, parent governors, because it contains information needed for everyone in the school for example, teachers could be informed of new rules from the magazine, where as students would like to know extra things going on around the school such as trips and governors wanting to know updates/everything in the school occurring. The main colours of the border, from the magazine were in Red, Blue, Green and Purple, because it represented the four houses (house groups) colours which would appeal to everyone in the school, because they would easily know it represents the houses due to the fact that the colours are used for the uniforms in school (school tie, P.E. Kits etc.). The colour black was also used as the background, because the colours would stand out at its most and appeal to everyone in the school. The magazine also represents the school, from the logo.
  5. 5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? The type of institution that would distribute my media product would be a school (In this case, Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College. This is because it would contain information for everyone within the school (pupils, staff, parent governors/governors and workers within the school) due to the fact that it contains all the updates around the school, and also because it is for the school..
  6. 6. Who would be the audience for your media product? The audience for my media product would be the pupils, the staff, governors/parent governors and parents, because the magazine contains a wide range of information which will be needed to be known for everyone. Pupils – Would need/want to know lunchtime clubs going around, afterschool clubs, trips available for them if they were interested on going, new regulations/rules which they would need to stick by, exam dates and times if they didn’t have an table given to them or if changes were made, revision tips if they were ‘stuck’ on ways of revising, a Single page revision table, so that they can start on a revision table, if they were interested, sports update if they wanted to know the place of there school, an Ask Shirley section if they wanted advice on something they are un-sure about. Staff - Would most likely want to know Lunchtime clubs around the school (depending whether they are on a specific duty (lunchtime building duty)), New regulations, so that they know what the pupils must stick by around the school and in lesson, and possibly more. Parents/Governors – Would want to know Afterschool clubs so that they know that there child is actually going somewhere; possibly for safety purposes) etc. Overall the ideal audience for my product would be the pupils due to the fact it contains the most information needed for them which was the reason why I had not included a sales cost for the magazine, because from my research only half of every 16 pupils would pay for it which would leave vital information left out for those who might also need it, however specific parts of the magazine will still be needed to be known /wanted to be known by staff and parents/governors.
  7. 7. How did you attract/address your audience? My product contains several features which attract the target audience (the school),. The first is that the colours of the border (red, blue, green and purple) situate as house colours which are easily recognised by anyone within the school. The magazine had also contained a black background for the colours to stand out towards everyone in which people would want to pick up the magazine and read. The magazine also contained a slogan across the top of the front cover and several side articles which would interest the audience in reading the magazine. The logo was another way of attracting/addressing the audience, because it had contained the logo of the school which was ‘personal’ to everyone due to th fact it was only for them, because it had contained information which they would need. Several of the images at the bottom were also used as a lure, because a majority of the students might ignore the magazine, however from the images it may show something there interested in such as the Fitness room in which they want information about.
  8. 8. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? From the final product had learnt a range of things for a current program I usually use/used (Adobe Photoshop) and had learnt how to use In Design (as i had not ever used the program until now. Most of the mistakes made within my music magazine were recognisable for me and also I had learnt ways of improving my magazine afterwards in which techniques learnt from this piece will be used for my music magazine. Several mistakes made within my school magazine were mainly parts in breaking the codes and conventions of a general magazine, however within my research, school magazines do/did not follow a solid set of general codes and conventions.