1-4 CAV Squadron FRG Meeting                                                  February 15, 2012I.    OPSEC Briefing      J...
   17-25 March Block Leave (Sat-Sun, coincides with Spring Break)                    22-25 March (Thu-Sun, 4 day during ...
IV.    Squadron FRG meetings during Afghanistan Deployment – during the Afghanistan deployment we will continue       to d...
eArmy Messaging Sign-up FormeArmy Messaging is an automated system we can use to send the same message to multiplemembers ...
Care Team Information SheetThere are many areas in which volunteers are needed to help with Care Teams. Please read thedut...
Care Team ApplicationFirst and Last Name:Email Address:Home Phone Number:Cell Phone Number:Do you have CARE Team experienc...
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Squadron FRG Meeting Minutes from 2-15-12


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These minutes are missing information for the NTC update. This information was not appropriate to post on a public site so please be watching your email for complete minutes. The OPSEC slides will be posted as soon as they become available.

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Squadron FRG Meeting Minutes from 2-15-12

  1. 1. 1-4 CAV Squadron FRG Meeting February 15, 2012I. OPSEC Briefing Jermal Clark, Division OPSEC/Antiterrorism Manager, presented a short briefing on Operational Security. Slides are attached. Main points – the enemy is always watching. The enemy generally means terrorists or whomever we’re at war with but can also include thieves and other “bad guys.” Posting a yellow ribbon, a blue star, a bumper sticker that says “half my heart is in Iraq”, etc is an invitation to thieves. One FRG Leader shared that a friend of hers had not done any of these things but on the day her husband was returning, she decorated the house and hung a Welcome sign outside before she went to the redeployment ceremony. In the couple hours she was gone to pick him up, her home was robbed. People are watching all the time. Social Media was also discussed. Facebook is NOT a secure and private website no matter what privacy settings you choose. A site or page can be hacked at any time by someone that knows what they are doing as can email accounts. Please take care not to post any information that can be used against you, your Soldier, the unit, etc. Please see the slides for specific examples and details. This means you cannot post when or how your Soldier is returning! Please call Rear Detachment, the FRSA or Jermal Clark if you have any questions or if you want to report an issue. Mr. Clark also discussed the iWatch program briefly. Essentially this is a program that encourages you to watch for suspicious activity around your home, neighborhood and the places you go on a regular basis where you’d be more likely to notice something or someone out of place. If you’d like a brochure on iWatch, please contact the FRSA. To report suspicious activity you can call the MP station (239-MPMP) or 1-800-CALL-SPY.II. Rear Detachment a. NTC Update Please minutes that were emailed, this information cannot be posted online. b. Casualty Notification Exercise Brigade is conducting casualty notification exercises through next week. Each battalion level element will participate in a casualty notification. 1-4 Cav has already had theirs. Please understand that these are not “real.” The Families participating are volunteers who have been given dates and times for when the practice will occur. They all live off post, the notifications will be made in civilian clothes in civilian vehicles so neighbors do not panic and think something has actually happened. This is just for your information in case rumors go around. c. Imminent Danger Pay Change Beginning 1 February, Imminent Danger Pay will be prorated. Up until now, if a Soldier spent one day in a location eligible for this pay they got the full month’s pay. Now they will be paid $7.50 per day for any partial months spent in an eligible location. Please be aware of this as your Soldier deploys to Afghanistan. d. Upcoming Days Off 17-20 February will be a 4-day weekend for President’s Day. You can still reach Rear Detachment through Staff Duty at 239-1712 if needed. There are several more upcoming days off as well. The 3 day weekends listed below are those meant to compensate the Soldiers deployed to NTC for the days off they missed while they were gone. As of now they are on the calendar but are always subject to change if necessary. As it gets closer to deployment some Soldiers will be called on to work late or on these days off due to tasks that have to be done according to a certain timeline. Their individual command should work with them to compensate them on another day if this does occur.  03-05 March (Sat-Mon)  10-12 March (Sat-Mon)
  2. 2.  17-25 March Block Leave (Sat-Sun, coincides with Spring Break)  22-25 March (Thu-Sun, 4 day during Spring Break Block leave for those not taking all)  06-09 April (Fri-Sun, coincides with Easter)  27-29 April (Fri-Sun) e. Children’s Pre-Deployment Activity (Saturday, 4/14/12 0900-1300) at 88312 Wells (Redeployment Center) Some planned activities include:  MPs with working dogs  Dog tags  Mock physical  K-State Research Extension will do How to Make a Healthy Snack  CYS information on deployment benefits  Fingerprints  Several other booths not yet confirmed. f. Pre-Deployment Briefing (Thursday, April 14th) at Riley’s Conference Center. Married Soldier/Family portion will be 1800-2000. Childcare will be available. Please RSVP with names and ages of children and cell phone contact for parent to the FRSA at 239-1921 or linda.miller4@us.army.mil NLT Monday, April 9th. Space is limited so RSVP early! g. Squadron Ball (Friday, April 20th) Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan, Tickets will be approximately $20 to $25 per person, Childcare cannot be provided for this event. Rooms can be reserved at a discounted rate of $109. You must say you are part of 1-4 CAV to get the discount. We will let you know when tickets become available at a later date. h. eArmy Messaging System Please see attached handout on the eArmy Messaging System. FRG Leaders will have these forms available at FRG meetings as well or you can print it off and bring it in. Please make sure to get them in as soon as possible. i. Families moving during deployment, moving home just for the deployment, going on vacation at all during deployment, etc, need to keep information updated with Rear D.III. FRSA a. Daddy Dolls – these have been ordered and should arrive in time for the pre-deployment briefing in April. More to follow on how to get dolls for your children. b. Deployment Handbooks – these are a great resource for Families experiencing deployment. At this time they are out of stock but as soon as we are able to get them we will let you know. c. USO kits – these are goody bags given to Soldiers as they deploy and contain snacks and such to hold them over during what can sometimes be a very long process from the time they get on the bus here to when they actually arrive overseas. These are on order as well and each deploying Soldier will receive one. d. My last day – as often happens in the Army, my husband has received orders. My last day will be the 9th of March. LTC Cody is in the process of hiring a replacement and we will know who that will be in the next couple of weeks or so. The office phone number will remain the same for the new FRSA but the email will change and we’ll send that information out through your FRG Leader as soon as it becomes available. All previously mentioned deadlines are still in effect and if you are more comfortable RSVPing to your FRG Leader so they can pass info on to the new FRSA that is acceptable as well.
  3. 3. IV. Squadron FRG meetings during Afghanistan Deployment – during the Afghanistan deployment we will continue to do FRG meetings at the Squadron level with an opportunity for Troops to break off into groups for separate business when needed. This will help keep us all equally and more quickly informed and build our 1-4 CAV Family. We will definitely have a better meeting space in the future; we got bumped last night due to a pre- deployment briefing.V. Care Team Information – please see attached handouts. When a Family gets notification of a casualty, the notification office will ask them if they want a CARE team. The CARE team is a temporary measure used to help support the Family until friends or Family members arrive to assist them in their time of need. There are many roles involved but some examples are answering phones and taking messages (but the call screener NEVER notifies anyone of the casualty, just takes messages). Sometimes there will be young children in the home that need to be entertained while the spouse begins to deal with the situation. Someone can be in charge of writing down the names and addresses of senders of flowers and cards that arrive during that first few days so the spouse can send thank you notes when they are ready. Please read over the jobs and their descriptions on the CARE Team Information Sheet. If you are interested in any of the positions, please fill out the CARE Team application and get it to your FRG Leader or the FRSA. If you have not had CARE Team training but are interested in a position that requires it, we will make sure you get scheduled for the class.The last attachment is a sheet with Rear Detachment contact information. Please keep this handy in case you need tocontact us at any time during NTC or the Afghanistan Deployment. If names and numbers change we will get acorrected copy out through FRG’s as soon as possible.
  4. 4. eArmy Messaging Sign-up FormeArmy Messaging is an automated system we can use to send the same message to multiplemembers at one time. Messages can be sent via text, email, or a recorded message to any phonenumber (cell or land line) that the recipient hears to get the information. We are hoping to use thissystem to notify Families of important information such as upcoming FRG meetings, plannedactivities and redeployment ceremony times.Please fill out the form below. Please make sure the information you enter is accurate so you get themessages once we begin. You may enter information in as many categories as you wish but if youdo not specify which you prefer you will get the message in all the ways possible for the informationyou entered.If there are other friends/Family members you would like to receive the redeployment messageswhen the time comes, you can add them below. If the system is down at the time of redeploymentand individual calls have to be made only the primary person on this sheet will be called as we do nothave the resources to call so many additional people.Soldier’s Name / Rank:Your Name: Preferred method for receiving messages (please check all that you want to receive)  Recorded Message (please include phone number):  Text Message: (please include phone number):  Email Message: (please include email address): Friends/Family members to notify (redeployment only): Name Relationship to Preferred Method Contact Info for preferred Soldier (Email, Text, Recorded method Message)
  5. 5. Care Team Information SheetThere are many areas in which volunteers are needed to help with Care Teams. Please read theduties and requirements below. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a CARE Team,please complete the Care Team Application.Homecare Provider: Volunteer is requested by CARE Team Coordinator and assists affectedFamily by writing down all questions and concerns and providing them to the Casualty AssistanceOfficer. The Home Care Provider does not answer any questions. Volunteer may complete orarrange for household tasks with Family’s permission. CARE Team Training is required.Call Screener: Volunteer is requested by CARE Team Coordinator and assists affected Familyby answering home telephone and keeping a written log of all callers and home visitors.Volunteer may assist spouse with placing phone calls but does not inform caller of casualty.(Only spouse makes notification.) CARE Team Training is required.Child Care Coordinator: Volunteer is requested by CARE Team Coordinator and assistsaffected Family by coordinating child Care for the children. CARE Team Training is required.Meal Team Coordinator: Volunteer is requested by CARE Team Coordinator and works withmembers of the Meals Team to plan and assign dishes for preparation. Coordinator receives allmeal courses from assigned volunteers and drops off all dishes at once to the affected Family.CARE Team Training is required.Meals Team Volunteer: Volunteer is requested by Meals Coordinator and works with a team ofseveral volunteers to prepare food for the affected Family. Each member of the Meals Teammay make a course of the meal (e.g., bread, salad, entrée, dessert) and drop it off to the MealsCoordinator. Meals Team members do not visit the affected Family’s home. Occasionally mealsupport for the Homecare Person/Team may be requested as well. CARE Team Training is NOTrequired.Homecare Provider Support: Volunteer is requested by CARE Team Coordinator and assistsvolunteers on the activated CARE Team with child care and meal support when necessary. Thismay involve overnight care if the affected Family needs the activated CARE Team through thenight. CARE Team Training is NOT required.
  6. 6. Care Team ApplicationFirst and Last Name:Email Address:Home Phone Number:Cell Phone Number:Do you have CARE Team experience? If yes, what position did you volunteer in?Do you have FRG experience?Do you have any other related experience? Check all positions for which you are interested in applying:  Home Care Provider  Call Screener  Child Care Coordinator  Meals Coordinator  Meals Team Volunteer  Home Care Provider Support