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SKELETAL                  CARDIAC                     SMOOTHMUSCLE CELL              Muscle cell/ fiber                   ...
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Muscle tissue


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histology notes

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Muscle tissue

  1. 1. SKELETAL CARDIAC SMOOTHMUSCLE CELL Muscle cell/ fiber Fusion of myoblatShape Large elongated Short narrow fusiform Diameter 10----- 100 um 10---- 15 um 0.2 ---2 umLength Upto 100cm 80 ---- 100um 20 --- 200 umConnective tissue Epimysium, Perimysium Sub epicardial, Endomysium, Sheaths &component Endomysium subendocardial C.T. bundles EndomysiumFiber Single, skeletal muscle Linear branched Single smooth muscle cell arrangement of several cell cardiac muscle cellsStriations Present Present NoneNucleus Multinucleated Single central with clear Single central peripheral juxta nuclear region Cock screwIntercalated disc Absent Present AbsentMyofilaments arranged +ve +ve -veinto MyofibrilsSarcoplasmic reticulum Surrounds Myofibril Surrounds Myofibril -ve AI----AI Z LINE---- ZLINE Terminal cistern No Terminal cisternT tubule AI JUNCTION Z LINE Larger with invagination of external lamina Triad DiadMitosis Absent Absent PresentResponse to demand Hypertrophy Hypertrophy Hypertrophy & HyperplasiaInnervation Somatic Autonomic Autonomic