Virtual university


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Virtual university

  1. 1. Rai Blanquera Presenter
  2. 2. provides higher education programs through electronic media.
  3. 3. goal of virtual universities is to provide access to the part of the population who would not be able to attend a physical campus Virtual University
  4. 4. combine technological, experiential, informational, compositional and sensorial characteristics.
  5. 5.  "Information Superhighway" and its associated imagery, suggests that tensions exist between 'real' space and virtual space which does not permit the mutual interchange of cultural construction between these spaces.
  6. 6. Higher education lies at the apex of the education system.
  7. 7. century of inventions technological developments globalization
  8. 8.  internet ware  group ware  body neta  hyper organizer  digital libraries  virtual classrooms  chat rooms  automated tutors  cookies  portals  cyber cafes  e-commerce  cyber schools
  9. 9. Virtual university distance learning online teaching cyber learning
  10. 10. competition change customers
  11. 11. person processes products
  12. 12.  achieve and maintain the level of excellence  continue to grow at its impressive pace  adequate skills if not exceptional
  13. 13. English is the medium used by the call center industry. The proficiency in English and the acquisition of communications skills are important to ensure effective communication, satisfied callers for the industry to gain credibility.
  14. 14. Effective communication is not just about being able to speak or write English. It depends on how English is spoken or written. The basic of business communication :  willingness to listen  the curiosity to ask and probe  making the effort to know your audience  accommodating cross cultural differences
  15. 15.  We should facilitate learners to strive to have the principles and values that will empower them to be themselves, to design their own destiny, to make their own choices, to safeguard diversity and to live in harmony.