R mart retailers opening shortly


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Marketing for Economical freedom

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R mart retailers opening shortly

  1. 1. We are very glad while presenting all new idea for economical freedom for every Indian where nobody will have to do networking for getting all the benefits of networking. This is all because we have seen most of Indian would always wish to get benefits of networkingbecause it is only the way for economical freedom without going from one city to another for convincing people for networking. Here company has decided to do every thing for customers for giving all the benefits of networking by connecting each other in oneunbreakable chain of economical freedom....Here , company will give franchise to new Investors to grow the income of it’s customers without any networking …Now , Customers will just have to join and have to buy their daily use products at our outlet in their city without taking any pain for convincing anyone for doing networking byasking them for joining in ones down line because company will do it all for its customers for never ending Income of every customers.
  2. 2. Company Profile New Ideas New Possibilities (P) Limited Company has it’s head office in Kolkata-West Bengal and established in year 2012. New Ideas New Possibilities (P) Ltd is also into SocialActivities and runs a charitable Trust “Supported CharitableTrust” At Delhi, Aurangabad, Ranchi, Kolkata , and in many more cities.
  3. 3. New Ideas New Possibilities (P) Ltd havebeen planning to start 5 retail storesoperation inRanchi, Kolkata, Delhi, Jamshedpur &Chennai. Company has a plan to open chainof around 1000 retail Stores all over thecountry in the span of 2 years.
  4. 4. To Become a customer of R Mart Retailers  R Mart Retailers  Division of New Ideas New Possibilities (P) Ltd  You have to pay either 5500/- or 2800/- By Cheque or DD ,NEFT from across India in the favor of New Ideas New Possibilities (P) Ltd or Cash in the Current Account of R mart Retailers.  SBI Bank Account No :  ICICI Bank Account No :  We will Only Give Incentive Income to Such Customers who has Joined us from Such Cities where we are not yet having Our Store when we will have our Out let with the help of new franchise then we will give all the facilities what we will give such customers where we will have Our stores….  Benefits :-  You’ll get Smart Card as identity card and login Card.  Get Products worth Rs 13,200/- or 6600/-  Rs 220 /- Free Gift Vouchers for 60 Months  Rs 110 /- Free Gift Vouchers for 60 Months  Get Products at the time of first Purchasing for free of worth Rs 1500/- or 750/-  Loyalty Bonus of Rs 12,000 /- 6000 /-After 60 months*
  5. 5. World Best ever Networking Plan Where customers won’t have todo any networking because company will connect everycustomers with each others without any Seminars or calling any ofit’s customers from their city to another city. Business Plan (Incentive Income and Re-purchase Income) Company 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 So on……. Unlimited Depth of 65536 for every Customers (Automatically) Here, Every one will be connected with each other without any networking done by any of company customers because company will automatically connect each other from one city to another city Retail Store of the company with centralized process…
  6. 6. Incentive Income… 2500*250=6,25,000 2500*125=3,12,500
  7. 7. Automatically Incentive under Binary Income Re-Purchase Income Monthly Projection 10,000*250=25,00,000 10,000*125=12,50,000
  8. 8. Level Product Category A B C D1 .16% .25% .50% 1%2 .16% .25% .50% 1%3 .16% .25% .50% 1%4 .16% .25% .50% 1%5 .16% .25% .50% 1%6 .16% .25% .50% 1%7 .16% .25% .50% 1%8 .16% .25% .50% 1%9 .16% .25% .50% 1%10 .16% .25% .50% 1%11 .16% .25% .50% 1%12 .16% .25% .50% 1%13 .16% .25% .50% 1%14 .16% .25% .50% 1%15 .16% .25% .50% 1%
  9. 9. Calculating on previous projectionIf 8000 customers make Re-purchase of Rs 2000per monthTotal Re-purchase is 1,60,00,000Average Re-purchase Income Calculated at 0.25%So Re-purchase Income Per Month Rs 40,000
  10. 10. Company will deduct 10% from everypay out which will be converted intoRe-purchase Voucher.Hence, there will be increase in re-purchase Income of companiescustomers.
  11. 11. Calculating on an average Previous Projection you have Auto generatedbase of Customers of 8000 and loyalty program is for 72 months.So there will be renewal every 72 monthsHence, whatever Income you have generated you’ll generate after every 72months.So, Dont Just join make sure that You, Your Fathers, Your Spouse, YourMother, your Child as well as your relatives and colleagues and neighborstoo.
  12. 12. Thank You Very Much for giving us your Precious Time for better tomorrow … Website : www.rmart.com & www.knssindia.inEmail Us at rahulkumar@rmart.com & rahulkumar@knssindia.in Contact Us at : +919798303131