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Economical Freedom 2015

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Company project..........presentation

  1. 1. ……………………………... R mart Retailers
  2. 2. Retail For Economical Freedom2020 Think Today BECAUSETOMORROW SHOULD NOT BELike YESTERDAY…Coming soon for better life of every Indiawhile giving opportunities to either small retaileof the cities or small investors while buyingproducts through Wholesaler or Distributor.I have already done research with more that20,000 products available in the market by visitin11 cities and analysis that most of Indians preferbuying at MRP because most of Indians Salary invery low. Hence, they couldn’t afforded buying aSupermarket.
  3. 3. Aim
  4. 4. VisionOur Vision is to be most respecteddistributer of every day Consumarable goodsin the reach of everyone in the marketkeeping in mind their convenience. Wherethey can easily save lots of money, time andkeep themselves away from hustle- bustle inthe market and also make money for theirfuture while dealing with our trading.We also want our customer (member) of thetrading to maintain healthy relationship notonly with us with new member of thetrading.We are committed to provide all essentialgoods as far as possible from us to you.
  5. 5. MissionWe also want to secure life of every customer with the help of our Life securing policy andtry to keep our members away from street so that they won’t meet you any uncertainty whatvery often happen on the street which brings panic situation in the life of family whensomeone loose it’s life.We are giving earning opportunity to every one through us so that in this price risesituation they can save & make more & more money along with security of their childfuture. So, that we have a child with bright & earning future.We are giving such a enormous benefits to each & every customer that which using it theyfeel like have great time at their home with their children and making ready for fight withtomorrows challenges.Our outlook is very clear towards your money saving and making it because we believe ingiving you unmatched value of your money, time & life.We have observed that many super markets are charging lots of extra money while provingthe luxury of shopping.Sometime they force us to buy such goods what we are not desirous of buying but becauseof our time investment we don’t believe in looking for any other alternative.Nevertheless, now we are with you for supporting you to experience change in your life andsupport other also to get benefitted out our services.Be with us regularly & we promise you that we won’t let you down ever while dealing withus.Never before never again because it is first time for your convenience to experience changein your life, now I can says that this is it for get rid of price rise.
  6. 6. Benefits in everyones daily life:. You won’t have to go to market every day for your little requirements because you’ll getentire goods at once in the month or if necessary you can place order to us and again yourcommodities will deliver to you without any hassle.*.security through our life cover will help you during your bad time so be wise and make yourdecision..our earning initiative will boost you financially and gives you unexpected money thoughbuying of your daily goods from us..We also provides you account with us so that you can easily place your order or save earnedmoney from us..we also provide you some unique services like travel booking, hotel booking, discount atleading show room of electronics, computers & accessories, discount at leading institutesfor preparation of competitive examination, service rerated with insurance and bankingalso available on your request, finance also available according to your needs, and manymore services through your single message or email..our initiative towards give more and more Jobs to those peoples who are looking for someearning in this prise rise situation in the world.
  7. 7. Present scenario of Indian RetailMost of consumers buy products directly frodiscount and because of that most of small rmany consumers and their volume of busineother side supermarkets earn more by offerinconsumers run towards discount because theand save little money but they never think abevery one will be in hand-hand then their litthan their salary of every month when they whand..Most of supermarket easily do so but ttaking so much pain they only believe in theproducts to consumers at discount and withthey start new supper market in different citposition where we were 10 years ago. We onlybut we only earn min 4k to 25k …This what wdiscount instead of thinking for future Incom
  8. 8. Comparison between Supermarket and R Mart retailers Supermarket  R Mart Retailers Here you buy at huge  Here you will buy at discount and feel MRP from us but you happy but when you will earn more than accept huge discount just a discount because its help supermarket to here company will do set up new supper something new with market in new cities & your money and you on other hand you will will easily earn more see that your monthly than your salary every income will remain month … constant.
  9. 9. Market focus (By keep in mind the convenience ofevery one)Based on the experience of FMCG manufacturing companies that have successfullydesigned commercially practicable inclusive business models, the first step is toidentify the right opportunity for delivering trouble less benefits to poor and/orremote & urban customers.Our 2012project,Assignment will give opportunity to villagers to havetheir own Departmental store, where they will easilyget every goods in village itself.Along withLife security, financial security, Future security andmany more facilitiesEight key business areas that is rich in suchopportunities. These areas are health care & insurance,Employment, financial services, solar Plate for lightinghome (and information technologies.Manufacturers must identify customer gain or painpoints and define the exact nature of their inclusive
  10. 10. Income tree for consumer of R Mart for buy at MRP….Big difference is here …Stop buyingat discount and see all the difference in your life because of your little investmentmonthly…..You will get Income from such consumers of the company who will buy any products from us at anytime and fall in your binary tree of Income automatically without doing networking for youautomatically without doing any networking or Referrals. You as a consumer No ( 1 ) New Consumer No for your Income 3,4,7,8,9,10,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38.
  11. 11.  Category as Per Level of Income for Re-Purchase Without Networking By Customers A B C D .18% .28% .55% 1.20%
  12. 12. Level of Income for Re-Purchase Without Networking By Customers 1 2 2 4 3 8 4 16 5 32 6 64 7 128 8 256 9 512 10 1024 11 2048 12 4096 13 8192 14 16,384 15 32,768
  13. 13. Our fixed charge in case of such consumer who will choose networking is 4,250 Whenever someone will join as a customers by paying 4,250 like the you have paid you will get 200 in your saving account or by cheques… here you won’t have to refer any one automatically your money will be back…..But if you’ll not do any networking then also your money will be back when 25 new customer will automatically fall in your profit making line..