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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi Speech


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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi attended yet another huge election rally at Gwalior as part of his campaign in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. He launched a blistering attack on the ruling BJP government in the state and said that BJP has opened a university of corruption in Madhya Pradesh.

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi Speech

  1. 1. Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Rahul Gandhi in Gwalior: BJP has opened a university of corruption in Madhya Pradesh Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi attended yet another huge election rally at Gwalior as part of his campaign in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. He launched a blistering attack on the ruling BJP government in the state and said that BJP has opened a university of corruption in Madhya Pradesh. Full text of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh The huge cheers I am hearing now, is the voice of the youth in Madhya Pradesh and I want this to be heard on November 25th. BJP must hear this. These youth ask some questions. When will the youngsters in MP get jobs? Scindia ji was just telling me that lots of MOUs were signed by the BJP Government here. MOUs worth about one lakh crore of rupees were signed by the BJP here and the amount of materialisation is Zero. It has been the habit of BJP to sign agreements but do nothing thereafter. No one here got any benefit out of these MOUs. Further, the factories which were running good here also were shut down. There are two types of government. Every govt talks about development. We also do so. But the BJP government doesn’t understand one important thing. It is better they also listen to this. This road is not of just roads and flyovers. This is the land of the poor, aam aadmi and women. BJP talks about development but does not talk about the people who put in their hard work for development. It does not talk about their hunger and the jobs for the youth.
  2. 2. BJP talks about roads. Let me tell you from records that while NDA built 2650 kms of roads in five years, the Congress-led UPA constructed 9570 kms in the last 5 years. But we do not talk only about roads. We are committed for development but we are also concerned for the poor here when they are hungry and when they are not able to get jobs. We changed the concept of development in the past ten years. We have initiated a process of granting rights to the people. It is because the Congress ensured right to jobs and as a result crores of rural poor are now able to get job. The advocates of ‘Shining India’ will never understand this. Who enacted Food Security Law? It is the Congress who gave you right to food. For the first time of our history, we ensure that no one will live hungry in our country. But BJP tried to block it. Whenever we initiate any pro-poor measure, BJP raises one question. It asks from where we will have money for it or they allege that we are wasting the money. For BJP, working for the benefits of the poor is waste of funds. BJP leaders roam around the country and talk loud about corruption. But what is happening in Madhya Pradesh? Madhya Pradesh is a university of corruption. BJP has started a university of corruption in this state and it is still running. When we discussed Land Acquisition Bill, BJP tried to block it., But when the lands of poor farmers were grabbed, it never asked anything. BJP govt forcibly grabbed poor farmers’ and adivasis’ lands without any hassle. But we brought a new law to prevent such forcible grabbing. Now no one can grab the lands of poor easily. The Land Acquisition Bill ensures 4 times the market price for the land acquired. All the people related to the lands whether they are chaaiwalahs or labourers, will be benefitted. This is called aam aadmi government. We want to form such a government in Madhya Pradesh too. I value respect more than development. Respecting the people, the poor, the downtrodden are more important for me. But the BJP government here does not respect its people. We cannot achieve development without respecting the people. You know the stampede tragedy took place recently in your state at Datia. I will be going there.. Your Chief Minister did not go there. That is not the case. Such an incident had happened in 2006 also, at the same place. I was told that a similar incident occurred earlier, in 2006, at the same place. It means the government did not respect the people who died in 2006, and they do not respect the people who died here Sunday. It is the responsibility of the government to respect its people, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Their voices must be heard. Whenever I talk about opening the doors of the politics for aam aadmi, whenever I stress for the need of empowering the youth, the leaders of opposition make fun of me. I want to reiterate that our country cannot progress until more and more youth get elected to Lok Sabha and Assemblies. There are attempts from the same people who run a government in Madhya Pradesh to block the aam aadmi, youth from entering Parliament and Assemblies.
  3. 3. We must change this. We want more youth, women, Adivasis in Parliament and Assemblies. We want more youth to join politics to cleanse the system. We cannot achieve development without empowering the youth. Our country will surge ahead fast only if we have more youth and women as lawmakers. There is no problem with the youth in this state but it is the BJP which runs the state is creating problems. We must throw it out. This is election time. I want to tell you that Congress is going to form a government here, whoever the Chief Minister would be. That government will respect the people. I guarantee that. We will fight for your rights and to make your dreams come true. We will again bring the state into the track of development. Thank you. See More:- Rahul Gandhi Sonia Gandhi put food bill over her health: Rahul Gandhi tells in Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) Shahdol: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kick-started his party’s campaign for the upcoming Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh by addressing a huge election rally in Shahdol on Thursday. While speaking on the occasion he slammed the ruling BJP government in the state by saying that hunger in Madhya Pradesh is the same as in Africa. “Recent UNICEF report says there are more hungry people in Madhya Pradesh like in Africa” said Rahul Gandhi and added “These people (in BJP) do not know that when there is hunger, there can be no development”. Full text of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) Sorry for being late. I seek your pardon for it. There are lots of tribal women and youth here. We talk about government and good governance. I feel the most important thing for any government is to respect its people. Has this government in your state, which has been in power for the past 10 years, respected the tribal? Have you heard about UNICEF? Recent UNICEF report says there are more hungry people in Madhya Pradesh like in Africa. These people (in BJP) do not know that when there is hunger, there can be no development The opposition parties don't understand that there can be no development when people are hungry. They build roads, swanky cars travel on those roads and that is what they call development. When Congress comes to power in this state, no matter who the Chief Minister is, tribal and the women will be respected and if someone disrespects them, we will deal with them. When we talk about giving respect to the people, I want to share one incident happened in my life. I beg your sorry for sharing this as it is related to my mother. BJP tried to block the food security bill for years and we fought for years. It was a historic bill that was passed in India - no one in the country will go hungry after the bill was implemented. Everyone,
  4. 4. immaterial which caste or religion they belong to, is guaranteed food grains at Rs. 1 - and Congress Party gives you that guarantee. We do it as we understand your hunger and your difficulties. During the debate of this historic Bill, I noticed that my mother is unwell. I was closely watching her anxiously. Suddenly I noticed that she left the Parliament hall along with Minister Shailaja ji. I was wondered why she left at this moment when Parliament was debating the bill. I also just went out to see what is happening. I saw my mother and Shailaja ji were sitting in a hall in the Parliament. .. I want the Adivasi youth here also should be able to reach those rooms in Parliament.. I promise you that I will make that happen.. I will ensure that lots of tribal youth reach Parliament.. When I went to the room, I saw my mother and Sheilaja ji were talking. I asked them what is going on.. Sheilajaji told me that my mother was not feeling well. I know my mother; she never tells us when she is not feeling well. She hides it from us. I, therefore, told my mother to go to hospital if she felt uncomfortable. I took her to Kamal Nath ji’s room. My mother refused to leave Parliament. I asked her why. She told me that she put in lots of efforts to pass this historic Food Security Bill and she would never leave the House till she votes in Parliament in favour of the Bill. Kamal Nath Ji also told her that we have enough numbers to get the bill passed and there is nothing to worry. But she was adamant. I was upset that she did not want to leave. I tried stopping her but she again went inside Parliament after a brief medical check-up. I felt angry and it was quite natural. I too went inside and started watching her more frequently. I suddenly noticed that she was feeling more uncomfortable. Voting was going on. She went out again. I also escorted her. Noticing that she is not feeling good, I was adamant that she should go to a hospital. In fact, I dragged her to a hospital. I called up Priyanaka and told her about mother’s illness and refusal to leave the House. When we were taking her to hospital, my mother was unable to breathe properly and she had tears in her eyes. I asked her what happened. She said that she had fought for the bill and wanted to vote on it; but she couldn't. This is called respecting the feelings. We talk about food now. I have a mother and there are lakhs of mothers in our country who wish that their children should never sleep hungry. They want jobs for their children. I want to initiate a new politics here. I want to go to the poor, visit their houses, share their meals, respect them and interact with them to know their difficulties. I want these people to reach at higher places. The opposition parties talk about development, shining roads and good hotels sitting inside their AC rooms. But these people don't want the aam admi, dalits, adivasis to not get into their AC rooms, in Lok Sabha , Assembly or in Panchayats. Who is the loser? It is not Rahul Gandhi but our Hindustan. When we talk about building roads, let us just examine the records. 2650 km roads were built by NDA in 5 years; but please note that 9570 km was built by the UPA in its 5 years. The BJP government wants to talks about development; but now it is clear that Congress performed better. Shivraj Singh Chouhan had
  5. 5. come to us and talked about power plants at four places. But how much electricity did you get? Zero watts: state government has not even started the projects. On one side they talk about development, but people get nothing. When we talk about right to food, Land Acquisition Bill and Right to Information, they (the BJP) allege that we waste the money. So many Adivasis and poor farmers lost their lands without getting any compensation. It was the Congress who fought for you. We fought for you in Bhatta-Parsaul, Aligarh and here. Earlier, state governments used to forcibly grab the lands of poor Adivasis or farmers. But now, after the Land Bill, no one can acquire lands forcibly and if the land is to be acquired, proper compensation, 4 times the marker price, must be paid to the land owners. I see a lot of youth in front of me. I want to ask you whether you get jobs here. No. Did you get education? No. This is the situation here. But did the government take any measures to tackle these menaces? No... So, I just want to request you just one thing. The Congress will change the state; we will empower the youth of the people and will form a government of youths here. We will form a government that respects the poor, Dalits and Tribals. We will ensure their rights in their lands and we will guarantee food for them. We have to transform Madhya Pradesh. The development in the state is stuck now. I see one problem with the people here. We want your government. Only Congress party can do it. Thank you very much for coming here to listen me. You want me to speak more? (crowd says YES) I will be in trouble in Gwalior and I have to go to Datia too. I just want to tell you one thing. You see the women and the youth here. I see that there is no adequate representation for women, youth and adivasis in assemblies and parliament. The country will not achieve development until we achieve success in this. I assure you that I am with you in this battle... we have familial relation - it isn't a political connection, these are ties of respect and love and will remain forever. Thank you. See More:- Rahul Gandhi