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apex telecom provide greatest opportunity to earn life time .best business opportunity

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  2. 2. About Us Apex Telecom is a part of Apex Web Services & Online Education Pvt. Ltd. In the business solutions division, Apex has given business and software solutions to more than 800 companies across India. Apex Group is one of India’s prominent business houses established in the year 2004 with a diverse portfolio of assets in : • Software Development • Business Solutions • Online Gaming • Investigations • Technology-enabled Services • Infrastructure Development • Water Treatment • Online Education
  3. 3. Our Group Websites
  4. 4. Vision of Apex Telecom To create a healthy platform for the turbulent Direct Selling industry in India. By providing world class products and services according to the aspirations of every individual Direct Marketing Executive of the company. In association with our Telecom Partner (BSNL) we would like to create the single largest private group extending all advantages to our DME’s, Franchisee’s, Agents and Employees.
  5. 5. WHAT IS RADIATION? Radiation is emission of energy as waves that comes from a source and travels through space and may be able to penetrate various materials. Radiation and Your Mobile The type of radiation emitted from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation. It's present in mobiles because they use radio frequency (RF) waves to make and receive calls.
  6. 6. How do Radiations from Mobile Phones harm us?
  7. 7. WHAT SCIENTIST SAY In 2011, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified mobile phone radiation on the IARC scale into Group 2B – possibly Carcinogenic. In December 2007, Israeli researchers reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology that long-term cell-phone users who live in rural areas face a "consistently elevated risk" of developing cancer in the parotid gland compared with users who live in urban or suburban locations. The International Journal of Epidemiology published a combined data analysis from a multi national population-based case-control study of glioma and meningioma, the most common types of brain tumour.
  8. 8. HAND BOOK ON EFFECTS OF RADIATION Buy this hand book for just Rs.350 and understand the effects of Electro Magnetic Radiations emitted from Mobile Phones on the human body. This book is compiled from the best published articles after a lot of study and research. Once a person reads this book, the person gets the in depth knowledge about radiation. The best way to get protection from Radiation is to avoid the mobile phone. We are also providing an Anti Radiation Patch as a Free Gift along this book.
  9. 9. THE FOLLOWING FREE FIVE GIFTS ARE GIVEN FOR ALL THOSE WHO BUY THE BOOK: 1. Anti Radiation Patch 2. Seven Apex Market Promo Codes worth Rs.50 each 3. Online Recharge facility for Mobile and DTH 4. 6 key numbers of 5. CUG facility from BSNL for Pre Paid mobiles
  10. 10. DIRECT MARKETING Direct Marketing is a form of advertising in which physical marketing materials are provided to consumers in order to communicate information about a product or service. Direct marketing removes the "middle man" from the promotion process, as a company's message is provided directly to a potential customer through personal contacts. For better penetration into masses and availability of our product to each and every individual across the globe, we put forth our model of product deliver in the Direct Marketing Channel.
  11. 11.  Subscriber Opportunity  Area Franchisee  Orbit Plan  Recharge Partner  Repurchase Plan  Apex BSNL CUG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
  12. 12.  Pay Rs.350/- and purchase an Hand book on effects of radiation.  Your mobile will be converted as DEMO SIM, so that you can Recharge any Mobile or DTH across India.  Set income on direct and indirect referrals in A-Team and B-Team is called Team Sales  An amount of Rs 100 will be compensated for every set.  First set must be 1:2 or 2:1 and from 2nd set onwards, the ratio will be 1:1.  Daily ceiling of 5* Sets will be paid and all additional matched Sets will be flushed.  Unmatched sales will be carried forward.  Refer Area Franchisee and get one time Rs. 750/- as direct sales income.  Make 10% on Team Sales Income generated by referred Area Franchisee. Subscriber Opportunity *On not creating two direct sales (A-Team and B-Team) within 1 week, daily ceiling drops to 2 Sets. To retain 5 sets ceiling make 5 sets in 1 day A-Team A-Team B-Team B-Team
  13. 13. Area Franchisee Opportunity Requirements  Must have laptop/computer with internet facility.  Must have direct selling exposure with good contacts.  Must have additional investment capacity for stock as and when required.  Has to maintain a minimum stocks worth Rs. 10,000 to cater the immediate needs of new sales.  Must take BSNL prepaid number or can do MNP for existing number and add in BSNL CUG of Apex for additional benefit of free calling within Apex group.
  14. 14. Benefits of Area Franchisee  An amount of Rs 100 will be paid for every 1:1 Set.  Daily ceiling of 10 Sets will be paid and all additional matched Sets will be flushed off.  You have to make 5 Sets in the first week, else, your daily ceiling will fall back to 5 Sets per day.  Carry forward of un matched joining will be allowed.  Refer Area Franchisee and get one time Rs. 750/- as direct referral income.  Get 10% of the Team Sales Income Generated by the Area Franchisee forever. This Income will be released along with Team Sales Income.  PIN Commission: Area Franchisee will be paid an amount of Rs.20/- for PINs purchased from E-Wallet only.
  15. 15. Role of Area Franchisee Area Franchisee’s will represent the company and are authorized to generate business for all the activities which include:  Software and website development projects for Apex Web Services  Creating product tie-up for Apex Market  Getting sponsors for  Inviting prospective investors for Cine Media  Generating orders for domestic and commercial RO plants, ETP’s, STP’s etc., for Warsha Water Works For all the above activities Area Franchisee is eligible for commissions
  16. 16. Orbit Plan To create maximum income to the networkers, we have introduced Revolving Orbit Plan. It contains Primary Orbit and Secondary Orbit. Any user can enter in Orbit plan by purchasing a Celkon Mobile OR Upgrade your Account to Recharge Partner by paying 1000/- (Non-Refundable) Achiever of Primary Orbit will get Rs.1000 and shall be promoted to Secondary Orbit.  Achiever of Secondary Orbit will get Rs.20,000 .
  17. 17. Orbit Plan  Income in this plan is based on the number of direct sales done by a DME.  A minimum of 2 direct sales is mandatory to get achievement in this plan.  If the achiever has less than 2 referrals, then even before the Orbit splits, the user will be replaced by a user who makes 2 referrals.  Each direct sale will give one referral count. This R-Count is displayed on your orbit.  The direct sales of the DME’s present in that particular orbit occupies the vacant position.  Orbit requires 15 sales to get filled. As soon as the orbit gets filled, the person in the middle will be the achiever.  Once a orbit is filled, the achiever is sent out and the balance DMEs will be divided into two groups of 7 DMEs each.  In the process of splitting the orbit, the DMEs will always follow their sponsor.  If Direct sponsor is not available, then the up-line hierarchy is followed and placed in the nearest available up-line.  User who achieved Primary Orbit with less than 2 referral count then he or she will be promoted to Secondary Orbit, but the Primary Orbit incentive of Rs.1000/- will not be paid.
  18. 18.  Activation Charges: Rs.1000/- Non-Refundable, but will be given orbit entry  Recharge Partners and subscribers can do recharge from recharge wallet only.  Recharge Partners and subscribers can transfer an amount of Rs. 100/- and above from their “My bank” or Commission wallet to their recharge wallet to make recharges.  He will get 100% of the recharge commission given by the service provider.  Recharge partner can recharge any denomination without any restrictions.  Recharge partner can recharge from Web and Mobile. Recharge Partner Opportunity
  19. 19. Apex BSNL CUG Apex has joined hands with BSNL to give Closed User Group in BSNL Pre Paid Services. The following are the features of this APEX CUG  Get unlimited free calling within the Apex group by paying Rs.100/-* per month  This CUG facility is only for DME’s, Area Franchisee’s, District Franchisee’s, Agents and Employees of Apex group  RC 40 will be done every month to the Apex CUG members, who pay their monthly amount in time  Pulse rate will be per second  Call Charges will be 1.2 paisa for BSNL and 1.3 paisa for Non BSNL Numbers  Every month, Users have to pay Rs.100 to retain their number in Apex CUG * Money saver offer : Every month you save Rs.30 on CUG charges and in 12 months your saving is of Rs. 360/- which is equal to initial investment of Rs. 350/- towards purchase of Hand on Effects of Radiation. Note: If Users fail to pay Rs.100, then you will be removed from the group and to re-enter the group, one has to pay RS.100 extra as penalty. Rs. 130/-
  20. 20. Repurchase Plan Option 1 - For APEX CUG Users As you all know that we are providing CUG services at Rs.100 per month. The subscriber will get free unlimited calling within the Apex Group and get additional top up for Rs.40. Out of this Rs.100, we have allotted some fund to share on a monthly basis. All are requested to join the CUG plan and utilize the immense benefits as shown below. A family with 5 CUG connections can easily create a monthly Income up to Rs.50000, provided all users get the eligibility as shown. Eligibility:  The DME must be in APEX CUG with a valid BSNL number.  Monthly CUG Renewal must be done to receive this incentive.  Incentives are calculated only on Active CUG users in your team.  Rs 100 renewal charges must be paid one month in advance. Note: For Joining APEX CUG, login and apply now. You can use your existing BSNL number, port your number to BSNL or take a new connection. You can take BSNL SIM at any nearest Customer Service Centre of BSNL.  You have to submit your DME appointment letter along with the CAF Application.
  21. 21. Repurchase Plan Option 2 - Non APEX CUG Users Eligibility  Non APEX CUG Users can avail this facility.  In a given calendar month, the user must do a top-up or recharge for any mobile or DTH for an amount of Rs.500/- or more to get eligible for this incentive. How Monthly Repurchase Plan Income is calculated:  This is Uni-Level sharing plan with unlimited depth.  Rs 1/- Per Renewal is paid till unlimited depth on a monthly basis.  The depth is decided on the number of direct sales done by the DME.  For every direct sale, one level will be added to your incentive eligibility.  For Example, if you have 6 direct sales, then, you are eligible for Renewal Income upto 6 levels only.  There is a monthly capping of Rs.10000 on this income per user account.
  22. 22. World’s first Uni Level Plan with unlimited depth An amount of Rs.10,000/- can be earned every month with just Rs.1 being allotted for each level. The below diagram is an Illustration to demonstrate the Unlimited Level Income, which can be earned by giving more direct sales by any of the Apex DMEs. There is a monthly capping of Rs 10,000 on this income per user account. Repurchase Plan Illustration
  23. 23. How to Register with Apex Telecom  Deposit Rs 350/- in company bank account. For bank details click on below link or approach your nearest Area Franchisee  We will send you the PIN to your mobile number or Email.  Now open and enter your mobile number and click on submit as shown below image
  24. 24. How to Register with Apex Telecom • Give miss call to below number for your mobile verification.
  25. 25. • Fill your details like Personal Information, Current Network details, Pin code, Bank details etc., and click next as shown in below image
  26. 26. • Enter your sponsor details , placement and PIN number which you has been received from the company as shown in the below image. • Now you joined Apex Telecom successfully. You will receive a login password through SMS in your mobile and registered E-mail ID.
  27. 27. How to Purchase the Pins :  Click on below link for purchasing the PIN’s.  After receiving the amount in my bank. Follow the below procedure.  Enter your transaction password and click on submit as shown in the below image.
  28. 28. Now select the PIN’s option and click on submit as shown in the below image
  29. 29.  Choose your PIN’s i.e., Paid PIN’s or Ecom PIN’s then enter the quantity, click on purchase PIN’s and enter your transaction password as shown below.
  30. 30.  Now you will receive your purchased PIN’s in PIN’s Menu. Note down the PIN’s and start new joining.
  31. 31. Our Bankers Cash Deposits A/C No: 32415195297 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt. Ltd. Branch: Defence Colony IFSC Code: SBIN0008025 Bank: State Bank of India A/C No: 173202000020293 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt. Ltd. Branch: Sainikpuri IFSC Code: IOBA0001732 Bank: Indian Overseas Bank
  32. 32. A/C No: 30231010003037 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt Ltd Branch: Sainikpuri IFSC Code: SYNB0003023 Bank: Syndicate Bank Cash Deposits
  33. 33. Our Bankers Non Cash Deposits A/C No: 50200000689629 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt Ltd Branch: Sainikpuri IFSC Code: HDFC0000126 Bank: HDFC Bank A/C No: 912020052240324 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt. Ltd. Branch: A.S.Rao Nagar IFSC Code: UTIB0000427 Bank: Axis Bank
  34. 34. A/C No: 024405004017 A/C Name: Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt Ltd Branch: A S Rao Nagar IFSC Code: ICIC0000244 Bank: ICICI Bank Non Cash Deposits
  35. 35. CONTACT :Rahul kumar singh(Area franchise) NUMBER: +918880522449 Website : Email Id: Thank You “For more information contact your Sponsor”