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  1. A next-generation platform for retail & SME lending
  2. Founded 2012, 90 employees Based in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Jaipur Gross Credit Disbursed - INR 22,000 cr (USD 3 bn+) to date: - INR 1,650 cr FY 2014- 15 - INR 7,200 cr FY 2015- 16 - INR 70,000 cr FY 2020* KEY FACTS • Founded in 2012, Rupeepower is today a leading credit origination platform company in India • Our Product: • Rupeepower’s credit-tech platform CreditOn for consumer & SME loan origination (Omni-channel acquisition, Instant decisioning, Digital KYC, Credit assessment, Loan CRM & LOS), is being used by some of the leading banks & NBFCs in India • Performance: INR 22,000 cr (USD 3bn+) of consumer credit disbursed to date by lenders using (predominantly SaaS) platform Leader in consumer & SME lending technology
  3. Our Partners 01CreditOn – Our Trusted Partners Shortlisted in Abu Dhabi global Market Reglabs as a digital lending platform partner under SME lending 45 product implementations under Retail & SME lending
  4. Lending Fintech Digital Credit 01 Maximum Efficiency Better Quality Decisions Quicker TAT • Drive all channels to efficiency by digital means • Aadhaar integration, existing customer pre-population for minimum manual data entry • KYC & Fraud box to speed up the sanction process • E-sign for paperless process not requiring customer’s wet signature • Instant bureau pull & in-principle approvals, as data is enhanced • API integration with NSDL, Hunter etc for additional checks • System driven application scorecard execution • Configurable business rule engine • Automated CAM data population • Green channel for instant loan approval & disbursal • Split screen view to match form data with docs for faster processing • Waiver of FI checks based on bureau & app score • SLA based tracking & escalation of cases unattended CreditOn – USP
  5. Customers Salaried Customers | Self-employed Professionals | Self-employed Businessmen Online Customer Tele callersSalesBranches Digital Connectors RupeePower Lending Platform / Stack LENDER’S CORE SYSTEMS Credit disbursed Credit Cards Personal Loans 2W Loans 4W Loans Home Loans Credit Bureaus India Stack ROC, NSDL Pre-qualified base 01 One platform: Multiple channelsOmni channel Experience One platform: Multiple channels
  6. SCREEN OFFER APPLY AIP1 DOCS & KYC DDE & AIP2 UNDERWRIT ING Online Customer Agents Sales Tele - Sales Digital Connectors 1 2 3 4 1 321 1 2 1 2 4 CONNECTOR API Eligibility Engine Approval in Principle 3 Sales App & KYC LOS 54 5 2 43 5 76 Omni channel Experience One platform: Multiple flows
  7. 01 CREDIT BUREAU • CIBIL, Experian, Equifax, Hi-Mark LENDINGAPI ID & FRAUD • Hunter, NSDL, cKYC • Probe42, Perfios • E-KYC & E-Sign OTHER SYSTEMS • Nucleus Finnone LOS • Finnacle CBS • BANCS CBS • OmniDocs • CRMNext • Asterix dialer Outbound(consumed) Inbound(exposed) FOR DIGITAL AGGREGATORS • Connector – Instant decision • Connector – Detailed Data Entry • Connector – Docs Upload • Connector – E-sign FOR LEAD GENERATORS • DSA/DST lead push • Digital campaigns • Offline leads upload KYC BOX • Email & WhoIs verification • Address match • Bank statement parsing • MCA API Driven Lending Plug and play integrations
  8. Lending Platform Products supported 01 The Rupeepower product stack caters to a whole range of retail & SME loans Gold Loan Credit Card 2W Loan Auto Loan Home Loan LAPEducation Loan Personal Loan SME Loan One platform : Multiple products
  9. Despite these phenomenal numbers, SME till date are facing the biggest challenge of availability of formal financing . According to a recent report, only about 5 million out of 51 million SMEs have access to formal finance. 51 million + SMEs and growing 37% of the non- agricultural GDP Employing 40% of the workforce SME Lending Landscape
  10. Piles of documentation makes it difficult to manually pull out relevant data for underwriting. Friction in the current KYC Process leads to higher TAT. Document processing and multiple signing stages lengthens disbursal dates. Credit assessment of SMEs is unstructured, time consuming & opaque, leading to poor credit decisions. Unavailability of data, fragmented data and incomplete coverage of MSMEs is another important bottleneck for underwriting Inability to ascertain authenticity of data by cross-validation across multiple sources fails to check fraud. Problems we solve
  11. 1. AI-first Digital KYC box, enabling super-fast KYC by  Collating customer data from multiple public sources  Parsing identity and address proof documents  Auto-matching identity and address details across data sources  App for digitizing traditional KYC processes of the lender 2. Omni-Channel customer acquisition & loan disbursal platform:  lender sales & agent channel  borrower PoS and eComm using borrower’s transaction data  loan marketplaces connecting to lender using CreditOn instant decision webservice API  traditional lender branches and RM 3. Instant SME Credit Decisioning Engine using traditional  bureau, banking, enterprise financial data and  alternate (transaction, invoices) data 4. Underwriting Platform for higher ticket SME loans enabling underwriters to arrive at optimal decisions by marrying new-age data representation with traditional credit underwriting practices. How CreditOn product stack empowers traditional lenders and fintech originators to collaborate & reimagine SME lending criteria and flows.
  12. Soft Approval Eligibility & Pricing Business Rule Engine Risk Scorecard Process Waiver Credit Decision Acquisition Data Enrichment ID verification Work Flow Intelligence Imputed Variables AgentsBranchSelf - Service Bureau Financials Customer De-dupe Banking Collateral Valuation Fraud Database National ID check OCR Parsing Document upload Email Check Facial Recognition Address Match A P I UnderwritingVerificationsSales CRM Portfolio quality TAT & Escalations Sales performance Sales StaffAssistedMarketplace DisbursalOperations Deviation handling CreditOn Tech stack
  13. SMELendingFlowendingFlow
  14. 01 77,330 21,740 3,310 3,100 45 cr 110,830 34,130 6,370 6,100 164 cr Omni-channel acquisition enables increasing top of the funnel by over 40% Applications & AIP Documents uploaded Underwriting Loan Sanctioned AFTER RUPEEPOWERBEFORE RUPEEPOWER Poor Engagement High loss to competition High TAT, Delays Manual Approval & Rejection Benefits to Lenders Higher Productivity Better quality, higher productivity Automated Credit Decision Instant Soft Approval (AIP) Assisted calling, customer engagement Enquires Increased customer engagement leads to higher conversions e-kyc, e-sign, docs upload online => more quality apps moving to credit Instant soft approval reduced customers lost to competition Quality + automated AIP => higher underwriting productivity & multifold increase in disbursals Benefits to lenders : Sample Case Study On CreditOn implementation
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