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  2. 2. PRESENTED BY • • • • • • Serene Ittikunnath. Rahul Shivsharan. Manasi Bunde. Aditi Jor. Vikesh Bangera. Ankita Dhatrak.
  3. 3. BRITANNIA •Company- Britannia Industries •Category- Food products •Tagline/ Slogan- “Zindagi Mein Life” •USP- India’s very own bakery and dairy products brand that is trusted for its quality •The company was established in 1892, with an investment of Rs. 295. •Britannia has an estimated 38% market share. •The current revenue of Britannia is 4670 crore whereas the profits are at 134 crore. •90% of Britannia’s annual revenue of Rs2,200 crore comes from biscuits.
  5. 5. Cakes BAKERY Bread Rusk Biscuit BRITANNIA Product Width: 2 Product Length: 9 Milk Butter Cheese DAIRY Ghee Dahi
  6. 6. PRODUCT DEPTH GOOD DAY BUTTER 100gms 200gms(family pack) CASHEW 100gms 200gms(family pack) CHOCOCHIP 100gms 200gms(family pack) PISTA BADAM 100gms 200gms(family pack) PRIC E Bourbon Marie gold (160 gms) (337 gms) 15 28 BOURBON Nano pack Pocket pack Vita marie (278 gms) (140 gms) 28 15 Hangout pack Party pack Gift pack Nutrichoice thin arrowroot biscuits (166 gms) 15 CAPPUCHINNO 50 gms 100 gms PRICE MARIE GOLD 10 18 12 20 18 12 20 Nutrichoice hi-fibre digestive biscuits75gm 100gm 12 20 pric e 5 12 15 22 19
  7. 7. Good Day “Iska Toh Ho Gaya Re Good Day” •Biscuits contributes 80% of total turnover •Good Day was launched in the year 1986 with two variants- cashew and butter •After two decades of magnificent success it was time to give the nation yet another reason to relish good day by introducing more variants such as Pista Badam, chocochip, choconut. •Fastest growing brands in the Britannia porfolio. •USP- Healthy biscuits with cashew and butter.
  8. 8. Marie Gold “tea time mein jaan daal de” • Britannia's oldest brand enjoys a heritage that spans over 50 years. • Balanced taste , crispiness, lightness along with added minerals and vitamins • The USP of Marie gold is that it is a “healthy tea time biscuit”
  9. 9. Bourbon-The original “Indulge your dark side” • Britannia is the first to come up with the idea of bourbon • Bourbon with its thick delicious chocolate, packed between two crunchy chocolate biscuits topped with sugar crystals is enjoyed by all age group. • The USP of bourbon is that it has thick, rich and delicious chocolate packed between two crunchy chocolate biscuits.
  10. 10. GOOD DAY MARIE BOURBON All the three products are FMCG Product level - All the three are augmented product- convenience good. CONSTITUENTS OF THE PRODUCT PRODUCT GOOD DAY MARIE BOURBON PACKAGING Packed in colored package as per the ingredients or USP. Packed in nice single and triple row pack with attractive colouring. Unique and attractive packing tempting buyers to buy. LABELLING All the ingredients and the calories are mentioned. It also has an eco mark on the pack. All the ingredients and the calories are mentioned. It also has an eco mark on the pack. All the ingredients and the calories are mentioned. It also has an eco mark on the pack. QUALITY Classified as a premium segment Classified as a digestive biscuit with Maintains a very high quality . Classified as a
  11. 11. Pricing Strategy GOOD DAY MARIE BOURBON Competitive pricing: Price set comparing with the competitors Competitive pricing: Price set comparing with the competitors. A rupee more than Parle G Competitive pricing: Price set comparing with the competitors Product Line Pricing: The better feature and benefit given the better the greater the consumer will pay Affordable prices . Within the range of normal customer Market-penetration strategy: With the introduction of nano packs for Rs 5 it plans to penetrate into the rural areas Bundle pricing: Bundle of group of products at reduced price Discount not in sense of direct price but in the sense of extra 50gm Festival offers and seasonal offers .
  12. 12. Promotion mix PROMOTIONL TOOLS GOOD DAY MARIE BOURBON TV ADDS PRINT ADDS RADIO ADDS TV ADDS RADIO ADDS PRINT MEDIUM TV ADDS PRINT MEDIUM SALES PROMOTION Britannia khao world cup jao Discount to wholesalers and retailers. With tag line of “ab tea time badal gaya” Buy one packet and get a code to redeem the offer PUBLIC EVENT Lagaan cricket match Launching new biscuit at an event Tie up with radio city “cheers to health “event ADVERTISEMENT DIGITAL MARKETING Interactive website Online advertisement and Online promotion and online contest
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