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Seo introduction


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Seo introduction

  1. 1. SEO Introduction By Rahul Sharma {
  2. 2. Basic SEO Factors On Page SEO factors • Title Tag • Keyword Density • Meta Tags • Alt tags • Internal Linking • Content • URL
  3. 3. Off Page SEO Factors • Link Building • Social Media Basic SEO Factors
  4. 4. On Page SEO > Title Tag Titles tag plays an important role in deciding the rank of your page. Title is the thing which tells your readers and search engine what your page is about. Title tags tell anyone to visit your page or not while appearing on search result page
  5. 5. On Page SEO > Title Tag • Title tag should appear within <title> </title> • Your Title should be convincing • It should be unique • Your title should be up to 60 characters • Try to put your main keyword at the starting of title
  6. 6. On Page SEO > Keyword Density • Before publishing your page, do a proper research of keywords. • Your keyword density should be between 4%- 20%. • Make your keywords bold • Use your main keyword within h1 and h2
  7. 7. On Page SEO > Keyword Density Online Resource • Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool • Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand • Google Trend
  8. 8. On Page SEO > Meta Tags • Meta tags are not dead yet, try to put your keyword in meta description. • Make use of meta keywords but don’t put too much keywords otherwise search engine will penalize you.
  9. 9. On Page SEO > Alt Tag • Image alt tag means alternative text of your image and this is that tag which search engine spider uses to understand your image. • If you use images in your post then must add Alt Tags to your images • Try to use keyword in alt tag
  10. 10. On Page SEO > Internal Linking • You can get SEO value from high value pages of your site by using internal linking • Breadcrumbs are the great way for internal linking, they allows users to return to the previous page without hitting back button
  11. 11. On Page SEO > Internal Linking • Make sure your each page is linked to at least one page • Add direct links from your homepage to your most important pages • Remove low quality/importance links from your homepage. • Paragraph links carry the most weight
  12. 12. On Page SEO > Content • Content in NOT king, now ORIGINAL CONTENT IS KING • Update your blog on regular basis • Block duplicate contents, Block Google Bot or any other search engine bot from accessing tags, or categories
  13. 13. On Page SEO > URL • Select keyword filled domain • Use keywords in your post url • Don’t spam URL by overloading keywords • Keep URL short and simple • Select ccTLD if targeting a particular country
  14. 14. Off Page SEO > Link Building • Link building is one of the oldest off page tactics which stills play a vital role in deciding your page rank • If a site passes a link to your site then search engine will look as passing value to you, so as much as links you get as much as ranks you will get
  15. 15. Off Page SEO > Link Building • Don’t get link back from spam sites, it will devalue your site • Try to get link back from your category websites • Nowadays search engines are smart, try to get genuine link backs not paid one !!!!
  16. 16. Off Page SEO > Social Media • Social Media is the platform where we spend most of our time • Promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn • Try to upload image and put short description about your post and give a link, pictures get more attention
  17. 17. Off Page SEO > Social Media • People comes to social media sites to interact, so don’t spam them • Implement Google Authorship • Put social sharing buttons below your articles to help readers • Share contents over social bookmarking platforms like Tumbler, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg
  18. 18. {House is open for your queries Reach me at :- w:- | TechnoArea.In e:-
  19. 19. THANK YOU