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Ambush marketing


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Ambush marketing

  1. 1. By- Neela Reelan- Rahul Parihar- Sanket Sancheti
  2. 2.  Introduction History Definition Features Why Guerrilla marketing? Instruments Guerrilla marketing in today’s scenario Future Obstacles Conclusion
  3. 3. “You will find it at the moment you do not expect it at all! And at the moment younotice the advertisement and start thinking about its message they have whatthey want – your attention and interest”• “SURPRISE EFFECT”• Tool for small companies to fight against the biggies
  4. 4. The word “Guerrilla” - Spanish expression for “Battle”• Che Guevara and the book ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ (1968)• Americans encounter ‘GUERRILLA’
  5. 5. ‘Guerrilla’ enters Marketing• America’s marketing experts were looking for new approaches to gainthe attention of customers• They had to find realizable concepts for businesses with limitedresources; something that lets one company stand out in the crowd• The only promising way was to use an ‘anti-marketing’ concept thatincluded attrition and attack strategies in order to gain as much attentionas possible and to weaken competitors considerably
  6. 6. ‘ Guerrilla Marketing’The term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in the book ‘GuerrillaMarketing’ in the year 1983Provided not only an explanation of the essential marketing ideas, but alsoa philosophy for small business owners who wanted to follow the GuerrillaMarketing ideaBased on the use of non-traditional marketing channels, customerproximity, insistency, and patience
  7. 7. “An unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy andimagination rather than a big marketing budget”Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected andunconventional, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted inunexpected placesAccording to Kotler The main purpose of Guerrilla Marketing is todestabilize the opponent – or best to destroy the competitors with the helpof attrition tactics.
  8. 8. • Geared for the small business and entrepreneur• Based on human psychology rather than experience, judgement, andguesswork• The primary statistic to measure your business is the amount of profits,not sales• The marketer should also concentrate on how many new relationshipsare made each month• Instead of concentrating on getting new customers, aim for morereferrals, more transactions with existing customers
  9. 9. Companies all over the world invest billions in traditional activities, whichare often not affordable for smaller companies.The solution is a cost-effective marketing form that stands out in thecrowd of advertisings and catches the attention of the customer even inthe rapidly changing marketing world of today.The aspects of Guerilla Marketing also fit these needs of today - awayfrom uniformity and insistency towards creativity and flexibility.
  10. 10. Out-of-Home Weapons1. Ambient Marketing2. Guerrilla Sensation3. Ambush MarketingNew Media Weapons1. Viral Marketing2. Guerrilla MobileLow Budget Weapons
  11. 11. Ambient advertisements are posted on manhole covers, cranes, pizzacartons, free postcards in bars and so on
  12. 12. Ambient Marketing positions advertising at unusual places. Hereby themain focus is not necessarily on the idea, but on the advertising spaceitself.
  13. 13. The idea is to get an advertising message to as many contacts as possibleand as fast as possible. This is realised by human multipliers who areanimated to pass the message along for free. The challenge fora Viral Marketer is to build a motivation in a message for people to spreadit.Eg. Hotmail
  14. 14. Since the number of mobile phones exceeds the number of inhabitantsin many countries, the cell phone is a permanent companion ofprospects.The wireless connection provides the possibility to present marketingmessages in different ways via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, or Infrared.
  15. 15. It is often difficult to recognize the fine line between provocation andoffence, between drawing the attention to a company and to create anegative reputation, to get new customers and to lose prospects.
  16. 16. The main reason why companies opt for Guerilla Marketing these dayscan be differentiated between small and larger organisations.Smaller companies obviously chose the cost effective principle since theyonly have a small advertising budget on-hand.Larger, more solvent companies are often able to afford TV and PrintAds. They use Guerrilla Marketing since it achieves value that cannot becreated by classical advertising alone.
  17. 17. Guerilla Marketing –has been experiencing increasing importance in theadvertising landscape, ever since customers are besieged with classicalmarketing communication via the traditional channels TV, Magazines,Radio and Direct Mail. Guerilla Marketing is a brilliant idea, involving thecustomer in a surprising, unconventional marketing activity..
  19. 19.  Ambush means attack from hidden position Term coined by Jerry c welsh in 1980
  20. 20. It is defined as attempt by an organisation to benefit from goodwillor popularity of particular event by creating association betweenitself and the event without permission of relevant organisation andwithout paying fees to become an official sponsor
  21. 21. At many major events one brand of a particular category pays a highprice to be the exclusive sponsor. Ambush Marketers then still find a wayto make notice of their brand in connection with the event, since itattracts the attention of thousands of visitors and even viewers on TV
  22. 22.  Ambush marketing is cost effective Complete creative freedom When competitor is sponsor
  23. 23.  Do not breach intellectual property law Do not call yourself a sponsor if you are not Some major events also have proximity rules.
  24. 24. 1. Cosmetic Ambush Driven by ego not by strategy2. Proximity Ambush Setting up on outskirts of major event3. Media package4. Strategic Ambush Leverages experiences around the event.
  25. 25.  Strategies of Ambusher Sponsoring Media coverage of the event Engaging in advertising that coincide with sponsored event Distributing of free sample of non sponsored brand product at event
  26. 26.  Australia VS New Zealand. Streakers bearing the Vodafone logo on their bodies invaded the pitch during the second half. Official Sponsor – Telstra. 29