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Lightning Data Service


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An introduction to lightning data service and it's implementation presented by me in DF17GG organized by Noida Salesforce Developer User Group

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Lightning Data Service

  1. 1. - Rahul Malhotra
  2. 2. About Me  Currently working as a software engineer intern at SaasFocus.  Worked as a full stack developer intern earlier.
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda  Introduction to Lightning Data Service  CRUD Operations in Lightning Data Service  Difference between <force:recordPreview /> and <force:recordData />  Important Considerations for using Lightning Data Service  Handling Result of Lightning Data Service
  4. 4. LDS Introduction  Lightning Data Service allows us to load, create, delete and edit a record without requiring apex code.  Records loaded in Lightning Data Service are cached and shared across all components  Field level security and record sharing is inbuilt  When one component updates a record, the other components using it are notified.  Component usually refresh automatically if data is accessed in VIEW mode  We have to manually refresh the component data in case of EDIT mode
  5. 5. CRUD Operations in LDS <force:recordData aura:id="forceRecordCmp" recordId="{!v.recordId}" layoutType="{!v.layout}" fields="{!v.fieldsToQuery}" mode="VIEW" targetRecord="{!v.record}" targetFields="{!v.simpleRecord}" targetError="{!v.error}" /> Methods Available  getNewRecord()  reloadRecord()  saveRecord()  deleteRecord()
  6. 6. <force:recordPreview /> v/s <force:recordData />  <force:recordPreview /> is deprecated and is completely replaced by <force:recordData />  <force:recordData /> returns records in new shape and includes a new attribute – targetFields  v.targetFields.Name === v.targetRecord.fields.Name.value
  7. 7. It’s Time to Code
  8. 8. Considerations for LDS  Lightning Data Service is only available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1  Bulk operations are not supported in LDS  Querying for a record by anything other than record ID isn’t available  Lightning Data Service notifies listeners about data changes only if the changed fields are the same as in the listener’s fields or layout.  Lightning Data Service Supports these objects :- us.lightning.meta/lightning/data_service_considerations.htm
  9. 9. Resources  Lightning Data Service Trailhead -  Developer Documentation - us.lightning.meta/lightning/data_service.htm
  10. 10. Q & A
  11. 11. Thank You  Github Project Link:-  My Twitter Handle:- @rahulcoder  About Me:  Salesforce Chatter:  Blog: