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  1. 1. Virtualization A way To Begin with Virtual Reality… - Rahul Khanvani Department Of Computer Science , Rajkot Rahul Khanvani BinaryBuzz.Wordpress.c om
  2. 2. What Is Virtualization ? • If you have ever divided your hard drive into different partitions than you probably already know about the virtualization. • Is used with OSes , Servers Storage Devices Or Network Resources. Rahul Khanvani
  3. 3. Virtualization - A Concept • Virtualization Is A way of Emulating hardware in software. • You will feel the Imaginary use of the hardware rather then factual or realistic hardware. • A virtualization system that partitions a single physical “machine” into multiple virtual machines. • For Example, ▫ Dividing hard drive into logical portions. ▫ Mapping A Drive. ▫ Using FTP Servers. Rahul Khanvani
  4. 4. Virtualization - A Concept • Virtualization is way to run multiple operating systems and user applications on the same hardware ▫ E.g., run both Windows and Linux on the same laptop. • How is it different from dual-boot? ▫ OSes run simultaneously • The OSes are completely isolated from each other Rahul Khanvani
  5. 5. Uses of virtualization • Server consolidation ▫ Run a web server and a mail server on the same physical server • Easier development ▫ Develop critical operating system components (file system, disk driver) without affecting computer stability • Testing ▫ Testing a network product (e.g., a firewall) may require tens of computers ▫ Try testing thoroughly a product at each pre-release milestone • Cloud computing Rahul Khanvani
  6. 6. Types Of Virtualization • Hardware ▫ Dividing a Part Of A hard wares and sharing resources via virtual Machine. • Desktop ▫ Cloud Computing & Server Virtualization. • Software ▫ As a concept of Application Sharing. • Memory ▫ Sharing Your virtual memory (RAM). • Storage ▫ Hard drive storage as a virtual memory. • Data ▫ Database virtualization, the decoupling of the database layer, which lies between the storage and application layers within the application stack over all. • Network ▫ creation of a virtualized network addressing space within or across network subnets. Rahul Khanvani
  7. 7. Virtual Mashine Monitor • A virtualization system that partitions a single physical “machine” into multiple virtual machines. • Terminology ▫ Host – the machine and/or software on which the VMM is implemented ▫ Guest – the OS which executes under the control of the VMM Rahul Khanvani
  8. 8. Role Of Hardware Features Virtual mashines • Ubuntu , Android Virtualization Software • VirtualBox , Qemu Host Operating System • Windows 7 Hardware Intraction • HDD,RAM,Processor Rahul Khanvani
  9. 9. Guest OS System Architructure Operating System Hardware Hardware Virtual Mashine Mirror App. A App. C App. B Operating System App. A App. B Guest OS App. C App. DApp. D Rahul Khanvani
  10. 10. Hardware Intraction • Processors ▫ More then one OS running on the mashine So Much Powerful Processor Needed. ▫ Not Only Depends On Clock Frequency  Core i3 , Atom (1.87 GHz) ▫ Also Depends On  RAM  Cache Size Rahul Khanvani
  11. 11. Hardware Intraction • Hard Drive ▫ Where To Put The Virtual OS / Guest OS? ▫ Find The Minimum Requirement Of Your  Guest OS.  Host OS. • Hardware Resource > HostOs H/w + GuestOS H/w • Minimum Requirments  Win 7 - Minimum 8 GB HDD 512 MB RAM  Vista - Minimum 8 GB HDD 1 GB RAM Rahul Khanvani
  12. 12. Example Of Virtual MashineRahul Khanvani
  13. 13. Why We Need Virtualization ? • Purchasing Many Machines For Different purposes.(costly) • Setting up them on Network and connecting them (Adding the new machine or server). ▫ Thus no need of any installation process. • No need to provide extra ▫ Electricity, ▫ Networking facility, ▫ Floor space. Rahul Khanvani
  14. 14. Advantages Of Virtualization • Can Create Multiple Mashine On Same Server Which saves Money. • Provides dynamic Guest Processor Frequency Adjustment Which Make It Simple. • Have Inbuilt Monitoring And Maintenance saves time and space effort. • Upgrading gets easier. • Scalability(increase needs). • Saving Software Costs. • Resource sharing. Rahul Khanvani
  15. 15. Various Virtual Mirrors • Citrix XenServer • IBM PowerVM • iCore Virtual • Red Hat KVM(Kernal-based Virtual Machine) • Linux Vserver • Microsoft Hyper-V • Microsoft Windows Virtual PC • Open VZ Linux • Oracle Solaris Containers • Oracle Virtual box • Oracle VM Server Rahul Khanvani
  16. 16. Let See How To Install Guest OS With Using Virtual Mashine Mirror • In Next Video Installing Windows Xp Via Virtual Machine. • Windows 7 Is Used As A host OS. • Oracle Virtual Box Is Used As A Mirror. Rahul Khanvani
  17. 17. Requirments • HDD ▫ Static VDI ▫ Dynamic VDI • RAM • Cores • Virtual Box Setup • Xp Image file Rahul Khanvani
  18. 18. Let See How To Install Guest OS With Using Virtual Mashine Mirror • In Next Video Installing Android Via Virtual Machine. • Ubuntu Is Used As A host OS. • Oracle Virtual Box Is Used As A Mirror. Rahul Khanvani
  19. 19. • Videos Are Uploded On • Open Site • Go To My Presentations Tab.>MCA1>Virtualization.. • Just Simple..  Rahul Khanvani
  20. 20. Rahul Khanvani