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Lean Startup Summary


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This is the presentation which is presented on Youtube. For a detailed summary of the Lean Startup, you can read the blog here

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Lean Startup Summary

  1. 1. The Lean Startup
  2. 2. Building something new is not a problem!
  3. 3. Defining Startup A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  4. 4. Learning should not be a waste of time!
  5. 5. Leap of Faith The customers will have a desire to buy our product or service.
  6. 6. The Value Hypothesis Would our product be valuable to our customers once they start using it?
  7. 7. Minimum Viable Product A product with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters.
  8. 8. The Growth Hypothesis How would new customers discover our product?
  9. 9. A/B Testing Offering two variants of same product to different customers.
  10. 10. Build-Measure-Learn
  11. 11. Persevere OR Pivot
  12. 12. Additional Resources For a detailed summary of the book with infographic visit the Blog Post- Lean Startup Summary For a video presentation watch the video- Video Presentation of the Lean Startup For Hindi explanation of the book visit-The Lean Startup Summary in Hindi
  13. 13. Thank You!