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Rahul Deshwal


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Rahul Deshwal

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE RAHUL DESHWAL GSM No. : M +62 89504046487 # M+91-11-66244821 # M+91 8010181414 Address : Oleos 1 Building, 5th Fl | Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.139 Jakarta Selatan 12740 Indonesia M +62 89504046487 # M+91-11-66244821 Email ID : - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAREER OBJECTIVE: A challenging growth oriented position in a progressive organization, where I could contribute to their success not only by my technical expertise but also through my innovative ideas and desire to achieve excellence in whatever I do Professional Experience:  7+ Year of experience in Telecom as a MW Transmission Engineer WORK EXPERIENCE: Current Organization: - PT GNI Nusantara (Ceragon Networks) Designation : Project Key Controller for E2E Planning Duration : 23TH Jan ‘15– Till Date. Location : Smartfren Jakarta (Indonesia) Work Description:  Fully responsible for MW ZTE(Smartfren Project)  PAC,CAF,TSS,TSSR,CR,Material shipment, Swap, Redeployment, Dismantling of Material, E2E Planning, License Updation  Handling 50 Manpower team for E2E project.  Microwave Network Planning for Rollout of CERAGON.  Providing guidance for LOS surveys.  Manage LOS surveys, Map study and preparation of path profiles, Optimization of Antenna Heights.  Carryout Link Budget analysis for finalizing link engineering & Interference analysis using Path loss planning tool (Path loss ver. 4.0).  Creating Path Profile and taking corrective action for problematic hops.  Optimization of Network to avoid interference and Capacity constraint.  Responsible for Network Performance and Improvement. Organization: Ceragon Networks (India) Pvt Ltd 5 Designation : Consultant Transmission Link Planner. Duration : 19TH Aug ‘14– Till Date. Location : RJIL Office Mumbai. Work Description: • Network planning on PL4/5. • LB Preparation. • Los Team Survey Coordination. • Checking Link Parenting with Fiber Pops. • Coordinating between RJIL and Ceragon for Mumbai circle from Transmission • Interference Calculation • Create Link Topology for Planning. • Coordinating with RJIL NHQ planner for planning issues related to different sites Organization: TNS PVT LTD
  2. 2. 4 Designation : Assistance Manager Duration : 7TH July ‘12 – 18th Aug’2014 Location : TNS NOIDA (NCR) A) Project Handling : Ericsson (Airtel IWAN-PAN INDIA) Work Description:  Coordinating with circle teams for conducting feasibility surveys, by considering the Customer location & BTS location making a plan for P2P or P2MP links from nearer BTS location by considering E1 availability, Space availability & coverage factor.  Done more than 1000 license and unlicensed CPE Testing for AIRTEL (NCR)  Coordination of IWAN team for UP E/W, Haryana, Punjab, HP, J&K, Delhi (NCR), and Rajasthan.  Deployment of P2P Link, P2MP link.  I&C of P2P and P2MP Link.  Deployment of site, AT of site, Installation support to field engineer. B) Project Handling : Ceragon (Reliance Jio LTE Transmission) C) Project Handling : Airtel (UP WEST)-RF AND TRANSMISSION D) Project Handling : Aircel (Chennai) - RF AND TRANSMISSION Worked with Lepton Software on Contract based as a Mentum Ellipse Transmission planner Work Description: 1) Data Migration of TLP/PL4 (Airtel Network) in Mentum Ellipse of many circle like Kerala, Chennai, TN. 2) Manage tool dump of TEMS/PL according to Mentum Ellipse dump. 3) Arrange Radio and Antenna files of all circles for Mentum Ellipse. 4) Make frequency plan of all links according to network. 5) Also define the bandwidth of each link as per as capacity. 6) Make circuits and ring in network over Mentum. 7) Explain the whole working of Mentum to Airtel guys Circle wise. 8) Calculate the Rx Level of more than 15000 sites of all circles. 9) Calculate the TD of more than 15000 sites of all circles 10) Calculate Interference of more the 15000 sites of all circles 11) Resolved all issues related to RX, TD, and Interference. 12) Resolved all queries of Airtel in each circle. 13) Trained to all Airtel guys on Mentum by circle wise. Organization: ASTER TELE SERVICES INDIA PVT LTD 3 Designation : Transmission planning, Co ordination of transmission team Duration : 25th Jan’ 09 – 30th June 12 Location : Ericsson Gurgaon (NCR) Project : Airtel  Frequency planning and Interference calculation of PDH and SDH and Verifying Link-Budgeting by using Tems Link Planner 6.6.2. & Path Loss 4.0.  PCM Planning, E1 Planning, Frequency Planning For SDH & PDH Routes.  Designing of a complete Transmission Network, which fulfills all critical requirements of B/W. Capacity (PDH and SDH), M/W spectrum, and availability as per ITU-T standards.  Planning of transmission Access/Back bone network.  Guide the Installation team for implementation of critical Microwave links.  Plan for suitable repeaters in case of Non availability of LOS for new sites.  Plan for backup connectivity for the MW links with ring protection to avoid outages.  Plan for 1+1 for critical links in spur.  Supervising the Backbone network planning and extending the network.  Preparing the BOQ for all transmission equipments depend on Marketing Department plan.  Preparing reports for SDH/PDH hops and handled their Complete Database.  Time to time migration and up gradation of BSC’s as required.  Plan Microwave media availability for TRX Addition and EDGE implementation in existing sites according to the number of TRX utilized.
  3. 3.  Preparing MW Technical Master Database (GIS) and keeping track of capacitive utilization of Hops.  Preparing Microwave Dependency tracker for planning protection plan for existing and new roll out sites in BSC’s.  Verifying the clutter type (urban, suburban, rural, quasi open etc.)  Finalizing the Tower height, antenna orientations.  Defining the azimuth of antennas.  LOS-Survey (Back Bone & Access Link).  Physical Testing, Check the Particular sites physically for Sector and cables swap, orientation, Tilt, Type of Antenna and all checking in BTS end.  Responsible for solving various problems faced by subscribers.  Provide assistance to network planner for better results.  Auditing of New Sites and Verifying Hardware, Tilt, Antenna height & Orientation according to the Planning Database.  Prioritize hardware faults to meet customer demands within the required time frame along with analysis, solution and reports the same.  Checking of Reports sent by survey Teams by using Path Loss.  Maintaining the Path Loss Network.  Main Transmission Route Alternative Path Planning  LOS Survey for Broadband link and height calculation. 2 Designation : Transmission Coordinator Duration : 25th June 08 – 10th Jan 09 Location : Ericsson Meerut UPW Project : BSNL 1 Designation : LOS Survey and co ordinations Duration : Jan 25th Jan ’08 – 20th June 08 Location : Pune Project : Reliance Communications Ltd., Pune-Maharastra Job Profile and responsibilities:-  Check Synchronization Problems in 3G Sites.  Performing Drive Tests & analysis of RF Drive Test data on TEMS Investigation 8.01,9.0.1,9.0.3 , 10.0.5 (Ericsson), and RF Planning tools like MapInfo etc, to determine network Problems, Poor Coverage areas, Interference, Call drops & Handover Problems.  Generation and submission of LOS Survey reports.  RF Nominal site planning. Design Antenna height for RF Coverage and Orientation.  Capacity & Coverage Sites.RF Candidate Site evolution (Search Ring).  Worked on path loss 4.0 also, Knowledge of Transmission planning on TLP 6.5.3  CPE testing of AES for Airtel,IBS site survey Tools used: Software used: 1. GPS 1. Map Sources 2. Altimeter 2. MapInfo 3. Magnetic compass 3. RLTool 4. Binocular 4. Tems Link Planner 6.5.2 5. Digital camera 5. PATHLOSS 3.0, 4.0, 6. Measuring tape 6. Map Info 8.0, 9.0, 10.0.1, 11.0.1 7. Mentum Ellipse 8.2 Professional Qualification: B. Tech Electronics and Communication from BIT, Muzaffarnagar (UPTU) in May 2007. PROFESSIONALTRAINING: ONE MONTH TRAINING IN RF FIELD AT PUNE IN RELIANCE TELECOM. TRAINING PROFILE: GSM, TND, RF SURVEY, SWAPPING. SOFTWARE SKILLS:  Languages know C,C++ and VHDL
  4. 4.  Operating System Windows XP/2000/98 (installation and working )  Knowledge about Ms Outlook with configures and Outlook express.  Knowledge about internet  Basic knowledge about computer hardware and Software PERSONAL DETAILS: NAME : RAHUL DESHWAL DATE OF BIRTH : 04TH MAY 1986 GENDER : MALE MARITAL STATUS : MARRIED FATHER’S NAME : Mr. HARIRAJ SINGH PASSPORT DETAILS : G-5147613 DATE OF ISSUE : 04-12-2007 LANGUAGE KNOWN : ENGLISH, HINDI. PLACE : Jakarta RAHUL DESHWAL