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All you need to know about Pinterest


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Social Media Platform and Demographics

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All you need to know about Pinterest

  1. 1. By Rahul Chamaria
  2. 2.  Pinterest is a virtual Pinboard  Content curation platform allows users to organize and categorize content according to interest  Uploads are known as ‘Pins’  Discover, organize and share your pins  Allows to repin items that you find interesting
  3. 3.  Gather new and creative ideas  Helps to find people with same interest to interact with  Fastest website to hit 10 million users Source:
  4. 4.  Total number of monthly active Pinterest users: 100 million  176 million registered Pinterest users  81% of Pinterest users are females  67% of Pinterest users are millennials  34% users are between 18-29 age  34% adults making over $75,000 use Pinterest (Source:
  5. 5.  Helps to find audience based on their interests  One of the best platforms to convey core values of the organization  Pinterest share button on the website will provide greater reach  Drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined  Crowdsourcing ideas by involving users in the community to contribute with their pins
  6. 6.  2:00 to 4:00 pm & evening hours every day  Fridays: 5:00 pm  Saturdays: Especially, 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm  On weekends: Generally activity peaks at 9 pm (Source: infographic#sm.000bkoxnb1cyterowg62e48l2zyue)
  7. 7. Businesses can benefit using this platform  Content Ideas  Know what customers are looking for  Buyable pins let people buy products without leaving Pinterest  Drives traffic to the website  Generate new leads  Increased sales (Source:
  8. 8. Pinterest Analytics for business helps to track data about the audience and what they are saving from your website. It also track a range of metrics:  Average daily impressions  Average daily viewers  Audience location  Number of repins  Amount of pins  Total likes (Source:
  9. 9.  Tailwind is also an analytic tool that offers multiple features. Smart schedule feature helps to find best time to post. It tracks increase in followers, likes, comments etc. For small businesses it’s just $9.99/ month  Viralwoot is another analytic tool for Pinterest. It can promote pins from the platform itself. It tracks contest in real- time. It also tracks board performance and reach. Prices start from $10/ month (Source:
  10. 10. Businesses can share engaging web content with it’s target audience. They can connect with their consumers who are using or are interested in their products and services. It is a great platform to drive traffic to the home page of the organization. Most importantly organizations can target specific demographics by sharing content because they know what their consumers want. It is a great place to have contests and track that in real time using analytics tools. (Source:
  11. 11.  Etsy’s main value is to drive loyalty and engagement by inspiring people  Pinterest concentrate on images and this is the best platform for Etsy  Etsy launched guest pinner program to collect different ideas and engage the community in contest sharing  Group boards are used by guest pinners to showcase trendsetting finds, this brings new point of view to Etsy’s boards (Source:
  12. 12. Terri is an artist showcasing her Etsy shop on Pinterest. She had planned a smart strategy to setup her boards  On her Pinterest, the first board is about her Etsy shop products  The next two boards contain different products and some related pins from web  The great range of boards help her to showcase products and create mouth of word about her work
  13. 13. Pinterest is a free platform. Organizations can get a business account on Pinterest for free. There is no certain amount of time to be spent on Pinterest to be successful. It really depends on the organization’s goals and what it wants to achieve. For certain industries like fashion, food and home decorating, it is a daily commitment for few hours. Organizations can use features like ‘Rich Pins’ and ‘Buyable Pins’ to promote their products.
  14. 14. This resource will help to get started with Pinterest. This is one of the best guides step by step that helps to setup your account and a lot more on Pinterest guide/