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Monolithic domes


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Monolithic domes

  1. 1. Monolithic domesCase study 1 –Dome ofDhayanalinga Temple.Case study 2 – Global VipassanaPagoda , Mumbai . M N R
  2. 2. Monolithic Domes• A monolithic dome (from Greek mono- and - lithic, meaning "one stone") is a structure cast in a one-piece form. The form may be permanent or temporary and may or may not remain part of the finished structure.• Forms have been made using nearly every common structural material including air pressure supported fabric.
  3. 3. M N R
  4. 4. Global Pagoda- Mumbai M N R
  5. 5. GLOBAL VIPASSANA PAGODA• THE BIGGEST DOME IN THE WORLD: 85.15 M DIAMETER.The Global Vipassana Pagoda is anotable monument in Mumbai, India whichserves for peace and harmony. Themonument was inaugurated by PratibhaPatil, President of India on 8th February2009. It is located in the North of Mumbaion a peninsula between Gorai Creek andthe Arabian Sea. The Global VipassanaPagoda was built out of gratitude to theBuddha, his teaching and the community ofmonks practicing his teaching.
  6. 6. STRUCTURAL DESIGNGeneral data• Total height of the Pagoda: 89.93 m• Clear span of the main dome: 85.15 m• Clear height of the main dome: 26.27 m• Total Masonry stone: 76,500 m (192,000 tons) 3The inside of the pagoda is hollow with a very large meditation hall of~5,700 m2 (~61,000 ft2). The massive inner dome seats around 8000 people
  7. 7. Plan
  8. 8. Form
  9. 9. Sections
  10. 10. Starting foundations of the first dome• The foundation of the dome was done with basalt stones. Starting the building work
  11. 11. Stone dressing for the first dome• Stone blocks were dressed to have an interlocking shape, in order to grip one with another.
  12. 12. And the Construction follows .
  13. 13. Completion of the main domeThe first and main dome was completed in October 2006 and bone relicsof Gautama Buddha were enshrined in the central keystone of the domeon 29th October 2006, making it the worlds largest structure containingrelics of the Buddha. The relics were originally found in the stupa atSanchi. They had been donated by the Mahabodhi Society of India and theprime minister of Sri Lanka to be kept at the Global Vipassana Pagoda.
  14. 14. Building the auxiliary dome, secondcatenary and third conical domeThe auxiliary dome was started when the main dome was about halfwayconstructed. The second catenary dome started once the first dome was nearcompletion. The last conical dome started only once the catenary dome wascompleted. The third and last dome was structurally completed on the 21stNovember 2008.
  15. 15. Section of the auxiliary and catenary domes
  16. 16. Global Pagoda towards completion
  17. 17. Team in charge of the structural design: Nandadeep Building CenterFor the projects and teachings going on in the Vipassana GlobalPagoda today, please visit the following website: