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Tata motors

  2. 2. Managing Director & Group CEO - Mr. Carl-Peter ForsterChairman - RATAN TATAMission & Vision Statement: To become a world class automotiveengineering and product development centre, and enable Tata Motors to become a worldclass automotive company.Milestone Of The CompanyIt has been a long and accelerated journey for Tata Motors, Indias leading automobilemanufacturer. Presented below is a list of some of the significant milestones in theCompanys journey towards excellence and leadership. 2010 • Tata Ace becomes Indias first 1-lakh brand in goods commercial vehicles. • Appointment of Mr. Carl-Peter Forster as Managing Director of Tata Motors. • Jaguar Land Rover announces opening of its Dealership in New Delhi. • Tata Motors to construct heavy truck plant in Myanmar under Government of Indias Line of Credit. • Tata Motors declared as the Commercial Vehicle Maker of the Year. • Tata Motors Passenger Car Division launches ‘Tata Motors Service Edge for leading edge customer service. • Tata Motors displays Tata Nano EV at the 80th Geneva Motor Show. • Chief Minister of Punjab inaugurates Tata Motors supported State Institute of Automotive and Driving Skills. • Jaguar Land Rover announces • Dr. Ralf Speth as Chief Executive Officer. • Tata Motors appoints Mr. Carl-Peter Forster as Group CEO. Tata Motors Group displays the widest range of products and environment-friendly technologies at Auto Expo 2010. • Tata Motors launches Magic Iris.On 26th April 2010, Tata Motors sold its 4 millionth Commercial Vehicle.
  3. 3. 2009• Tata Marcopolo Motors, Dharwad plant begins production.• Tata Motors launches Nano - The Peoples Car.• Introduction of New World standard truck range.• Launch of premium luxury vehicles - Jaguar XF, XFR and XKR and Land Rover Discovery 3, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover from Jaguar and Land Rover in India.• Tata Nano wins the Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY) Award.• Tata Motors launches the Sumo Grande MK II.• Tata Motors begins distribution of Prima World truck.• FREELANDER 2 launched in India.• Tata Motors introduces the all new Tata 407 Pickup, Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX.• First Jaguar Land Rover showroom opens in India.• Mr. Ravi Kant to become Non-executive Vice-Chairman of Tata Motors on retirement, Mr.P.M. Telang to become Managing Director -India Operations.• Tata Nano draws over 2.03 lakh bookings• Tata Motors acquires remaining 79% in Hipo Carrocera.• Tata Motors launches the next generation all-new Manza.2008• Ace plant at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) begins production.• Indica Vista – the new generation Indica, is launched.• Tata Motors new plant for Nano to come up in Gujarat.• Latest common rail diesel offering- the Indica V2 DICOR, launched.• Indigo CS (Compact Sedan), world’s first sub four-metre sedan, launched.• Launch of the new Sumo -- Sumo Grande, which combines the looks of an SUV with the comforts of a family car.• Tata Motors unveils its Peoples Car, Nano, at the ninth Auto Expo. Xenon, 1- tonne pick-up truck, launched in Thailand.• Tata Motors signs definitive agreement with Ford Motor Company to purchase Jaguar and Land Rover.• Tata Motors completes acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover.• Tata Motors introduces new Super Milo range of buses.• Tata Motors is Official Vehicle Provider to Youth Baton Relay for The III Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008.
  4. 4. • Indica Vista – the second generation Indica, is launched.Tata Motors launches passenger cars and the new pick-up in D.R. Congo2007• Construction of Small Car plant at Singur, West Bengal, begins on January 21.• New 2007 Indica V2 range is launched.• Tata Motors launches the longwheel base Indigo XL, Indias first stretch limousine.• Common rail diesel (DICOR) engine extended to Indigo sedan and estate range.• Tata Motors and Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co. (Thonburi), announce formation of a joint venture company in Thailand to manufacture, assemble and market pickup trucks.• Roll out of 100,000th Ace.• Tata-Fiat plant at Ranjangaon inaugurated.• Launch of a new upgraded range of its entry level utility vehicle offering, the Tata Spacio.• Launch of Magic, a comfortable, safe, four-wheeler public transportation mode, developed on the Ace platform.• Launch of Winger, India’s only maxi-van.• Fiat Group and Tata Motors announce establishment of Joint Venture in India.• Launch of the Sumo Victa Turbo DI, the new upgraded range of its entry-level utility vehicle, the Sumo Spacio.Tata Motors launches Indica V2 Turbo with dual airbags and ABS.• Launch of new Safari DICOR 2.2 VTT range, powered by a new 2.2 L Direct Injection• Common Rail (DICOR) engine.Rollout of the one millionth passenger car off the Indica platform. CRM-DMS initiative crosses the 1000th location milestone.2006• Tata Motors vehicle sales in India cross four million mark.• Tata Motors unveils new long wheel base premium Indigo & X - over concept at Auto Expo 2006.• Indica V2 Xeta launched.• Passenger Vehicle sales in India cross one-million mark.• Tata Motors and Marcopolo, Brazil, announce joint venture to manufacture fully built buses and coaches for India and markets abroad.• Tata Motors first plant for small car to come up in West Bengal.
  5. 5. • Tata Motors extends CNG options on its hatchback and estate range. • TDCV develops South Koreas first • LNG-Powered Tractor- Trailer. • Tata Motors and Fiat Group announce three additional cooperation agreements. • Tata Motors introduces a new Indigo rangeProduct:Tata NanoThe Tata Nano is an inexpensive, rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by the Indiancompany Tata Motors and is aimed primarily at the Indian domestic market.Tata Motors began selling its "one-lakh car" in March, 2009. The cheapest car in theworld today,] though the price continues to rise due to increasing material costs. Itsnickname, "one-lakh car" is due to the Nanos price point, near 100,000 (one lakhrupees).MARKETING STRATEGY FOR TATA NANOThe Nano’s overall marketing strategy will use conventional media in an unconventionalmanner. Unlike most small cars, Nano won’t be big on advertising. There will be no TVcampaign, only innovative use of print, radio and other media, particularly the web. TheTata team is working on Nano news in papers, Nano breaks on radio, Nano appearing inthe form of messages or ticker news on TV, online Nano games, Nano chatrooms on theNet, Nano pop-ups on major websites and Nano conversation on Facebook, Orkut andblogspaces.The Tata group, which recently launched the low-cost car, Nano, also entered the low-cost housing segment to target industrial workers and other low-wage earners. The idea isto make the Nano part of our everyday lingo like ‘see you after a Nano,’ it’s a totallyword-of-mouth campaignTata has launched an online community based marketing effort to generate pre launchbuzz about Tata Nano and build a community around its brand. Tata Nano is touted as thepeople’s car and building up on that platform Tata has launched a website named
  6. 6. www.tatanano.com to direct to an intrinsically social media driven website for the TataNano hosted on Tata Motors sub domain.The website features a • Blog • A forum which already has 12000 members • A dream car configurator which allows you to play with Tata Nanos design and create your own design. • Booking Nano online, • You can "build" your Nano on the company website, which means that you can select the color, decals, wheels, fog lamps, seat covers, and dashboard. • Along with this, there are features like free downloads, contests, and so on.Tata seems to be actively engaging people by also discussing the ideas being generated inforum including the idea of actually selling the car online. Using this Tata can alsoactually gauge international interest in Nano.Tata has come with innovative strategy of Nano in following ways:-a)Strategic intend: It is targeting the different segment through Nano. In India maximumnumber of our population is in middle and lower segment. Tata Nano car and housingproject has directly positioned it’s product to these segment which others have failed todo.b)Innovative strategy: Nano have gained so much popularity through word of mouthpublicity that is does not require any other advertising cost. People are eager to knowabout Nano.c)Core competencies: Tata has a right direction and focus towards Nano. They knowthat they have gained popularity and they are aware that they are ahead of theircompetitors.Hence, Nano is a brilliant marketing strategy adopted by Tata and its huge success.WHERE IT WORKED WHERE IT ? Result of this was: • People from all walks of life ranging from businessmen to farmers, and from city dwellers to rural villagers came forth with their views. • The comments posted by the customers ranged from enthusiastic acceptance of this idea to a complete denial of the same. • Some customers even mentioned the areas where Tat would need to exercise caution before undertaking such an initiative. • All in all it was a wonderful demonstration of using customers as a sounding base for new ideas.