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Amway product line

marketing- mix strategy without using "4-Ps"
this presentation describes the product line of Amway, its length, width, depth and consistency

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Amway product line

  1. 1. We are listening…..
  2. 2. Product Mix Decisions  A product mix (or product portfolio) consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale. Some companies manage very complex product portfolios.
  3. 3. Dimensions Width Length Depth Consistency Dimensions of Product Mix
  4. 4. Product width of Amway Nutrition & wellness Beauty care Personal care Home care Others Product Width
  5. 5. Hair care Oral care Men grooming Body care Personal Care
  6. 6. Product length of Personal Care Products Oral care GLISTER toothpaste NATURE’S GATE toothpaste Kids flavour toothpaste Hair care SANTINIQUE shampoo and conditioner SANTINIQUE dandruff control shampoo SANTINIQUE Hair Therapy Men grooming DYNAMITE shaving products DYNAMITE hair care DYNAMITE deodorant Body care Family bar soap(PERSONA) Body series lotion
  7. 7. Nutritional & Wellness
  8. 8.  The world’s leading brand for vitamins , minerals and dietary supplementary  The NUTRILITE™ brand offers you and your family a complete range of supplements and other products designed to address the nutritional needs of anyone at any life stage.  NUTRILITE products offer the best of both nature and science Nutrilite
  9. 9. Sports nutrition Bars & snacks Beverages Energy Protein product Weight management POSITRIM low fat drink Nutirilite kids drink Chocolate Mango Strawberry Mixed fruit Banana Health care Bone health Digestive health Heart health Immune health Joint health Women health Nutrilite Product Length
  10. 10. Beauty Artistry Attitude Amway Beauty
  11. 11. Artistry ARTISTRY daily care solution • Hydrating system • Balancing system • Toner ARTISTRY anti- ageing • Protection cream/ lotion • Night recovery cream/lotion ARTISTRY make-up • Hydrating foundation • Loose powder ARTISTRY special care • Hydrating serum • Skin refining lotion • Replenishing eye lotion • Pure white essence
  12. 12. Attitude ATTITUDE daily solution • Cleanser • Toner • Moisturizer • Face wash ATTITUDE colour • Lip liner • Lipstick • Nail enamel • Eyeliner • Waterproof mascara • Blusher • Eye shadow • Eyeliner pencil ATTITUDE special care • Hand and body cream • Foot cream • Sunscreen lotion • Whitening cream
  13. 13. Room fresheners Batteries &light bulbs Bed & bath Laundry & apparel care Cleaning kitchen product Home Care Product
  14. 14. Other Product Air Purifier Water Purifier
  15. 15. By:- Ragini Kapoor  Roll no.: PGFB1532 you