Local SEO Link Building


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Promoting local small businesses using SEO is called Local SEO. Small businesses aimed to get promoted in their region. So if we optimize the website locally, the job is done. We need to get results in local search.

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Local SEO Link Building

  1. 1. By Raghuveer
  2. 2. Local SEO – Keyword Research Local SEO is essentially important for those who have small businesses locally. As a small business you know your target customers. Now, you need keywords that will target customers around your area. Perform a keyword research and choose the best options. Include city name in the title and description. It is a positive approach. 2 http://raghuveer.me
  3. 3. List your business The main difference in Local and regular SEO is, you need local contact details of the business if you want to rank locally. Create Google+ Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local listings. Google places page is one of the most important local ranking factors. Reviews and Citations can give you maximum juice in search results. If you have enough positive reviews then you will be on top. 3 http://raghuveer.me
  4. 4. Local Citations A citation is any place online that uses your company NAP (name, address, phone number) all on the same page. These are very important in todays Search World. It’s importance is incredibly increasing and we should adapt this strategy to our link building campaigns. Localized citations are sending a strong local signal to Google from a highly authorized website. Guest blog posts are also a fantastic way to get citations, as you can often work them into your 4 author bio. http://raghuveer.me
  5. 5. Reviews and Testimonials Let your customers or clients know that they can rate their experience with you on your Google Places profile or in any other review websites.Mobile Optimization Most of the people are using smart phones and searching online using mobile phones. Optimize website for mobile users so that the reach can be expanded. 5 http://raghuveer.me
  6. 6. Be Social Improve your social media presence by posting attractive offers and updates about your products. Be a community or a group. Interact with the customers. Gain more likes and followers in Social networking sites. The theme here is to get a good Brand name. 6 http://raghuveer.me
  7. 7. Link Building strategies Links from chamber of commerce – BBB.org Local Directories Business listings Comment on Local blogs Guest Blogging on Local or Niche blogs. Community sponsorships can lead to local links. 7 http://raghuveer.me
  8. 8. Link Building strategies Classifieds Company Blog posts Local news publications Business Associations Press Releases Video Marketing – include a call to action button Coupons and Deals sites 8 http://raghuveer.me
  9. 9. Thank You9 http://raghuveer.me