Design Thinking Course - Prototype and Test Assignment


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Design Thinking Course

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Design Thinking Course - Prototype and Test Assignment

  1. 1. Design Thinking: Prototype and Testing Problem Statement: Student needs a way to map classroom and real world. Idea: No college or job differentiation. Students start jobs before taking any courses and take courses as per their current project or goals. Note: Storyboard used has been scanned and added to the next page. What worked? • Practical aspect associated with theoretical knowledge • Financially good for the person and psychologically will gain confidence • At work place will gain knowledge from experienced employees • Because of this process, acquiring skills in a better way and can perform better • Exposed to different areas because of the workplace • Life doesn’t become a routine What could be Improved • Sometimes you need more knowledge to do a simple task from different sources? • Uniformity in testing the employee as a student? • Transferable of grades? – I need to represent the grading and use of grades better? • Looks like a continuous and never ending process – do I need to represent differently or knowledge gaining is a continuous process? Questions? • How is the student going to get non-linear knowledge procedure? The current system is linear. • If the student-employee doesn’t like in the current job, what next? • If the person wants to go to higher level, what is the process? • If the person wants to start their own company? Ideas • Need to represent the knowledge gained • A person needs a basic foundation in theory with a few courses related to the job she/he is aspiring for, before joining
  2. 2. Design Thinking: Prototype and Test Problem Statement: Student needs a way to map class room and real world. Idea: A social network for students, professors and employers (alumni) to help guide students and interact with.
  3. 3. You Student1 Student2 Student3 Student4 Alumni1 Alumni2 Alumni3 Professor1 Professor2 Professor3
  4. 4. You Alumni 1 Professor 1 Alumni 2 I was wondering if I would ever apply cs203 in real life… Hey, I graduated 3 years ago. Last week in my project I was applying what I learnt in my cs203. While I was a student I had the same doubt. Hi Professor, I recently realized that students need little bit more on practical knowledge in CS203. Can you add some real life examples into it … I am happy to hear you were able to apply theory I taught in CS203.