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Team variance - A Little Book


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A Little Book about Team Variance

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Team variance - A Little Book

  1. 1. A Little Book About TEAM VARIANCE By Raghu Nandan and the “Team”
  2. 2. We wrote this to give you a sense of Team Variance Culture & Values. - What ties and bind us together as a “Team”
  3. 3. i When we first started, we thought to build a successful technology company, although we made it, but with time, we realised just technology alone cannot fuel any growth...
  4. 4. We learned the world of business is full of problems
  5. 5. We realized customers today don’t buy service’s from a company anymore, but from the people who are honest and can be trusted. We spoke to 1000+ brands and each one mentioned, having the right team has always been a challenge..
  6. 6. We understood what they need, it’s not just a service provider but what we call a “TEAM” which acts like their own extension. A “TEAM” which believes in mutual growth and is passionately committed to contribute. So we started forming one..
  7. 7. Recruiting became everyone’s responsibility, we encouraged talent with entrepreneurial flair with hunger to exceed expectations all the time.. We are not in the business of just doing the job and getting paid. We create value for our partners & our “team”
  8. 8. We want you to get the taste of of our Core Values too, > Transparency by Default > Being Honest > Help Others – Good Karma > Take Ownership > Learn from Failures > Talk less, do more We communicate our values to new hires and while we work as a team, we get to know them better.
  9. 9. We firmly believe a company is more effective when they have the right “TEAM” So now since you know us a bit, here is what we do..
  10. 10. We identify and minimize business gaps (Variance), automate business processes using technology, whether it's Web, Mobile , Gaming or VR
  11. 11. With deep Research we understood, outbound sales or cold calling doesn't really work anymore, so we focus on the inbound way of acquiring customers for our partners. We work in Teams, We Plan. , We Design... We do in-depth research with an ROI driven approach,, find the gaps (Variance) and come up with Digital Brand Strategy. We together implement and achieve goals using Social Media , Search Engine , Web Analytics , PR & Concept Video,s.
  12. 12. We are driven by our passion commitment and intent. We believe in Good Karma
  13. 13. We are a TEAM to the Companies below and growing
  14. 14. So, looks like together we can form a “TEAM”
  15. 15. give us a call +91-9968669955 (IN) +1-832-460-1089 (USA) or email United States QB Pro Advisor Services LLC, Summer Night Lane, Rosenberg, TX- 77469 India New Delhi: C-71 A, Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, 110017 Rajasthan: D-112, B.T.M., Pur Road, Bhilwara - 311001 India
  16. 16. Thank you