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Capability counts ragahvendra mithare-integrated solutions-may16-17-2017


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CMMI and Agile has come a long way since the 1968 NATO Software engineering conference. Ontological Perspective looks at the elements of "being" that makes us more "agile".

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Capability counts ragahvendra mithare-integrated solutions-may16-17-2017

  1. 1. NAME: Raghavendra Mithare TITLE: Agile Coach & Consultant ORGANIZATION: ProcessWhirl Management Consulting CMMI AND AGILE – ONTOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE
  2. 2. Image courtesy Hartwig Kopp-Delaney (Used with permission ) A ZEN STORY …
  3. 3. @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI 7-11 OCT 1968
  4. 4. NATO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING CONFERENCE GARMISCH, GERMANY @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  5. 5. HOW FAR WE HAVE COME? @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  6. 6. CMMI AND AGILE @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  7. 7. CRAFT V/S ENGINEERING @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  8. 8. ONTOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  9. 9. WHAT IS ONTOLOGY ? • branch of philosophy focusing on study and nature of ‘being’ • Greek words,“Onto” for existence and “logia” for study, science
  10. 10. being mental state emotional state bodily state thoughts and thought process
  11. 11. HOW IT IS RELEVANT? Methods PeopleTools
  12. 12. beinghavingdoing ACTIONS RESULTS EXPERIENCE @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  13. 13. beinghavingdoing ACTIONS RESULTS EXPERIENCE
  14. 14. GAME #1 POWERFUL/ACTIVE LISTENING @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  15. 15. LET’S PAUSE !
  18. 18. "A newspaper is better than a magazine. A seashore is a better place than a street. At first it is better to run than to walk. You may have to try several times. It takes some skill, but it is easy to learn. Even young children can enjoy it. Once successful, complications are minimal. Birds seldom get too close. Rain, however, soaks in very fast. Too many people doing the same thing can also cause problems. One needs lots of room. If there are no complications it can be very peaceful. A rock will serve as an anchor. If things break loose from it, however, you will not get a second chance.“ • We suspect that the Paragraph made little or no sense for you.
  19. 19. futurepresentpast @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  20. 20. futurepresent future past
  21. 21. Empowering context present Future
  22. 22. Empowering context present Future
  23. 23. CMMI AND AGILE @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI
  24. 24. CMMI AND AGILE
  25. 25. QUESTIONS ?
  27. 27. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION. @MITHARERAGHAV RMITHARE@PROCESS WHIRL.COM +44 782 164 5866 (UK) @mithareraghav ##CapabilityCounts2017 #BeingAgileAndCMMI